Slimming for the Tabata system

Slimming Tabata system is designed specifically for the Japanese doctor today's young people: forever seeking to losing weight and slim figure, but do not have time to waste.

Tabata system

Tabata system is not so new, it is already 20 years old andIt was developed by a doctor in Japan and coach in skating. Its essence lies in the interval load, it means that a person for a certain amount of time making the maximum possible number of repetitions of exercises.

Classes consist of rounds 1 round continues4 minutes, during which time you need to do 8 sets. Approach - is 20 seconds to perform the exercises and 10 seconds of rest. For a good result on the day you need to perform 3-4 rounds. Japanese scientists have conducted studies in which it became clear that as a result of training on the system Tabata subcutaneous fat is burned to 9 times faster than normal after exercise. This information came to the masses, and Tabata started to gain momentum in popularity. Huge success system has made in Western countries, where people look after their health and enjoy a variety of fitness load. Only 4 minutes per day, and people really lose weight, pumped muscles and develop endurance.

Contraindications Tabata system

If indications for the start of training on the system Tabata is clear: it is the excess weight, poor physical condition, the contraindications are not so simple.

Firstly, it is impossible to do intensive exercise,if you have never engaged in sports or at least did not do exercises in the morning. To feel good about themselves during training, before the start of lessons in the last month do gymnastics in the morning. So you have to prepare your muscles and avoid them sprains and other injuries.

Secondly, we should not forget that intensivetraining - a very serious load on the heart and blood vessels. Therefore, if you have problems with those bodies, then start training only with the doctor's permission. Also healingandbodywork not recommended to start training for people who have problems with joints and spine.

And, third, Tabata system is not for the lazy. If you feel that this burden is not for you, then do not start, there are many other methods for weight loss and reduction of their body in order, such as yoga, which does not imply fast movements.

Benefits Tabata

No wonder Tabata caught on so fast because it has a number of advantages:

  • You do not need a lot of time for training, for beginners it is quite enough to do on the day of 3 rounds of 4 minutes. This time, you can always select for employment;
  • the first results are visible already after a month of training. There is a decrease in adipose tissue and muscle strengthening;
  • does not require an investment of money, do not need to workout gym, enough room and towels - for training come "seven pots";
  • exercise is so simple that you can do it yourself without the help of a coach. There are dozens of video tutorials;
  • the system is suitable for all: men and women, young people and pensioners.

Necessary items for training

First of all take a measuring tape andmeasure the volume of his body before the first workout. This procedure will need to perform every week, and you will see how quickly leave your volumes, and you become slimmer with each workout and stronger. This is a great incentive to continue to work on yourself.

For most exercise you will need a rug on which you perform the exercises while lying down. You will also need a towel, because if you do the exercises correctly, the pot should be plenty.

And be sure to get yourself Tabata-timer, it is necessary to concentrate on the exercise rather than on counting the seconds. The timer can be downloaded to a mobile phone or computer.

Tabata system Exercises

Exercise a lot, you have to choosethem to behave according to that on any problem areas you need to work. It is best to choose those exercises that involve as many muscles as possible. Even better would be if you combine exercise, for example, first spin on the floor and immediately jump up.

The most popular exercise systems:

  • squats;
  • press;
  • pushups;
  • for the back of the shoulder reverse push-ups;
  • lunges forward leg from a prone position, knees bent to lift the body.

Examples of exercises

  1. Starting position - standing. Feet shoulder width apart, squat so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Exercise perform the greatest possible number of times in 20 seconds.
  2. Take the emphasis lying down and 20 seconds to be wrung from the floor the maximum possible amount of time. If you are very hard to perform this exercise, you can stretch your knees to the floor.
  3. Curl - Lying on his back, hands behind head, legs bent at the knees, raise the body, trying to touch the elbow of the opposite knee.
  4. Get up, do lunges legs, bending them at a right angle.
  5. Sit on a chair, hands to lean back in the chair, do push-ups, moving the buttocks to the floor and making sure that hands are parallel to each other.
  6. Lying on your back, legs bent at the knees. At the same time to take your back and buttocks from the floor, at which point the main burden should be on the buttocks.
  7. Lying on his stomach, at the same time to take your legs and shoulders, pulling them together for a few seconds, stay in this position, then slowly lower the legs and the body on the floor.

If you have previously played sports and did not feel after exhausting workouts, then you should perform exercises with dumbbells.

Training should take place three times a week, one day of intensive training, the second day - a muscle relaxant. So the system will work more efficiently than if you deal with on a daily basis.

helpful hints

Start every workout with a good warm-up. Remember gym class and well wave your arms, legs, poprisedayte, jump, generally disperse the blood and warm the muscles.

The very first lesson to follow the peacefulpace, do not chase the result, do not do through the power of repetition, or the next day you just can not get out of bed. Gradually, from class to class up the pace, your muscles have become accustomed to and can work for wear. Only overcoming fatigue and pain can achieve good results. With each class the number of repetitions should be increased.

During the 20 seconds of work, out forcomplete, not feel sorry for yourself. A lie and nothing do not think, do not be distracted to 10 seconds of rest. And do not relax not a second more. Muscles should not cool down, otherwise all efforts will be in vain, only sounded alarm timer - stood up and continue.

If you do everything correctly, you shouldoff-scale pulse stray breath and felt dizzy, blood with a crazy speed to run through the veins. Monitor your health, if you understand that this rate is for you - it's too, it is better not to risk it.

But if you have decided to engage in the systemTabata, then go to the end of all the rounds, as you would have liked to throw ends. Between rounds take breaks of 1 minute and not longer than three rounds a day is enough to bring her figure in perfect shape. The last round is to be the most difficult. If the hands do not obey and tremble - then all you are doing is correct. After a workout, be sure to take a douche, it will strengthen the skin and restore vitality body.