facial sculpting

The correct shape of the face - one of the maincomponents of feminine beauty. Of course, nature has created us all completely different, every person is different and there is nothing wrong with that. But whatever our genetic data, we can always be a little bit closer to perfection, emphasizing the profitable advantages of appearance with the help of makeup.

What is the cut-off correction

Sculpting - this is a special technique of applicationmake-up, which allows you to visually adjust the shape of the face and conceal some defects appearance:.. too long nose, high cheekbones, etc. healingandbodywork highlighted the main advantages of using such a reception:

  1. Sculpting helps to give the face a more correct form.
  2. It is able to disguise skin aging, which is a very useful feature for those ladies who, for one reason or another do not wish to do plastic surgery.
  3. The correct application of the cut-off correctioncreates a semblance of expensive make-up, hand made professional makeup artist. The main thing - to correctly use cosmetics carefully and their shade.

important points

As a rule, used in sculpting a personthe practice experienced make-up artists, but this does not mean that only craftsmen available such skill. After studying how to their appearance, finding out all the details of the application of corrective means and enough work-out, almost any woman can make herself beauty unaided. Here are some details, so that you can achieve excellent results:

  1. To get started, read the rules for all persons in the work of correction and directing.
  2. After the application of funds, try as much as possible of their shade, so that the transitions between tones turned smooth.
  3. When you reach, in your opinion, a good result, take a photo in good light and take a look at ourselves. So you can see some flaws, if any.
  4. In this work you can use the funds: the basis of a foundation, the foundation under the eye shadow, concealer, powder, blush and highlighter.
  5. There are no strict rules of correctionperson, the main thing - to be able to highlight their strengths and hide weaknesses. Do not be afraid to experiment a bit with the makeup, sooner or later you will find your perfect image.

Features the face sculpting

The main thing to know about correctivemeans, is that light colors can visually enlarge and zoom elements of the exterior and dark - reduce and postpone them. As a rule, require clarification following sections:

  • area under the eyebrows;
  • bridge of the nose;
  • around the eyes;
  • chin Center;
  • area at the top of the cheeks;
  • concave on the upper lip and corners of the mouth.

Dark offsets applied to the following areas:

  • the lower parts of the cheeks;
  • nostrils;
  • area under the chin;
  • neck;
  • zone along the hair growth;
  • the angles of the lower jaw.

To make up looked harmoniously, consider the following:

  1. Tone cream and bleach should be combined in color. That is, if you use a foundation with a yellowish tinge, then concealer should be a yellowish tone.
  2. Dodge should be 2 shades lighter foundations - so the face will look natural.
  3. To hide minor flaws appearance, such as redness, pigmented lesions or pimples, use a concealer one color to the skin.
  4. Be sure to consider the texture applied funds. If you use dry correctors, while initially cover the face creams, then powder, and after proceed to sculpting. If you apply a creamy concealer, it should be applied to clean skin, shade and cover the top layer of powder.
  5. That image was a natural, remember to carefully rub the boundaries between different shades of the means used.

Variants of using a lightening corrector

  1. Application of funds for internal corners of the eyesIt will help to make the look more open. This use of the clarifier is suitable for virtually any appearance. Pre apply tonal foundation for these areas is not necessary because the skin there is very thin and sensitive.
  2. Those who are under the eyes dark circles,You can use bleach and in the outer corners of the eyelids. After application it is shaded towards the cheekbones. Selecting the area around the eyes to hide the skin aging and signs of fatigue. Due to this effect, a woman looks a few years younger. That checker is going in the folds of the eyelids and wrinkles, it can be used together with a small amount of cream.
  3. If you have a small or close-set eyes, apply the bleach under the lower eyelids and blend it in the form of an inverted triangle.
  4. Make your skin younger will receive the following: draw a bright line corrector of nasolabial folds and accurate hammer means into the skin by patting with your fingers.
  5. Small wrinkles on the forehead can also cover a small amount of brightener and with the help of the above movements give him a little soak.
  6. To lips appear more voluminous andattractive, bright circle of the contour. In the same way, you can hide minor facial wrinkles and various skin irregularities. Outline the lips should be as carefully as possible.
  7. If you lowered corners of the mouth, you can fix it with a small amount of brightener, applied in these areas. Over the equalizer you want to apply the tonal foundation.
  8. This lack of a very small distancebetween the nose and upper lip also can be hidden using the clarifier. To do this, outline the contour of the upper lip thin line, as well as a means to cause the hollow under his nose.
  9. Too wide a person can visually pull atmeans of sculpting. First, apply a lighter shade on the area under the eyes so as to obtain an inverted triangle. The same triangle to draw under the lower lip. But the cheekbones, on the contrary, should be a little dim with a suitable shade of concealer or blush.

How to hide the age of a person by means of sculpting

We are considering the creation of make-up technique helps to hide skin aging and lowers a woman for several years. To achieve this effect, you need to follow some rules:

  1. Use makeup needed funds with a matte texture.
  2. Give young person can be using the clarification of nasolabial folds. Do not forget at the end to cover a layer of concealer powder.
  3. Coat the top of the cheekbones pinkish hue - it will refresh the complexion and slow down the extra years.
  4. Drooping eyelids can be corrected with the help of shadows. To do this, cover the upper eyelid lighter tone, and on the outer corner of the eye and the top fold, apply a darker shade.

As you can see, facial sculpting helpsachieve wonderful results. The most important thing - to acquire sufficient experience in the implementation of this technology and then you can make yourself makeup better than a professional makeup artist.