Secrets of the use of creams for the face

How to apply the cream on the face

Girls and women since ancient times realized that the most important advantage, you can calmly consider our with you, sweet and pretty face.

Therefore we began to take care of it so as soon asimagine, and many secrets of beauty, come to us from time immemorial, from our praprababushek who used to care only natural remedies.


  • 1 Select "true" means, it's not all
  • 2 application of cream. Start over
  • 3 How to apply the cream to the face, a practical guide to action
    • 3.1 Do not overdo, all should be in moderation
    • 3.2 Heat the cream - you will benefit
    • 3.3 Massage line - that's your card

Select "true" means, it's not all

How to apply the cream on the faceCreams for industrial production entityIt appeared relatively recently, even some hundred years ago, the pharmacist simply mixing the components in a mortar, and then spoon laid out for pot-bellied, cute bubbles, making everything by hand, clearly and accurately measuring out the ingredients in simple pharmaceutical scales.

Since then, much water has flowed under the bridge at all, andmanufacture of cosmetic products had come out to a whole new level, and now produce creams with huge parties, and the abundance of the original producers, as well as the most innovative recipes, making the selection of a cream, a matter quite simple.

However, despite such a jerkcosmetics, and as a science and as a business, for many women and girls of the planet, much has remained the same, such that the need to cherish the beauty and cherish, care about youth and attractiveness is created by our own hands.

However, in order to always look good,so that the skin is always shining and sparkling youth health, we must not only learn how to pick your own face cream, for example, night, day, nourishing or hydrating.

It is really small, because the choice of notconverged wedge of light, you also need to know exactly how to apply the cream to the face so that he began to work "for you." It would seem that could be easier - smeared like some cream, that's done, the main thing that fatter and fatter.

So many people think, but this approach doesIt is not true, and so can only hurt their own epidermis, and at the same time more and more add to his problems. Among other things, incorrectly applying cream for quite a long time, even if the cream is good enough, it is possible to artificially add the currently-another couple of brand-new, straight from the tin wrinkles which previously only were planned, for example, in the area of ​​the nasolabial folds, or under the eyes.

Application of the cream. Start over

If you're already thinking about how to apply the cream onperson, a great sign, thinking is always useful, it means that you absolutely do not care how you look today, and will look like years later. Proper application of the cream on the face plays an important role, and this is, in any case, we must not forget.

Because we have collected for you some practical tips on how to apply the cream on the face of the country's leading beauticians, who certainly know what to do, how and when.

  1. The first basic rule when applied to anycosmetic products on their own face, which must be carried out always, unconditionally, and completely any circumstances, whether it is the deluge or a comet straight onto the lawn near the house - the person must be clean! First of all, you need to clean the face, for example, after washing, and only then put the cream on the skin.
  2. If the washing water, especially tap, younot suitable in this case, you can use a variety of cosmetics. Jelly, foam or toner, the good thing is the choice of today's incredible wide. Proceed to the application of the cream, just after cleansing procedure.
  3. If you are going to put on your face cream, youit is better not to wipe it dry with a towel. First, try to wash with warm water and then just gently pat him. With this treatment the dermis pores open, and the cream is better absorbed deep into the epidermis and, consequently, the act will be much better, that is the effect produced by the cream to rise significantly.
  4. Note how to apply the creamperson, depending on what form of cream in question, and for how long it should be left there, and whether it is necessary to wipe or remove the cloth. In fact, the complex is almost nothing. If you are going to put the daily light moisturizer, it is, in theory, has not be able to detect must be absorbed with no residue and after a few minutes, any excess on the skin, because of this, we are on the removal of the cream, just do not go. If your day cream is noticeable on the skin, in fifteen minutes, it can be lightly wet napkin. Toem more if it interferes with normal daily apply makeup.
  5. Heavy, nourishing night cream is usuallymore oily and greasy structure, so it can often remain on the surface of the epidermis, even after a few hours after application if there was enough to put a thick layer. That, however, is also best avoided, in order to save the banal, and to rid yourself beautiful, from the risk of their own clog pores, excessively greasy or sticky cream.
  6. Night cream is better to use for a couple of hours before thehow to go to bed, and it has several causes. The first, of course, is that you do need to monitor processes on your face, the second - the cream is not worth "wipe" on the pillow, and the third, leaving fat cream for the night, you risk to aggravate any, available in stock, skin problems . Because apply the cream, wait an hour and a half, in extreme cases, two, and remove excess cosmetic tissue cream can be slightly moistened with water. To do this, you can also use the spray for face and body, as well as a thermal water.
  7. In addition, many women are concerned about howcream applied on the face, before or after the blending process to produce a mask or peeling work at home. The difficulties here as no. There is a simple law - first, masks, peels, and so on, and then, in the completion of all, cream, nourishing, moisturizing and soothing, any more than you like, by function and skin type.
  8. Good advice, if your nice little face,there are areas where unwanted hairs grow, for example in the field of antennae, it is not applied to these places nourishing creams. This can enhance the growth and strengthen the scalp, and it is necessary to nobody.

There is one bit of advice for a snack. No matter how great you did not seem your cream as well would not act on your epidermis, it will still need to change with the times, choosing other means of himself. In the extreme case, if the cream does change is undesirable, you can simply give the dermis to rest a day or two, it should suffice.

How to apply the cream to the face, a practical guide to action

Thus, all the basic rules you've already learned, acquired the necessary cream, but left immediately put it on the surface of the epidermis, and wait for the result.

Proper application of the matter is not complex, and if you make just a desire to learn something this uncomplicated case, it is possible for one or two times, on the third, just not making any mistakes.

Do not overdo, all should be in moderation

Poles have one amusing proverbwhich is not "literal" translation, may sound like the phrase "What's too much, it's not healthy." This is an extremely clever and useful rule, and the intricacies of applying the cream should also be guided by this rule.

It is believed that good quality face cream, you need to take about a large pea, and it should be enough not just to put on the face, but also on his neck.

Heat the cream - you will benefit

Cosmetologists, by the way, quite rightly, considerthat the cream is to be applied to a person who should be warm, so do not recommend storing it in the fridge, with a few exceptions, so when it is necessary for its preservation.

In addition, before the cream to spreadface, a few seconds or even minutes, rubbing his fingertips. Note that this is exactly what most outstanding beauticians in expensive beauty salons.

Massage line - that's your card

Experienced cosmetologists, when explained to beginners,how to apply the cream to the face, say what you need to learn the direction of a good standard massage lines, and only for them to work in the future. This will prevent the appearance of unwanted wrinkles, and moreover, even helps to smooth out already available.

For any girl or woman, it is quiteavailable - just type in any search engine query "how to put the cream on the face," or simply "massage lines for applying the cream" and immediately get a huge amount of relevant images. You can download the image and "pry" into it when it ponabitsya.

But believe me, this is simply not required. Just a couple of applications, you just learn artless science and your hands do, mechanically, to make things right.