Simple rules for a beautiful make-up


All modern women who want to lookstunning, do not leave the walls of his house without makeup. Every day, waking up and getting out of bed, she begins to perform usual occupation for her - does makeup.

There are many different forms andtypes of make-up, but unfortunately not all of them can be done at home, as this requires the participation of a professional makeup artist. What you can do make-up at home?

House is possible to create a make-up, which wouldI hide all the flaws of your face, and pointed out its advantages. To do this, you must possess the proper technique of applying makeup, otherwise your face will not look natural or vulgar.

In many respects, the type of a make-up is determined by: women external data (figure, face type, hair color, etc.), the chosen style of clothing, the purpose of release, the availability of the necessary tools to create a make-up and resources. Anyway, every woman should know the principles and the basis of applying make-up at home.


  • 1 Features of applying make-up at home
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  • 2 The right makeup with your hands: that behind what should be done?

Features of applying make-up at home

There are certain rules of self-applying makeup, following which, the woman will be able to achieve great success.

Rule 1

How do I clean the skin? Before you put on the skin of any make-up, you need to clean it. Perfect make-up can only get on perfectly clean, smooth skin. Check the condition of the skin, which depends on a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Various acne, acne - can also be the result of overeating, fatigue, stress. Someone bad skin are inherited.

Anyway, before applying makeup,it is recommended to clean the skin using a simple procedure - peeling. After peeling the skin of the face and neck need to humidify using nourishing creams or masks. After such manipulations, cosmetics will be on the skin just perfect.

Rule 2

Site preparation for applying makeup.

This should be a table or chest of drawers, with a good sanctification, and always with a mirror. Without make-up mirrors in the home can be done.

Rule 3

Purchase a high-quality cosmetics. quality cosmetics will certainly be reflected on your make-up, so if you want to look perfect, do not skimp, buy professional products from top brands.

When buying cosmetics checktheir date of manufacture. Also, if you bought a cosmetic you stale, the shelf life has expired, it is better to throw it away. This applies particularly to the carcass, it should be disposed of three months after first opening of the bottle, if you want to avoid the formation of small lumps on the eyelashes.

Rule 4

Mascara to the eyelashes should be applied, since the entire length of the roots of hairs.

For greater expressiveness and splendor can be before the procedure applying mascara on the lashes to make them perm special thermostatic forceps.

Rule 5

If you do not want to look vulgar and flashy, should not be abused with a black eyeliner.

Fatty, sweeping arrows on the eyelids to nothing if you are not awake to perform on stage or participate in any masquerade.

Rule 6

Come with full care to the choice of foundation, since it is the foundation makeup. Tone Cream on its color should match your natural skin tone.

Check the color matching can be as follows: Apply a drop of foundation on hand, near the thumb and rub it well. If identical colors, then you fit this foundation.

Also, when choosing Tonalka should take into account the type ofleather, for which it is intended. If you skin is oily skin, then the usual Tonalka you do not fit, replace it with a creamy powder. Tone cream with moisturizing effect ideal for dry skin. Girls with problem skin is better to use powder to mask.

Rule 7

How to choose a blush and shadow? Blush should choose one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone.

Shadows can be combined with the color of your eyes, hair, skin, dress, fashion in general. Bright shade to shade you can, then they will not look flashy and provocative.

The right make-up with his own hands: that behind what should be done?

So, we proceed to the application procedure itselfmake-up at home. All must be performed in stages. The process should begin with the application to the face scrub. Thus, the first stage - the skin clean. Pilling makes the top layer is not only clean, but also smooth.

The second step is to soften the skin, causingmoisturizing cream. This framework will allow creams lie neat evenly. With the help of the corrector can eliminate the small pimples and redness.
Third stage - applying to the skin foundation. Do not apply Tonalka fat layer, especially in the area of ​​the chin and cheekbones. The tool should be well rubbed, to prevent the mask effect.

The fourth stage - the application of powder. The most convenient way to apply powder with the help of a broad brush. The movements must be circular, attention temples and cheekbones.

At the fifth stage of transition to make up the eye area. Note first on eyebrows, perhaps they should be slightly corrected by deleting the thread using tweezers or excess hair. If necessary, you can emphasize the eyebrow pencil, gel for styling or by using shadows. Go to the eyelids. Shadow should be applied on the eyelids with a thin brush, so you will make your look more expressive and profound.

If you're going to go to anyspecial event, then you can use a combination of several shades. For brunettes recommended a combination of gold and chocolate brown, blonde can try to use gray, silver and pearlescent colors. A little secret: to lighten the inside of the eye, you refresh your view.

In the sixth stage we proceed to shading lashes. Please apply eyeliner on the upper eyelid, then use the eyeliner emphasize the lower eyelid. At the end, you can apply mascara on the lashes. If you make the evening make-up, do not be afraid to paint eyelashes in several layers.

Seventh stage - eyeliner lip contour. The contour of the lips should be done on the darker tone of the natural color. After the circuit is applied to the lips lipstick or gloss. The color is adjusted for your image.

If you want to look sexy, lipstick, use a transparent and lightweight shine, this combination always works to cheer.
The eighth stage - the application of blush and powder. First, emphasize the cheekbones, then cheeks, nose, forehead, chin.

Thus, following all of the above recommendations, you can easily create an original make-up at home, at the same time spend on this quite a bit of time.

Doing your own makeup, you will certainly save your time and money. Finally advice - do not be afraid to experiment with makeup!