Salt Hair

Which of the girls do not dream of a thick and burstinghealthy head of hair ?! Unfortunately, our hair constantly fall under the influence of negative factors in the world today. Because of this, they fade, become brittle, and the issue of hair loss haunts almost every beauty. Defeat all the problems of the conventional sodium or sea salt. On this day and tell healingandbodywork.

How salt affects the hair?

Also indispensable component of each dish, saltIt can be used as a cosmetic for hair. Traditionally, it appears to us in the form of small white crystals. Often encountered in the composition of various contaminants, whereby a grayish hue appears. Due to external qualities, table salt is often used as a scrub. It effectively cleanses the scalp of impurities, removes dead skin cells and promotes the renewal of the epithelium. Furthermore, after scraping salt improved blood circulation is observed, as well as food hair roots. The chemical composition of the salt has a high concentration of sodium chloride - about 97%. If you get this trace element on the scalp normalizes the sebaceous glands, dandruff disappear and disappear excess sebum. That is why salt is recommended to use for people with greasy hair type. It also stimulates the hair follicles and accelerates the growth of hair. It should be noted that the common salt is best used in combination with the sea. So, among other things, you will enrich your hair and skin of the head with iodine and sea minerals. In general, salt is recommended to apply in such indications:

  • Combined hair type;
  • excessive fat;
  • rigidity;
  • rapid contamination of the head;
  • hair loss;
  • seborrhea;
  • dull hair;
  • premature gray hair;
  • slow the growth of hair and others.

Salt - simpler and more affordable than the component. In hair care, it can be a highly effective means to combat the loss, brittle hair, scalp fat and others. Among the advantages can also be noted in the ease of use and quick action of salt.

Recipes salt application to the hair

Most often used as salt antihair loss. It is sufficient during showering, biweekly salt rubbed into the scalp. For this purpose, suitable for both rock and sea salt, and it is best to alternate them. But it is necessary to refrain from flavored salts. They are more expensive and generally less effective. There are quite a number of cosmetic products on the basis of salt, which are produced on an industrial scale. But skillful hostess know that this product is better to cook at home. MirSovetov gathered the most successful application of recipes for hair salt and is ready to share them with your readers.

Salt scrub. Making peeling scalp is as important as on the face. After all, this area is not handled so carefully, and polluted much stronger. Closed pores in the skin promise us a lot of problems. One of the most serious - a metabolic disorder. That is why it is important from time to time skrabirovat head. A remedy for this is easy to prepare and at home. Pour two to three tablespoons of salt the same amount of warm water or herbal infusion (better suited infusions of nettle and birch). The tool is prepared immediately before washing the head and put on wet, unwashed hair. Gruel should be rubbed into the skin massaging movements for ten minutes. Make sure that your movements are not traumatized epithelium. Mask additional leave for fifteen minutes. After this time, - the head is washed off with warm water and flushed with hair shampoo.

During the application of the mask, scrub carefullyWatch your feelings: if you feel itching, a burning sensation or a slight tingling - refuse the procedure. If allergic reactions were observed - use means no more than once every two weeks.

Brandy-salt mask. The effect of this unusual mask is aimed mainly at strengthening hair. In addition, its use will make your curls strong and shiny. Make a mask is very simple. You will need one glass of liquid honey, cognac and salt. It is worth noting that if you do not cognac, it can be replaced by other spirits: the most suitable vodka or rum. Thoroughly mix all ingredients until homogenous, close the jar and put it in the dark, place inaccessible to children for a week. After this period, use the tool as a hair mask or shampoo. Before applying the drug thoroughly comb the hair. Then lubricate your head, wrap the towel and leave the mask on for an hour. After this time, rinse your hair with plenty of warm water.

In the application of cognac masks do not forget aboutallergic reactions listed above. If not, use the tool twice a week, and your hair will get a healthy shine, become thick and strong.

Milk and salt mask. This mask will help to get rid of hair loss and decides greasy scalp problem. In order to prepare this remedy, mix two tablespoons of salt with two tablespoons of yogurt, yogurt or yogurt. You can also add a few drops of essential oil. At high-fat hair it is best to use pine, lemon, eucalyptus or clove oil, to prevent loss - peppermint, frankincense, rosemary and ylang-ylang. Thoroughly mix all ingredients and put on dry hair moving from the roots to the ends of the hair. After we wrap up head with a towel and "wear" a mask for half an hour. After a time we wash the hair with plenty of warm water and wash hair with shampoo. It is important to note that after the application of the mask is not recommended to use a hair dryer, hair should be dried naturally.

When applying the mask lactic salt,allergic reactions were observed, because it is considered to be gentle to the body. But in order to avoid negative consequences, yet do not forget to take care of their health.

Precautions for the use of salt for hair

Despite all its useful qualities, saltquite hard component. It can not only improve the appearance of the hair and scalp condition, but also hurt them. Therefore, the application of salt is important to adhere to certain rules.

  1. During the use of the funds for the hairsalt-based, carefully follow in order to on the skin did not have scratches or damage. Getting into the wounds, the salt can cause serious discomfort and cause pain.
  2. Use salt scrubs and masks not more than twice a week. Ignoring this rule, you can harm your tresses and enhance the processes of hair wilt.
  3. One course salt therapy should be three to four weeks, no more. This is followed by a break for three to five months.

Exceed these periods is not recommended. Otherwise, you risk to make the hair stiff, heavy and lose their elasticity.

Use the gifts of nature with the mind, only then they will give you beauty and health.