Peeling for lips

Delicate and plump lips are admiredlooks at men, and even a little envious glances at the women. "That I would be as soft and smooth lips by nature!" - I think some of them, not knowing what to do with the nature here, and the whole thing in proper and constant care.

What you need our lips?

The fact that the lips - the part of the face which is notIt has absolutely no sebaceous glands, so devoid of natural nutrition and hydration. They are affected by the wind, rain, bitter cold, hot food and cold ice cream. They can become inflamed and flaking, dryness on the lips sometimes haunted.

Take advantage of hygienic lipstick orpaint defects decorative cosmetics - output, but will not solve the problem, and sometimes it is not that does not hide flaws, but also emphasize. Lips require constant care is not less than the skin of the hands and face. They need help to get rid of dead skin particles constantly moisturize and nourish their own.

First of all, you need to pay attention toscrubs Lip - they are the main tool for skin care. It can be used as purchased, and cooked at home, but the basic rule - do it consistently. In winter and spring, summer and autumn, in an ideal - once a week (in the summer is permitted once every two weeks), and can be a little less, but it should be done without fail.

If you prefer fundscooked at home, we recommend that you choose a certain kind of scrub, for example, for the next month, and immediately prepare the ingredients, put them in a jar and leave the store in the refrigerator until it runs out. Thus, you save your time and make the lip treatments, light and pleasant.


Application scrubs always requires some preparation. This will improve as a result of the application of funds, and extend its influence. To begin, prepare for the scrub recipes below. After that you need to do the lips.

Clean the lips of any makeup, takecotton cloth or a cotton swab dipped in warm, even hot water. Now lower it to his lips and hold for five minutes. If the tissue has time to cool down, heat it again with water.

Carried out procedure will soften lipsreveal the pores of the skin and prepare them for the conduct of a scrub. Next MirSovetov proposes to begin the acquaintance with various recipes for scrubs for lips. They are really a great many, which one to choose, it's only you. The main thing is make sure that the submitted components you did not have allergies.

Recipes lip scrubs and their correct application

Ingredients for scrubs lip may includea variety of components - oatmeal, honey, nuts, sugar. Basically, they are very easy to prepare, and their use involves several simple rules:

  • yet apply the scrub, do not press too much and do not rub your lips, movements must be gentle, circular, simultaneously providing massage;
  • also for the application, you can use a toothbrush with soft bristles - it will gently take care of your lips, without damaging them;
  • for the preparation of a scrub at home, you will need about 0.5 teaspoons of each ingredient;
  • warning: if the lips bleed, the corners are perleches or herpes, the use of a scrub is better to postpone until the healing of wounds;
  • all scrubs after application should be left for a few minutes, so that they have time to soak the skin all the useful elements.

Sugar scrubs

The easiest way to prepare scrub for lipsat home - add a little sugar chapstick and apply gently on the skin of the lips. There are other recipes. For example, a scrub with sugar, salt and Vaseline perfect lips with a very dry and flaky skin. To prepare take ingredients in the same proportions and apply them to the skin as described above. If the lips are in a very bad condition, this scrub can be used up to three times a week.

Cane or brown sugar is known for itsuseful properties. At least it is useful and lip. It is necessary to mix with a bit of cosmetics (olive, almond, sesame) oil and apply on skin massaging movements of the lips.

Also proven recipe: sugar may be mixed with honey in a ratio of 1: 2, respectively, heated in a microwave oven, to wait until a bit has cooled and applied to the skin of the lips. But peeling effect will give us a scrub made from sugar cane (of course, you can take and refined, but the brown more useful trace elements) and comminuted aspirin. Mix these two ingredients in a ratio of 1: 1 (not need more than half a teaspoon at a time), add a little jojoba oil (olive can be replaced) and glycerol.

Honey scrubs

Honey has a set of useful features forour skin, including the skin and lips. There is a huge variety of recipes cooking scrubs of bee products. For example, it can be mixed in equal amounts of honey and baking soda (0.5 teaspoon) add back a little olive oil and gently apply on the skin of the lips.

You can also take a bit of zest anycitrus fruit, grind on a coffee grinder, add there honey and a few drops of the juice of aloe vera. Do not forget to leave for a short time to scrub your lips.

If you pour water in the evening a few nutsalmonds, in the morning it can be used as part of a scrub for lips. To do this, you grind it, add glycerin and honey. Incidentally, the nut can be replaced with almond oil or, in extreme cases, castor.

Other recipes

Also, there are many recipes that includea and other foodstuffs. For example, in a coffee grinder to grind the rice, add a little cheese with a fat content of 0% (the proportion of about 1: 2, respectively) and the floor teaspoon of olive oil. Your lips become soft, without a single flaw.

If your lips are very chapped, therelemon juice will help, from which we will make peeling. Mix it with castor oil in equal proportions, to add a few drops of glycerin. Now let us leave until the morning, and remove the remnants of cloth in the morning.

After the scrub

It is important to skin nutrition after youscrub wash away with warm waters. Because you need to use a mask for lips and nourishing cream or, in extreme cases, hygienic lipstick. Otherwise, the scrub is very dry skin and, most likely, the lips will not look better.

Prepare nutritious masochki home alsono difficulty. In a teaspoon of fat sour cream, add a few drops of lemon juice and vegetable oil. Mix well and apply on the skin of the lips for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with warm waters.

If the house is not sour cream, you can usekefir. Apply a thin layer of yogurt finger and wait until dry up. Once this happens, apply the next layer. And so up to ten times. Then rinse with warm some water and apply a nourishing cream or moisturizing lipstick.