Hair Serum

Long, shiny, healthy hair isdecoration of every woman. Therefore, cosmetics world does not stand still and offer more and more new products for hair care. In recent years become very popular for a variety of hair serum. They combine the properties of masks, conditioners and styling agents.

What it is in the serum for hair

Different firms that produce serumHair and composition of different drugs. But all of them necessarily integrates presence of vitamins, essential oils, extracts of medicinal plants and yeast. As additional funds may make components that enhance the action of serum are: biotin, stem cells and proteins of cashmere.

All components are deeply penetrated into the hair,reach the hair bulb, feed it and thereby cause hair growth. Scientists have conducted research and found that if you use this drug at least six months, then hair growth will accelerate to 20%. But not only accelerates serum growth and it has several other advantages.

serum advantage

Usually serum is available as a liquid in a bottle with a spray, so use it very convenient. Sometimes it looks like a cream agent or as capsules.

Manufacturers of cosmetic productspromise that it will be easy to apply, not to make the hair heavy, the serum is not necessary to wash off, and can be applied both on dry and on wet hair. During the day, the composition of funds continues to nourish hair useful components.

Furthermore, serum use saves a lottime and money. Because of its composition allows it to replace a lot of other means of hair care products. After its application hair become obedient and fit well even in the most difficult hair. And the invisible film that remains on the hair protects locks from the negative effects of the environment, as well as a hair dryer and ironing.

Many skeptical about the similar kindnovelties of cosmetology and promise their manufacturers, but still advises MirSovetov seek the advice of your master, who will choose the right tool, then the result will please you for sure.

Types of Hair Serum

big sale in specialized storesnumber of different types of hair sera. There are tools and common action, they combine all the benefits of this cosmetic product. This serum is also suitable for the restoration posechennyh hair ends and rinse aid healthy hair, it nourishes and moisturizes and is suitable for all hair types. But experts advise to still use means not a general action, and those that will solve specific problems. Therefore serum are:

  1. Stimulates hair growth. Such serum the most popular, because long hair - it's always fashionable and beautiful. This serum is also called burdock, its useful properties stimulate the follicle. And finally begins active growth of hair. After Burdock serum is not necessary, after the oil to wash my hair, the hair will be clean and free from grease.
  2. For split ends of hair. Hair are cut for various reasons, for example, from a bad shampoo, or because of the fact that hair is not properly combed. This serum, as it were scales on the hair sticks together and does not allow them to break and split. In this case the hair looks clean and fluffy.
  3. For hair straightening. Nature is so cleverly conceived that those with straight hair, make a wave, and those with curls - in that no matter what, try to make them straight. Here are the latest, before using utjuzhkom to align the hair, it is best to put on a special hair serum, it will make them obedient. The tool should be applied to clean hair, a little dry, and can be aligned, the result will please you.
  4. Serum, Moisturizing hair. If you have split ends, dry hair, this serum is a treasure for them. To have a healthy hair shine and appearance, it is necessary to use a serum regularly, especially because it is very easy, you only need to sprinkle on his head from the bottle and comb.
  5. Reducing serum are applied not on the tips of the hair, and the entire length. After that the hair remains soft and not capricious.
  6. Sera, who are struggling with hair loss. They are the people who are thin and sparse hair. These funds are not only stop hair loss, but also accelerate their growth.

How to apply hair serum

Caring for hair serums are not usingOnly simple, but nice. The most important thing - is to read the instructions and strictly adhere to it. For example, if whey is intended to prevent hair-section, then it is only necessary to apply to the hair ends. If you treat her hair over the entire length, they become heavy and untidy.

All sera which are intended foraccelerate hair growth, should be applied to the entire length of the hair and evenly distribute it. It is important not to overdo it with the application of funds, because the opposite effect may turn out otherwise the head will not look washed, her hair glued.

Using serum need a day orafter every hair wash. You can use it in combination with other means of hair care products. That is, first wash your hair with shampoo, then apply the balm, and then the serum. You can replace the balm immediately serum and apply it, rinsed the shampoo from your hair.

Sometimes the agent is applied on the dry hair, then they become more docile, easy to comb and add up to a hairstyle.

Serum hair at home

There are several ways of preparing the serum in the home:

  1. It is necessary to pour cow's milk in a ceramicutensils. Its amount depends on the purpose for which you are using serum. Typically, a glass of milk is enough. Put the milk in a warm place to sour and it turned into yogurt. Pour it into a saucepan and heat over low heat. As soon as the milk starts to boil, you will notice how the milk was divided into white flakes and transparent liquid. Here it is something and a serum. You must wait until the milk to cool and strain it through a sieve or cheesecloth. Flakes - a curd, it can be used as food.
  2. Milk pour into a saucepan and put on fire,until it is warmed up, squeeze the juice of one lemon separately. When you notice that the milk begins to boil, pour the lemon juice in it. Well stir and turn off the heat. Milk is again split into curds and whey. Wait for it to cool, and strain through cheesecloth or a medium-sized sieve. This serum is obtained even more useful to that prepared by the first method, because it further contains vitamin C and more of lemon juice. And curd is also possible to eat. Instead of milk and yogurt can be used, it is necessary to carry out the same actions.

To further add to the effect of the serumdecoction of burdock roots. The proportions of taking 1: 1. The resulting mixture should be rubbed into the hair roots for 3 weeks. Either use a rinse agent. And then the hair will become even more shiny and healthy, fresh appearance.