Smoothies for weight loss

Smoothie is a drink thatcooked in a blender with fresh fruit and vegetables. In this case, it is added to the yogurt, ice milk, ice cream or cereal. These drinks have become quite popular since the early seventies of the last century. While the first "Healthy café" was opened in the United States. This is where the selling healthy products, ground in a blender. Today it has become fashionable smoothies.

What are the benefits of smoothies?

  1. It is a full drink, which nourishes the human body, moisturizes the skin from within and helps to protect against many diseases.
  2. It does not create in the stomach heaviness. At the same time the body is supplied with all the daily norm of vitamins and minerals. It is therefore not surprising that these beverages are supported by surfers. Generally, it is believed that the smoothie was first borrowed it from them.
  3. It has a hangover properties, so thisdrink in some cases, it is useful to have a drink at breakfast. Especially well it will work, if it add some tonic supplement, such as ginseng, guarana and radiogram.
  4. It can completely replace the alcohol. Particularly well this drink taste. You can sit with a glass of smoothie a few minutes in the company of friends.
  5. Psychologists say that this beverage has anti-stress properties.

Smoothies for weight loss

The smoothies contain dietary fiber, due to which after consuming the drink for a long time do not want to eat. This makes this cocktail a great product for weight loss.

However, in order to lose weight with smoothies, MirSovetov recommended to follow a few simple rules:

  1. The drink should be consumed only sugar.
  2. Furthermore, it is not necessary to add ice-cream, chocolate, raisins, walnuts and heavy cream. It can only be low-fat yogurt or yogurt.
  3. For fruit smoothie is desirable to use a lower-calorie fruits. Thus, for example, can be added during the weight loss apples, kiwis, apricots and plums.
  4. The vegetable smoothie is better not to use salt, and add it instead of the powder of dried sea kelp, which saturate iodine and drink useful to give it a salty taste.

slimming scheme

  1. When using a smoothie for weight loss should be considered a portion of the drink a full meal.
  2. Use it instead of breakfast, lunch or dinner (to choose from).
  3. The rest of the meals should be normal. Do not overeat. And are not included in the diet of harmful products - chocolate, fast food, fatty and fried foods.
  4. No need to drink a drink between meals.
  5. By drinking a smoothie should not be rushed. It is necessary to have time to join the satiety center. Due to this you will not overeat. Remember, the longer the masticated food, the less it is necessary to saturate. Therefore, you should try a smoothie drink and chew.
  6. In addition, do not use the drink incold. The fact that at low temperature the taste buds do not manage to recognize foods. This leads to the fact that satiety is delayed because of what can be obtained more calories than necessary.

Harm and contraindications

  1. Due to its properties has a smoothiea complex effect on the entire body. Therefore desirable to abuse this drink. Otherwise, you can get poisoned, especially if you use stale or dirty products.
  2. Moreover, if not a smoothie drink through a tube, it is possible to get a toothache. After all, fruit acids, which are contained in the drink, can destroy the enamel.
  3. In use may develop bleeding gums. This is due to the fact that reducing the load on the permanent teeth, gums are often affected with such a disease is periodontitis.
  4. severe constipation may occur due to abuse of smoothies. This is due to the fact that the organism lacks the solid food, because of which there intestinal atony.
  5. Excessive drinking smoothies can improvecholesterol and thereby degrade the performance of the vessels and the heart. Such side effects usually occur when drinking a drink each day by adding dairy products to it.
  6. Generally, in the natural smoothies, you can besure, only if it is prepared at home. In catering establishments it is possible that instead of the drink you will be served a thick cocktail prepared on the basis of dairy products. It may be too saturated with the different flavors and food flavors. At best, this will not harm the health drink, but this will not be helpful.

Best smoothies for weight loss

Smoothies of kiwi.

This drink is perfect for the role of the secondbreakfast. It is possible to add the berries and banana. The result will be a good vitamin cocktail that will be able to charge the elements during the winter health needs. After all, it contains a huge amount of vitamin C, which is known to be well strengthens the immune system. In addition, bananas, kiwi and berries as part of the smoothie will have a beneficial effect on the digestive system.

Banana drink.

The basis of this drink is obviously a banana. He fills the body in fiber and potassium in its composition helps to maintain a daily balance in the body. Additional beverage ingredients can be nuts, peaches and low-fat milk.

Berry smoothie.

This drink gives a feeling of easy breathinghot summer. It contains lots of vitamins and antioxidants. He has a very appetizing appearance and aroma, which "pulls" to try it out. No one can remain indifferent to such a beverage.

Drink on the basis of almond.

It is known that has a positive almondseffect on the skin. It calms the nervous system before going to bed and has enveloping properties for the intestines. In addition, almonds good effect on the cardiovascular system. Smoothies based on it absorb all of these properties. Especially when combined with carrot almond oil or figs.

You can experiment with other ingredients. Grow thin with the mind!