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Tone Cream for oily skin

According to these statistics, in the world, and ninetypercent of women, and can be, if an objective look at things, the problem is the owner of the dermis, and a variety of factors, for example, oily, sensitive or combination, and only ten can name your skin normal, ie not having any problems.

It is because of this, most likely, Beauty andsuch steps forward, really seven-mile steps, inventing ever new ways to bring their own dermis in order to take care of her, gently and carefully look, making the look is always attractive, and mood, respectively, are always excellent.


  • 1 Problem skin - does not matter, but caution will not prevent
  • 2 How right to choose for themselves concealer that will not "hurt" a problem skin?
    • 2.1 Identify the type of problem
    • 2.2 Clearly follow color tonal framework
    • 2.3 Age - is also an important criterion
    • 2.4 Pay attention to the structure and consistency - it is fundamentally
    • 2.5 Global brands, or "artisanal" cheap cosmetics?
  • 3 Simple Tips by cosmetologist, for choosing and applying foundation on the problem, causing trouble, skin

Problem skin - does not matter, but caution will not prevent

One of the most important "trump card", which,quite naturally, are on the "armed" at almost every girl or woman, it is a means for the widest dissemination, as the foundation.

This wonderful tool is capable of qualitatively hide all the defects of our epidermis, hide irregularities, give smoothness, softness, beautiful hide pimples or scars.

However, if the normally-good,standard-normal skin, "tonalnik" approach, anyhow-how, for the problem, it is necessary specifically to work hard to pick just to0chto individually suited her.

for problem skin tone cream should bechoose very carefully, because the "wrong" means may aggravate the problem so that then it will be difficult to eliminate the consequences of its use. Problem skin always requires a high level of attention, and this is sure to remember not to make "dirty tricks" to herself.

As correctly choose for themselves the foundation that will not "hurt" a problem skin?

From all the above, it becomes clear,that the usual "tonalnik" girls with problem skin, use a deeply not recommended, and it is better to do without it completely, you can add yourself brand new, brand-new, problems. But upset ahead of time will ever need, so the solution to this problem, though, there is, and the miracle concealer for oily skin, cosmetologists have invented.

Moreover, he even has a broad, masssale, one need only look closely to all that abundance, which shine and color labels on the shelves of many cosmetic stores. It is only necessary to make the right decision, and to be guided in this case, should be few, relatively simple rules that are very easy to remember.

Determine the type of problem

Primarily, it is necessary to objectivelyanalyze the state of their own dermis, before deciding on the purchase of foundation. Problem skin can be of different types, with a variety of nuances, because the selection of their own funds, converted, almost not in witchcraft.

Problem skin can be as excessively oily,with all the attendant circumstances, in the form of pimples, greasy luster, wide pores, and extremely dry, flaky and thin sklo6nnoy to irritation, redness and itching.

In addition, it can also be combined,that is, from the shiny greasy in some places and dry. With other desquamation. In some cases, even better to choose two tonal means, although using them immediately, is not very convenient.

Clearly follow the color tonal framework

Tone Cream mattingTone Cream for oily skin should alsobest meet the shade of your skin, and, contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to choose for themselves "tonalnik" one to one, echoing the color of your skin, so it can simply allocate an additional problem areas, and not to hide the flaws.

The color should always be on the floor pitch, or evena tone darker than the natural color. In addition, for example, if you have problems also with the complexion, the well-chosen tone, and it is able to fix the flaw.

For example - a gray, earthy hue, finehide delicate, peach or apricot color, while blue circles under the eyes will help smooth out the orange-pinkish tone. Do not pale-faced beauties put on face cream color of Brazilian beauties, as it can look messy or neat.

Age - is also an important criterion

Do not forget that the foundation for a problemskin, may also vary according to age criteria. That is, there are creams for young and youthful skin, have the means to mature women, but there are also creams for aging, aging skin, and such inscriptions on the vials or tubes, are not accidental.

The fact that at different ages, the epidermis is in different states and for the normal operation it requires various substances which are added in the cosmeticians and a cream.

When choosing your own foundation forproblem skin, drop coquetry and select the one that you just at the right time, on the age qualification, it would be logical and correct, and most importantly, help to avoid problems.

Pay attention to the structure and consistency - it is fundamentally

Tone face cream reviews: some prefer cream See to it that foundation that you pick up for problem skin, it contains less fats and oils, including mineral, such a composition is not exactly for you.

Instead, the problem for dermal cream should be composed of more water to be easier, since in any case, should not clog pores.

In addition, well, if the foundation foroily skin that you have picked for themselves, has a moisturizing effect, any skin, and even more so, problem requires emergency humidification for the whole day.

Global brands, or "artisanal" cheap cosmetics?

Of course, the foundation of the producer, famous throughout the world, can not be cheap, and not every woman or girl can afford such a pleasure.

Of course, when only one foundation, byvalue can be compared with a small plane, the effect you can expect instant and incredible, surprising him. However, creams smaller manufacturers, are not inferior in quality, and to be at the same time, much cheaper, because you do not overpay for the brand.

Of course, taking a penny incrediblyknown, widely advertised product, somewhere in a dark alley, with reference to the sale or "confiscated" is not worth it, because most likely you will get a fake, even extremely poor quality.

Simple advice from a beautician at the selection and application of foundation on the problem, causing trouble, skin

Arriving at the cosmetics store that you knowwell, or he simply has a fairly high road, follow a couple of simple rules, and then as a result, you get an excellent result. In addition, your foundation for oily skin will not only hide, mask skin imperfections, but also several podlechivat, correct them, and this is very important.

Do not buy a cream foundation, especially forthe dermis, which is the problem, the light bulbs, even if you think they shine quite bright. In any case, anyway, and the lamp will distort the visible spectrum, for sure you will not understand, cream suits you or not, by the tone. Go on a sunny, daylight, and the sun reveals all the secrets.

Do not smear "tonalnik" on the wrist or bendingelbow. Arms, legs, stomach and so on, are very different from the color of your face, you will be surprised, if you begin to compare in detail. Ideally, you need to put the cream on the submandibular region, already there to be seen, that's what. In addition, stores often provide probes, use this not to walk like a real leader on the city Comanche, smeared dozen multicolored tonal foundations.

For oily skin is characterized by inflamed bycompletely incomprehensible reasons, because pick a tool that has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. This will help to secure protection from rashes, itching or irritation.

Anti-allergy - this is just our version. The best will opt for hypoallergenic means, as it will protect you from allergic reactions that can cause very serious consequences.

Protection against ultra-violet is also very important,buy those creams which have a sufficient level of substances such as filters or screens from the sun. Since we are talking about the specific problem skin, it is best to have it, nevertheless, screens, because they do not penetrate deep into the epidermis and remain on the surface unnecessary reflecting solar radiation.