Simple rules for self-correction of eyebrows


Eyebrows vividly express emotions, so they attract attention and require careful maintenance.

If eyebrows are not well maintained, they can ruin the mostexquisite and masterful makeup. Caring for them is possible with the help of professional services wizard, but if you go teaching eyebrow correction, to engage with their appearance and can be on their own.

The first thing you need to determine the type of eyebrows, and with this in mind, to carry out their correction.


  • 1 Forms eyebrows
  • 2 persons The type and range of eyebrow shape correction
  • 3 Rules for eyebrows correction
  • 4 correction Stages

forms eyebrows

Make-up artists are the following types:

  1. Rounded eyebrows, which is typical for a smooth bend over the eyes. This is a convenient form, it allows you to experiment with makeup, makeup.
  2. A broken line. These eyebrows are very expressive, they effectively rejuvenate the face.
  3. The classic form is the arched eyebrows of this form give a gentle and touching expression.
  4. A straight line of eyebrows requires careful correction, sometimes with her face looks a bit closed and severe. However, a straight line can make a milder expression too thin face.
  5. Sure will face with arched eyebrows, they give him another and a sense of dignity.

face type and range of eyebrow shape correction

  1. For a triangular face is better to give a rounded shape eyebrows, but you can not overdo it, should strike a balance between straight and curved lines.
  2. When the round type of person needs a little stress theeasy to break the line of eyebrows. Fracture need to focus a little at the outer edge. If a person has a square, and the focus is on a break, but it must be at a distance of 2/3 of the corner of the eye (internal).
  3. Soft bending need eyebrows, which are located on an oval face. You can sharpen a little line at the outer edge, make it to the edge of a little thinner.
  4. Direct eyebrows visually correct the line is too long face.

It is also important to remember - thin eyebrows are not suitable face with coarse features, and on the contrary, broad, massive eyebrows make a pretty rough and gentle person.

Rules for eyebrows correction

If the line type is defined correctly, you can start to learn and eyebrow correction.

In order to carry out this procedure correctly, you need to prepare a good tool, a sterile cleanliness in the home, safe:

  1. eyebrow length should be symmetrical. To determine the start of work on the correction, should be accompanied by a ruler or pencil to the inner corner of the eye and the nose wing. Where the pencil intersects the eyebrows, and will be the beginning. If from the same wing of the nose to lay a ruler or pencil to the outer corner, at the intersection of the eyebrows, and will be the end of their length.
  2. We need to find the highest point of the eyebrows, as determined by the bending place.
  3. Taking into account the type of person you need to determine what form of eyebrows will be the most suitable. After determining the start and end of the line, the bending of space to make eyebrows the desired look.
  4. Plucking eyebrows, experts recommend the evening, as the night will take place irritation of the most sensitive skin.
  5. It is very important to ensure that the eyebrows are symmetric and equal length.
  6. If you are unsure, the top line is better not to pull yourself and entrust it to the master, which in practice already confirmed their studies eyebrow correction.
  7. It is important that the hairs are removed in the direction of growth. If you do not adhere to this rule, eyebrows can further grow properly. Instead of a neat, elegant lines get chaotic and hairy.

correction Steps

Once defined the initial and finalEyebrow point, you can begin to correct. During the procedure, there may be painful to remove them, you need to lubricate the work area baby cream, remove excess later time. Also it is necessary to make the cooling section of the ice.

wax is used to remove excess hair,thread or tweezers. With no professional wax work very hard, so it's best to give it up. Eyebrow correction method using threads is called Asian. This method provides fast epilation without skin irritation. But it requires skill, so you should take a few training lessons eyebrow correction at this skilled craftsman.

Correction is carried out in good light, you canoutline for the convenience of the contour line of the eyebrows. Tweeze hairs recommended for small skin tension. One must be careful not to pull too much.

After the correction is mandatory disinfectionskin near the eyebrows. For it is possible to use an alcohol lotion or a good tonic. Then the skin can soothe a light cream. Adjusted eyebrows podkrashivayutsya quality cosmetic pencil.

Many artists offer short courses, which made eyebrow correction training. It is the most convenient way to see the process, to clarify all the details and nuances.