Secrets of a successful make-up for the gray-eyed girl


Today, almost all the girls use cosmetics, because it is quite difficult to find such that she was completely satisfied with their outer beauty.

And even if she is beautiful, she does not careI want to be even more attractive, because the beauty of the limit does not exist. And as a means of achieving greater beauty - is to make a beautiful eye makeup.

And because eye color can be different, the firstI have to think, what to pick up eye shadow, how best to use a pencil. It is especially important to learn how to choose makeup for gray eyes, because in nature is quite rare to find a girl who would be pure gray eye color.


  • 1 What is the exclusivity of gray eyes?
  • 2 What should be taken into account in the selection of make-up?
  • 3 Some of the make-up rules for women with gray eyes

What is the uniqueness of gray eyes?

Pure gray eye color - it is a rarephenomenon and in most cases, the owner of the eyes there is any additional shade. This phenomenon is called "impregnation" of a different color and gray eyes can often be a chameleon with all the signs of a different hue. And this applies to women, but also to the male sex.

Very often, it is believed that the presence of light in the eyea gray or blue found only in fair-haired people. Indeed, many residents of the Scandinavian Peninsula blond and have light eyes.

But in fact there are no gray eyesonly women, blondes, and brunettes. Somehow, gray and blue female eyes most attract men's looks and gray-eyed beauty with great success it enjoyed.

If you look closely to those eyes, thatthey can observe some extra shade of blue, green or brown. Therefore, make-up for this eye color to choose is quite difficult. It is necessary to take into account the color of the face, hair. Also, another important feature is that when different moods can vary and eye color.

No, gray eyes do not become brown, but whenmood changes color gray eye can change pretty quickly with pale blue and cold to having some sort of metallic shade. Their shade can vary not only from women's mood, but when you change the weather or the time of year; in the winter they can be one shade, and in the summer - is very different.

But it is necessary to console owners gray eyes, theymuch more fortunate than women with different eye color. When they are green or brown eyes, here, in this case more difficult to pick up make-up, and gray-eyed owner can choose almost any shade of makeup.

An exception may only be for blondes, sohow they fit not just makeup for gray eyes - they should pick up make-up individually. Brunettes can also afford more freedom; it will fit almost any shade of shade to decorate their eyes.

What should be taken into account in the selection of make-up?

Any girl knows what happens daily wear andevening. That's right, and with make-up - it can also be daytime and evening. And there are some differences between them. The most basic difference is that during the day you need to use lighter makeup than in the evening. When choosing makeup for gray eyes is important not to be afraid to experiment, because the only way to correctly pick up a shade for the eyes, as well as a pencil.

Today there are so many shades that perfectlynot be easy to choose the best option for your eyes. For girls it is important to ensure that the eyes were expressive and frank. There is a paradoxical situation: many men simply do not maintain a feminine look.

This is especially true of situations whereMen and women first met on the street; few have such young people who will be able to safely withstand the feminine look. And in many respects it is a merit of the harmoniously matched makeup for the eyes. But picking the shade of gray for the eyes is important one rule: they must emphasize eye color, but not the color of clothing.

Some make-up rules for women with gray eyes

When picking up makeup for the eyes, with graycolor, you must reckon with the skin tone, it is warm or cold. There is one basic rule that should be enjoyed by all the girls, with gray eyes: Do not use shades that are lighter or the same color with a touch of eye - in this case, a make-up did not bring the desired effect.

In the shadows there should be no abrupt transition -all the shadows should be carefully shade. Only in this way we will achieve a more expressive look. To view the woman was more lively and full of life, should be the right way to pick up shades of shadows for the top, and also the lower eyelid - they need to be more contrasting, they must be felt a certain contrast, multilevel ..

Bright orange and pink shades is betternot to use, because it is using such shades your eyes will look tearful. Especially it is noticeable in women who have fair skin.

If there is more light hair, and warmskin tone is best not to use black eyeliner his eyes, and a medium color, such as dark gray - dark colors should be complete taboo because of it completely disappears facial attractiveness.

If you use something terrifying, inhuman in looking woman too dark shadows around the eyes appear. Moreover, this phenomenon contributes to the optic eye reduction.

To my eyes were more expressive accentneeds to be done on the eyelashes, and eyebrows as well. In general, there should be no black eye rims around the circuit; In this case, the gray color of a "fail" in the black.

Many girls want their eyes were bigger. This effect may well be achieved using a fairly original funds - white pencil.