Short nails - not a problem for manicure


Girls suffering from too short nails - it is somehow wrong because you can make a beautiful manicure on short nails, and options - plenty!

And if you paid attention, then at the podiumshows nails model is no longer reminiscent of the "cat's claws." Now, about the attractiveness of long nails can speak in the past tense, nail art has become increasingly popular.

Do not torture your body unprofitableprocedures of artificial nails, and the consequences of such a move speak for a long time - the nail plate becomes brittle, poorly growing your own, hurt the cuticle, often inflamed for no apparent reason. It is enough to make a trendy manicure on short nails - it is practical, feminine and aesthetically pleasing.


  • 1 Short and healthy nails - the advantages without the disadvantages!
  • 2 Select a manicure on short nails
  • 3 Types of manicure on short nails

Short and healthy nails - the advantages without the disadvantages!

It is difficult to imagine that with long nails can look after the child, without fear of hurting him or scratch.

Of course, many moms have long nails, but,how much is necessary tweaks to the nails did not break, do not spoil the varnish, and it was not necessary again and again to go to the nail salon to restore the "beauty."

Concerns becomes several times smaller ifNail safety is not on the foreground. Short nails - it is beneficial in all respects, unless you are a fan of the bar leaving fashion.

Tastes differ, but we are not going to do it, but short nails is more convenient in many ways:

  1. significant time savings for home, family, entertainment - all this instead of visiting the beauty salon
  2. financial savings, as visiting Manicurist - not a cheap pleasure, not to mention about nails
  3. physical security for themselves and their families, the probability of a short break a nail too small, and hurt someone too, is hardly possible
  4. financial freedom - you can pull any number of favorite tights without risk to break their nails, integrity ensured
  5. You can make free to engage in household chores, with no risk to spoil the manicure on short nails
  6. cooking, kneading, or any other cooking classes will be safe for your family, for short nails will not prevent you engage in cooking

Selecting manicure on short nails

For manicure on short nails canuse the same methods as for the normal procedure. Dry or wet manicure, French manicure or a special wedding on short nails will look perfectly in compliance with the basic ground rules: the preparation of the nail surface, applying the basics of color and varnish.

It's very simple - manicure design should blend with your outfit, and hands should be well-groomed and have flourishing appearance.

Form for manicure short nails should be chosen based on the natural shape of the hand and fingers. Rectangular or square shape nail for slightly narrowed to the top of the nail plate.

The oval shape is ideal for any design nail and nail bed square shape looks perfect with a slightly curved shape of the nail.

If your fingers on the nature of plump, short phalanges, then discard the square-shaped nails - it visually shortens the fingers.

Preference is necessary to give an oval shape of the nail. Wide nails do not need to be painted completely, leave a clean edge of the nail strips - it visually lengthen it. Never cut your nails at the edge, leave a strip of 1-2 mm, which will give a manicure on nails gentle finished look and create protection for the thin skin under the nails.

Types manicure on short nails

Still in vogue bright monochrome solutions,and the most popular are all shades of red - from light pink to deep brick. Moving the tone of the nail to the nail - is another trendy motif in monochrome painting.

A wide variety of paintings, crystals, jewelry - everything has to be in moderation, unobtrusively, nekriklivo ...

For short nails are fashionable designdecision of the French manicure, which is surely worth at previous positions. Thousands of women have successfully used various types of tunic, with a classic manicure "with a smile" look great on short nails. The tips of the nails can leave a bright, white, or make a "smile" of any color tone under your clothes.

Color Stretching, Ombre manicure on short nails or the moon - all look great depending on your wardrobe, color, accessories, and other cute female stuff.

For short nail varnish with a vertical composition, which stretches along the nail ornament - a real find. At the same time, for short nails is the best of any design.

It looks good on short nails manicure with tempingom - ornaments or decorative patterns are equally pleasant blend with any color of lacquer.

Gorgeous manicure with glitter, glitter shades when combined with the color of lacquer.