Choosing materials for nail


Beautiful manicured hands of women as important as taking care of your hair and face during the daily styling and applying makeup.

Being always in sight, hands companioninvoluntarily attract attention. They are often made of the main impression of the lady with regards to its position in society, attitude towards themselves and aesthetic beauty.


  • About 1 manicure
  • 2 Materials for nail: the basic foundation - the key to quality results
  • 3 Materials for nail: Design
  • 4 Materials for nail gel: accessories

About manicure

The main attribute is a quality manicureskin and nails. If hand care, as a rule, there are no problems, the strong natural nails can boast not every representative of the fairer sex.

Thin, brittle, exfoliating plate do not allowthey have the desired result. To help in this situation come to progressive methods. They allow you to build perfectly straight, close to the natural nails of any length and produce on their surface an exclusive decoration.

Many of the ladies, not having free time ortools, practice self-nail. This method is also a good way to make extra money at home, because the cost of private services much cheaper salon.

It is worth noting that the quality, safety andpracticality of the result determined by the materials selected for nail. Therefore, in deciding to purchase vehicles and equipment for gel or acrylic nails, you should pay attention to their characteristics.

Materials for nail: the basic foundation - the key to quality results

Especially carefully and should be chosenMaterials for nail, they will be in constant contact with the nail plate, so should be characterized by safety and environmental friendliness. Determine the manufacturer, it is recommended to give preference to representatives occupying a leading position in the arena Neil design. But first before purchasing should get acquainted with other users of these funds in the same direction of activity.

When building gel nail should be particularly attentive to the choice of materials.

For full functionality of this procedure to access the master must be:

  • starting and colored gels;
  • means for nail design work;
  • finish-gel.

Since gel nails are relativelybrittle, and when they are not susceptible damage recovery working material must be characterized by the strength and reliability performance. Different gel layers applied have to be identical to each other in structure.

And when they are used, they must be evenly distributed and supple. The texture of the material is required to be uniform without the presence of lumps in it and foreign fragments, including powders.

The first layer is produced starting gel. Its quality directly affects the entire result. Therefore, it should be applied with a tight connection to the natural nail, thus creating a solid base foundation.

Buy materials for nailIt recommended by the official distributors of services that have supporting documents. Navigate better nazvaniyubrenda with a proven track record and well-known quality.

If funds are bought exclusively for themselves,it is important to decide on the technology to be used by women. If the nails are different "ribbing" and uneven surface, it is necessary to acquire a thick gel consistency with the understated level of transparency. Make the length of the aquarium design and implement, helps a liquid, transparent and shiny gel. Since it is easier to work if you want to add color fragments and impurities.

If the acquisition is aimed at the professional activity, the kit should include master different tools that may be needed for different clients.

Nail acrylic accompanied by application of acrylic powder and liquidation. Powder should be characterized by an average degree of friability and generally should not be a part of harmful impurities.

It is important that liquidity in alliance with the powder does not corrodenail base and evenly distributed over the entire area of ​​the plate. Choosing certified funds will avoid the purchase of substandard materials, and provide nail strength and moisture resistance.

Regardless of the method of capacity - gelor acrylic, in the list of required materials are shaped nail. They are necessary in those cases when it is required to give the length of the nails. An alternative are the tips.

They are ready version of the nailplate shape and a predetermined length, generated from artificial materials. If the tips are utilized, it is necessary to acquire and special glue, which is provided by the connection of artificial plate - a natural.

Materials for nail: Design

To give a complete view of extension nails allow elements for design. Depending on the wishes of the end result, it can be a decorative painting or decoration different elements.

It is impossible to give a definite answer, what kind of design materials for nail should be preferred. This solution is individual and depends only on the personal desires of women.

The most popular tools for design are:

  • acrylic paints;
  • gel lacquers;
  • bulonki;
  • colored crystals;
  • mica;
  • sequins and others.

Materials for nail gel: accessories

In addition to the experience and knowledge of technology and materialsnails, the master must have on hand a certain equipment. With it provided a full process of creating the final result.

The list includes:

  • Manicure accessories (spatula, nail files of different factions, scissors, tweezers, etc...);
  • sander (speeds up the process for manual work sawing);
  • Ultraviolet lamp;
  • vacuum table (in the process captures the microparticles from the environment, cleaning air).

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of UV lamp. On its size, structure and capacity and the quality depends on the speed of drying of the gel and uniform solidification.

Therefore, the choice should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. The number of lamps and power. Usually placed in the housing 2 or 4 lamps. In terms of the manufacturer indicates their total capacity. The higher this number and the number of lamps, the faster will be the drying process. For example, 18 and W 24 t. D.
  2. Capacity. To determine its parameters can be based on the size of the lamp. It is important that the whole palm freely placed in the drying tank in view of extension of nails.
  3. Availability of related functions. The timer allows the master to count exactly the right time for a nail drying. A built-in fan will contribute to a more thorough drying of the applied gel. The complex implementation of these time-saving