Beauty Secrets of Cleopatra

Is Cleopatra was beautiful? On this point opinions differ. Some say that she was beautiful, others that her appearance was far from perfect, but it is difficult to argue with the fact that it was incredibly well maintained. One thing we can say for certain: to this day it is the standard of feminine and charming.

What was the secret of Cleopatra's beauty? First of all, in the love of self. And, of course, knowledge of tools that will make a woman irresistible. healingandbodywork consider offers than enjoyed the queen and how to implement this knowledge in the modern world.

milk bath

It is unlikely that there are those who have not heard about thatCleopatra took milk baths. It was a truly royal treatment. Prior to its adoption of the Queen's body rubbed with a special scrub: sea salt mixed with cream. This greatly improved the effect of the milk bath. Then she went to the bathroom, where instead of water were donkey milk, honey and a little almond oil. bath temperature was Body temperature was 36-37 degrees. Cleopatra bath time was no more than 15-20 minutes.

Historians say that the life of CleopatraIt lasted up to 37 years. In those days, before this "venerable" age, few lived out. This suggests that it Secrets beneficial effect not only on the exterior, because until the very last days she remained the standard of beauty, but also on health. Because the use of these procedures can not be overstated.

Tsarskoye pleasure we provide for themselveshome today. Contemporaries recommend to use a little imagination to get as close to what did Cleopatra. Of course, donkey milk in our time during the day with fire will not find, but its replacement is quite suitable conventional cow.

To start make a scrub. The recipe is the same: in the ratio of 2 to 1 mix sea salt and heavy cream. Rub the body. This will prepare your skin to accept breast-honey bath, will make it velvety and silky. After applying the scrub will open all the pores of the body as much as possible will be ready to accept all the most useful of the following procedure.

Enter the bath, the water should be warm andcomply with body temperature. In one liter of cow's milk is necessary to dissolve 300 grams of honey, and do not forget to pour a few tablespoons of olive oil. Then pour the mixture into the water and mix well. The royal bath of the XXI century ready.

By the way, if the adoption of the bath is not possible, you canjust poleleyat our pens. the old system: a liter of milk dissolve the agreed amount of honey and olive oil. Drop to your hands and enjoy 20 minutes The skin becomes younger and softer.

Facial masks from Cleopatra

One of the most legendary beauty secretsCleopatra is a mask for the face. The most popular, which enjoyed the queen, was composed of the same ingredients: milk and honey. As we have already indicated, we replace the donkey milk cow and mixed with honey in equal proportions. On one mask about 2-3 tablespoons of both components will go. By the way, the mask fits perfectly for all skin types and will not leave indifferent woman using her.

Also extracted a special grade for Cleopatrawhite clay, which she used for the face. The clay mask is also included donkey milk, lemon juice and honey. Cleopatra can not fail to love it to milk. Who knows, maybe it was her main secret recipe, and health, beauty and longevity.

This mask can also be prepared at home. To do this, you will need 2 tablespoons of cosmetic clay (clay Pick up in-store on your skin type), the same amount of milk, 1 tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Hold it for 15-20 minutes and rinse with warm waters. This mask not only smoothes wrinkles, making the skin more elastic, saturates antioxidants, but also has an excellent whitening effect.

After application of the mask is best appliednutritious cream. Here Cleopatra could tell a great recipe, tested by centuries. The secret of its simple cream - is the sap of the aloe. Aloe is valued for its healing properties and is widely used in cosmetics and even in medicine. And this is no accident: this plant has a medicinal properties and helps cells restore and preserve their youth.

The recipe of this cream is very simple: 2 tablespoons of fresh juice mixed with the same amount of purified water and 1 tablespoon of the infusion of rose petals. The mixture was put in a water bath and heated as it is added 100 grams of melted lard. The resulting cream mix. Keep it should be refrigerated.

Secrets of hair care from Cleopatra

Remember to black films, bursting with health andQueen hair shine? But we rarely wonder that Egypt - a desert, the sun and the wind, destroying the hair. However, Cleopatra managed to maintain their original beauty.

Head soap Cleopatra exclusively eggyolks. It is very nutritious and useful tool for hair. By the way, our grandmother in the war used this tool due to a lack of soap. They did not suspect that they use the best recipes from the ruler. To prepare this shampoo is necessary to whip the egg yolks until foamy and rinse thoroughly with their hair. Rinse them the best healing infusions: tea or chamomile.

By the way, Cleopatra used otherconditioners for hair. They were extracts from hops, burdock root and nettle. It can be used separately as well as together and mixed in equal proportions. These infusions wonderfully nourish and moisturize the hair.

Aromas of Cleopatra

Queen charmed the most inaccessible of its menmodernity. Their seducing her beauty, intelligence and outstanding ... the flavors that fragrant her skin. This was one of the components of the success secrets of Cleopatra.

A recipe is simple and lies in the procedures withwe have already seen. Just think, with milk and honey - it's very subliminal! Milk smell children and youth. aromatherapy Science represents the smell of honey with the scent of nature and freshness.

Cleopatra also used frankincense and myrrh. These fragrances soothe such strong emotional and her men like Caesar and Mark Antony. Next to the woman they rested and feel the real conquerors of the universe.

It is worth noting that Cleopatra had a hugeimpact on the beauty and fashion of ancient Rome and beyond. For a long time, were very relevant hairstyle in her style, she introduced the tradition of Make up the face and body, wearing wigs, the adoption of contrast baths, wearing expensive jewelry. It has become a trendsetter then and remains a symbol of beauty and grooming today.

Beauty Secrets of Cleopatra, as you can see, quite aeasy to use. And no need to be a queen, to become a true Cleopatra. But we must remember that its main weapon was the love of self. This attitude to yourself will make you a real Cleopatra.

It was a wise woman, who couldcarry in themselves both femininity, strength and unwavering: willpower and strength of mind. And we, the people of the XXI century, respectful bow to her knowledge, the mind and the Sublime, which are relevant for us today.