Socks for peeling

The other day my colleague told me about his visitin a beauty salon. It turns out that now there is a new procedure for foot care. This - a special pedicure with fruit acid. This chemical peel is not cheap, but there are more effective means that have proven themselves to "cheers" - socks for peeling.

Why spend extra money on pedicures, loseyour precious time and stay a half-day at the beauty salon, it is far easier and more convenient to put on a miracle socks and do household chores. Today we will talk about healingandbodywork toes peeling.

About miracle socks

Now make a professional pedicure at home -it is a reality and will help you in the toes for a pedicure. They will get rid of problems like corns and cracks on feet, remove the old horny layer of the skin. Your feet and heels will be smooth and groomed!

You are holding the toes peeling - a pairwhite or transparent socks, which are impregnated with a special tool. The impregnated socks is not completely, but only their inner part in the sole. The main component, which is part of the infiltration are fruit acids and extracts of various plants: oil of grapefruit, lemongrass, chamomile, camellia, sage, burdock root and others.

Fruit acid is one of the mosteffective means, which are widely and successfully used in cosmetology moment. The main effect of acid - to rid the skin of the "dead cells", and replaced by new ones appear. Acid, which are impregnated socks most commonly used milk or fruit. For example, in the toes for a pedicure company «Pink foot» lactic acid is used, «Baby foot» - malic acid and lactic acid.

How to use

In order to achieve 100% success rate of the procedure, it is necessaryall perform exactly as written in the instructions. Unfortunately, manufacturers do not always stretch out the details. Now we will step by step with you to do a home pedicure:

  1. We obtain from the socks package. Gently, do not turn and do not shake it, because it can remove liquid.
  2. Cut the upper part of the sock and puts on the legs (pre-wash your feet and remove nail polish).
  3. Fix an special clamps that are included.
  4. Put on top of the usual socks, so you will be more convenient.
  5. socks size can be large, and men also have the ability to make yourself a pedicure.
  6. Walk in socks one or two hours. Exposure time adjust themselves, focusing on the state of the brake.
  7. After the time necessary to remove the socks, your skin will be wrinkled, it's not scary.
  8. Wash your feet in warm tap water and blot with a towel.
  9. A few days later the skin becomes dry, do not worry.
  10. Two days later, begin active exfoliate old skin.
  11. The first oblezut toes.
  12. The period when the skin will peel completely - not a very pleasant from the aesthetic side, and practical. So please be patient.
  13. After 4-5 days, the skin quickly peeled, it can be hot foot bath.
  14. A week later, your skin will peel completely on his feet. If you remain islands of dry skin, feet can be steam and place rub with pumice.

That's all! Result - smooth legs and pink heels.

Socks can easily do the hard work, and your legs have become like a baby!

Why socks, not peeling in the cabin?

If you have doubts about the effectiveness of sockspeeling, do not worry - they really work. - What about chemistry? - Ladies cry, anxious about the safety of the procedure. Home Peeling is absolutely harmless and are available as part of the essential oils and herbal extracts moisturize the skin. For example, a part of socks for peeling firm Sosu (Japan) sage and saponaria caring and moisturize the skin of the feet. A main component - lactic acid, also hydrates the skin well in addition to the stimulation of squamous cell carcinomas.

If you compare a pedicure at the beauty salon and at home,then, firstly, the salon treatment will cost you many times more expensive. Secondly - you lose a lot of time. First you need to enroll in the salon, and then arrive at a procedure that takes a few hours and then again to get home. Half a day is lost. And who knows what into the hands of the master will get your legs, and where is the guarantee the sterility of instruments?

So cast away doubts aside and stop your choice on toes peeling: cheap, convenient and effective!

Main newbie questions

Read the instructions on the use ofmiracle socks and heard rave reviews of her friends - it's great. But there are always doubts, and to allay their healingandbodywork answer the most frequently asked questions.

When I walked in the socks more than an hour, my skin is completely disappear?

Do not worry, nothing will happen to the skin, butbetter if you put a timer or alarm clock and not miss time. Much more unpleasant would happen if you remove the socks before time. Then your skin will be cleansed in part.

I'm afraid that will be very acid pinching.

Strong burning sensation will not. The first 15 minutes, you are nothing at all will not feel, then will feel a slight tingling and burning. If you have sensitive skin and you can not stand, dip your feet in a basin of cold water, or hike on the cold floor. If you feel a burning sensation, which typically increases at the end of the second hour - then it's time to complete the procedure.

There is an exact diagram of exfoliation of the skin?

Precision is not, every body is different. Be prepared for the fact that the average peeling will take place from 4 to 10 days, and complete cleaning will take place after 10 days.

You can pull out the dry skin?

If it is "hanging by a thread" - it is possible, and that,which has not yet become fully transparent and not separated - it is impossible. You can massage the feet of the foot. Do not try to speed up the process, the new skin will not grow. It is desirable at this time to put on cotton socks.

A concentrated acid does not?

Read carefully the package. Normally, the percentage of acid - to 6.

The effect of the domestic procedures

After just one use for pedicure socks your feet will be well maintained for quite a long time, from several weeks to several months.

Those people who have already tested socks, note the pros:

  1. The skin becomes supple and hydrated.
  2. Corns, calluses and cracks disappeared.
  3. Socks possess anti-inflammatory properties, protect against bacteria.
  4. Slow down aging of the skin.
  5. Gentle whitening effect.
  6. Gone odor.
  7. Relieve fatigue.
  8. Relax.
  9. Foot Skin becomes velvety and soft.

Features and Contraindications

Special socks contraindications have not yetundesirable to use them to pregnant women. Also not recommended for home peeling people with cracks and sores on the legs and feet of other diseases of the skin.

If you have an ingrown nail - make sure that you do not have pain and inflammation in the area.

After peeling protect your feet from direct exposure to ultraviolet rays. During active exfoliation do not visit the beaches, swimming pools and sauna, not to pick up an infection and fungus.

Avoid liquid contact with eyes, if it happened - rinse immediately with plenty of water.

Keep the pack with socks away from children.

Socks for home peel - something unique. At the same time, you can do the peeling and doing things you love, and as a result get a gorgeous manicured feet. Quick and easy. Pedicure socks - it's a great way to keep your feet in top condition.