salicylic peels

"Light of my mirror, tell me, but the truthreport back ... "- thoughtfully looking into the mirror, considering their far from perfect face young girl. But there is a solution - restore elasticity and smoothness of the skin can be a fairly simple process. How? However healingandbodywork we consider one of the types of chemical peels.

What is peeling? The answer is simple - it's cleansing and leveling the surface. Old cell layer is removed, and in its place there are young cells. Thanks to peeling the skin is cleansed from dirt.

How is peeling

Superochistku person perform in different ways: at home with the help of various drugs, cosmetology office ultrasound, laser, enzymes and acid, by mechanical means.

Chemical peeling - the easiest, is performed using chemicals - acids, it is not necessary to use expensive equipment when it is running.

Cleaning person is different - deeper andsurface. When a superficial peeling - affected only the upper layers of the skin or upper layer of the epidermis. In deep peeling, use special drugs that penetrate the middle of the reticular dermis.

Any kind of chemical peel is useful for oily, peeling also eliminates wrinkles and scars on the skin and problem skin.

Use salicylic peels

One of the most popular types of chemical peels is - salicylic. It evens skin color, its structure, with this type of skin can be rejuvenated without surgical intervention.

This type of cleansing the skin has a good antiseptic effect. Skin refreshed, pores are narrowed and the skin, which is before the procedure was oily and acne becomes completely healthy.

This procedure is intended for people who have oily and problem skin - suitable teenagers, and people with pigment spots, sagging skin.

Where did this acid and its orientation

The main component of salicylic peelsis an acid, phenol, or salicylic. The acid was first invented from the bark of willow trees in the 19th century. This acid is very good fights with the formation of comedones and blackheads.

  1. A powerful antiseptic.
  2. It has anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. It reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands.
  4. It cleanses the skin of dead cells.
  5. Fights aging skin - the skin is tightened, improves complexion.
  6. Brown spots practically disappear or become less visible.
  7. Eliminates freckles.

It should be remembered that the salicylic acid can not be combined with drugs such as zinc oxide and resorcinol.

application Features

Salicylic peels can vary,Depending on the type of skin: Surface or mid-surface. Without cosmetician advise you not to do, because the concentration of the active substance can be different.

If your skin problem, oily and with little acne, superficial peeling appointed. Salicylic acid in this case, use of about 15-20% and a pH - 2.5 to 3.2.

The middle peels being more aggressive,as it struggles with serious skin problems: wrinkles, after struggling with acne scars. The acid concentration of 25-30%, a pH of from two to three. When the pH is lowered (skin component values) chemical reaction occurs with higher concentrations of the drug. Because this reaction is actively produced in the skin collagen and elastin, new cells are formed.

There salicylic peels for the face, and there - forbody. In the first case, apply the grout when it is necessary to hold body treatments, Hardened parts of the body (palms, elbows, knees) - this procedure is carried out using a special salicylic paste.

When and how to apply

Facial cleansing should be done at once, and the rate of 5 to 7 treatments at intervals of 1-2 weeks.

In severe diseases of the skin - seborrheic dermatitis, acne treatments rate may be higher.

When a thick layer of the epidermis can be another regimen, 5-7 treatments with reduced interval of 1 week.

When excessive pigmentation procedures are carried out with a two-week break.

Pros exfoliating treatments

Among the main advantages of cosmetologists say:

  1. Universal - as a person is cleared, and the body.
  2. The procedure can be performed at any age.
  3. Highly effective.
  4. Suitable for all skin types.
  5. The procedure is easy to carry and hold.

This peeling can not be done

  1. Patients with herpes.
  2. When the injured and inflamed skin.
  3. During pregnancy and lactation period.
  4. When sensitive skin.
  5. Intolerance peeling components.
  6. When sunburn.
  7. When taken drugs (glycemic).

It is impossible to perform the procedure in the spring and summer, when the sun is most active. It is especially dangerous to perform peeling after sun exposure. It is best to do cleaning procedures of the skin in the fall and winter.

Keep in mind that after the procedure, possible swelling of the skin, its peeling and redness. These symptoms will pass in a few days.

How to prepare for the procedure

Two weeks before the procedure, you need to completely abandon the use of the pool, baths and saunas, you can not stay in the sun, to give up visits to the solarium.

At home, you can not use scrubs. It is best if you prepare the skin by special means before the procedure. This skin cleanser and moisturizer. Also, your beautician will recommend you a special solution in order to prepare the skin before the procedure.

Stages of the procedure salicylic peels.

  1. First, remove makeup, skin should be completely clean, then lubricate the face with a special solution, which softens the skin.
  2. The skin should be disinfected and dehydrated special means.
  3. On the skin applied salicylic acid solution. Will felt a tingling or burning sensation is normal. If you do not have to endure forces - means an urgent need to be removed using a neutralizer. There are companies that provide a solution for the procedure, which is washed off with water.
  4. After the procedure the skin smeared with a special cream or mask, which will soothe the skin and prevent the formation of inflammation.

How to care for the skin after the procedure

The skin after the procedure has received some kind of burn. Now the main thing - to look right. The skin will be red in some places, then it becomes dry and tightened. During this period, you need to use moisturizers. After two or three days after the procedure starts peeling. During this period, you can not stay in the sun. It is better to stay at home, or if this is not possible - to use sunscreen.

It is undesirable to accelerate the healing process and not a rip off scaly crust. This period can be tightened and better to stay at home.

Complications from the procedure

  1. Redness of the skin.
  2. Peeling.
  3. Dry, skin taut.
  4. Swelling and inflammation.
  5. Burning and tingling after the procedure.
  6. An allergic reaction to the medication.
  7. Aggravation of herpes.

In the case of such feelings, you need to consult a doctor.

Making peeling house

It really perform such a procedure at homeindependently. You need an acid solution, which can be purchased at the beauty salon or make your own. But home-cleaning will not be as effective as a salon.

Take one tablet of aspirin and put it intablespoon. Then it drip few drops of water, the tablet into a powder. Add half a teaspoon of honey (liquid) or aloe gel (buy in the pharmacy). Stir. Apply the mixture to clean face (wipe tonic). Gently rub the mixture for one minute, avoid the eye area. That's all! This procedure can be done twice a week, the course of ten treatments. This peel is gentle, but the skin will look better. Peeling is not suitable for people with sensitive skin.

You can make a deep peeling, taking insteadone tablet of aspirin - three. Tablets grind, add half a tablespoon of water and leave for 5 minutes. Add honey or aloe juice. Once you are well promassazhiruete face and stroll all the problem areas, you need to wash the face with warm water, then - cool. Apply a nourishing cream. If, during the procedure, the skin will be a little pinch, it's okay if the oven - hot rinse agent. After treatment the skin is soft, smooth, improve the complexion.

As you have seen, peeling - a wonderful remedy for many skin problems. The main thing - the right to carry out all the recommendations and then you are guaranteed success.