Simple Tips for a beautiful make-up for the green-eyed


The unusual green eyes of women can be seen not so much. Such a rare shade associated with Best and witchcraft, so absolutely all people pay attention to the green-eyed women.

A woman always wants to be beautiful,look spectacular and not to be mistaken with a choice of shades, the tone of lipstick and eye shadow. However, to make a correct and expressive makeup for green eyes is very simple. Although the holders of such an unusual shade avoid experiments, fearing that incorrectly imposed shadows can destroy the mystery and distinctness of view.

Of course, these eyes can do even moremore beautiful, and to emphasize the glamor help correct shades of pencil and eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner different texture (dry or liquid) to the eye contour. Everything you need to know a lady - is what colors and in what combinations to use them.


  • 1 you Make-up taking into account the level of tint green eyes
  • 2 colors of shadows, which are ideal for green eyes
  • 3 General advice of professionals for a unique makeup green eyes

Make-up, taking into account the level of tint green eyes

Makeup artists impose such shadows are perfect shade holders eyes.

For proper selection of colors, is taken into account four levels of green:

  1. Makeup for green eyes with a touch of jade is performed by professionals with rich shades of shadows.
    This is a bright and juicy green tone. It is in this case there is no fear of experiments with any color and texture. Perfect eyeliner will look and thickly painted lashes.
  2. Eyes aqua tinged with turquoise - green is on the verge of blue.
    For these eyes are ideal for bright colors - azure, celestial, gray and so on.
  3. Dark green eyes gleam with a golden hue - a classic color level.
    In this case, it is not desirable to use a darkshade, it is necessary to do this forever and tone that they are perfectly compatible not only with the tone of the eye, but also with clothes and mood holders. In this make-up for those green eyes need to choose the paint is much lighter than the shell of the pupil.
  4. The most bright color level is considered to be a gray-green tone.
    These eyes will be difficult to find the rightkohl, eyelashes and eyebrows, but it is necessary to give up the dark colors, which can add the possessor of age, rather than refresh the face. It is better to use soft shades and bedding.

The colors shades are ideal for green eyes

Ideal any (day or evening)make-up for green eyes - it's all shades of purple color. The main color can be supplemented using pastel colors - khaki, peach, beige and ivory, depending on the tone of clothing, mood holders and even the weather.

Brown-haired with a touch of magical eye canuse a shade of brown and chocolate color. To make the evening make-up ideal bronze and gold. It is better to use brown eyeliner and red eyebrow pencil. Blondes can use a light shade of brown and all shades of peach.

Fair-haired beauty with the second eye colorlevel, can cause turquoise shade and draw a black arrow or a line to emphasize the eyes with colored pencil "wet asphalt". Red-haired ladies should only use green shade, as well as a brunette with dark green eyes.

General advice of professionals for a unique makeup green eyes

Correct make-up or make-up for green eye color should look natural.

Therefore it is necessary to listen to some advice of professional make-up artists:

  1. Day is best to apply shadow and blush matte tone. Sequins will face older, and will look tired. In addition, usually sprinkled glitter when it is hot or windy.
  2. Every fashionista should know that for the application ofany makeup you need to use at least three tones of shadows. Transition should be soft and almost imperceptible. Therefore, it is good if in the arsenal of the green-eyed beauty has a large palette of colors for a successful combination.
  3. Green eyes, especially representativesthe fair sex, big size, so that the shape of the eyebrows combined with the lines of the face, you need to properly make the correction of eyebrows. For this girl should stand exactly in front of a mirror and looking to the face, hold a conditional bar up from the tip of the nose through the pupil to the brow. At this point, it will bend eyebrows.
  4. A more open and shining eyes make by applying the white shadow under the brow line - this will be the final chord of make-up. Evening option involves applying beige tones.

You do not have to adhere to all the recommendations, because any make up and can be performed on an individual basis, to face the original and attractive.

Therefore it is necessary to experiment and achieve their unmatched in everything, even in the shadow lines, eyebrow color and tone of the lips.