Secrets of proper care of eyelashes and eyebrows


Perhaps one can not imagine myself without eyebrows. Eyebrows - one the most important elements of our physical appearance, despite the fact that they often paid very little attention.

So that regular care of them, shaping and subsequent correction will make the eyebrows beautiful and tidy.


  • 1 Adjust the eyebrows
  • 2 The definition of the ideal form
  • 3 make-up of eyebrows and eyelashes

adjust the eyebrows

The process of correction depends on what form ofeyebrows were you initially. For example, the eyebrow with his lowered tail should be shortened and, if necessary, an eyebrow pencil to make a more precise boundaries.

If the form of horizontal, then you need to work with the middle part, giving a rounded view of the eyebrows, and pull out the upper part of the tail.

Despite the fact that do not touchhairs on the upper boundary is too wide eyebrows have to adjust that. In order to avoid an ugly kind of regrown hairs, it is appropriate to make an epilation. In order to not spoil anything, just draw the desired shape of a pencil for lips and then plucked where it is needed.

Determination of the ideal shape

Some ladies prefer to leave things as theythere are only slightly corrected what nature has given. But often and so that women, focusing on their personal preferences and fashion trends, want to change the shape of eyebrows at the root.

Note that if you are by natureedge-arc, then direct them to do it will be very difficult, and will have to every day to pull regrown hair, otherwise everything will look untidy. Well, or make hair removal in the salon.

So, to change the shape of eyebrows, mentallyDraw a triangle in the area from the outer corner of the lips to the top and the bottom point of the eyebrow. It is believed that if the fasten a pencil from the corners of his mouth turn the head, tail and middle parts of the eyebrows, you can easily determine the beginning and end point of the bend.

Also pay attention to the forms width. So, the starting point is always the widest and tapering to an end. It is best if from the beginning to the middle will be the difference in the width of the invisible, and the tail can be beautiful Sause. Now at the peak of popularity of natural, slightly corrected eyebrows, but the strings or the eyebrows "like Brezhnev" nobody does. If you do everything correctly, then the correction should be done once a week.

In addition, many women prefer to usebeauty salons in which they will conduct this procedure much faster. Thus, the very popular hair removal wax, elektropintset. All of these procedures has its own advantages and disadvantages, but they all zamelyayut hair growth.

Also, quite often, women arephotoepilation, wanting to once and for all get rid of the need to adjust the shape of eyebrows. Each pick and choose whether to do it, but it is better to abandon the idea and the ability to save, if necessary, change the width, length and shape of its fully brovok. Similarly, should think twice before going to the salon and make permanent makeup. This is firstly very ugly, and secondly forever leave you without your own eyebrows.

Doing make-up of eyebrows and eyelashes

Getting make-up, you need to start to identifyDo your eyebrows need it and how to do it. So, if the light hairs, the tail is not long enough or simply do not have a clear line of form, but to emphasize this matter need.

To do this at the very beginning of their move the pencil in black or brown, creating the first line on the outer edge and then the bottom.

Very bright hairs obscure pencil, makingneat short strokes or with a special powder. If the form is on the contrary a broad and shaggy, use the gel for eyebrows or colorless mascara. Makeup artists recommend "tame" protruding brow using the brush and applied it to hairspray.

For beautiful curly eyelashes, you canuse of transparent ink and brush, or use special tongs. Some girls curl lashes, first paint over them with ink, then use tongs. After the procedure, you need to apply a layer of lengthening mascara or to give volume.

There are many opinions about the use ofcolored carcass. In fact, some colors are suitable only for the stylized holidays. Agree silver ink is hardly suitable for the office or at the restaurant, but on New Year's or costume party will be most welcome.

If you prefer a different color black, thennote that the blonde and blue-eyed girl suit shades of blue, and brown eyes like ink eggplant color. However, do not use in this case, color eyeshadow, limiting physical basis.

The pursuit of beauty should be remembered thatFirst of all, hairs protect the eyes from foreign particles, and then to create a beautiful image. So taking care of eyebrows and eyelashes too and not get carried away isporite what nature gave us.