Safflower oil, benefit and harm

Safflower oil obtained from safflower seeddyeing. The product can be made by cold or hot pressing or by solvent extraction. This oil color may be greenish-yellow, bright or dark yellow. What are its characteristics and scope of application, describe below.

A little bit about the product

Annual plant, from which theoil, belongs to the family Asteraceae. It has branched stems. The branches are covered with abundant foliage. Grown in the Crimea, the Caucasus, Egypt, China, Japan, Spain, Africa and South America. Safflower sometimes used to produce dyes. In particular, it is used for dyeing red and yellow hues. In some regions kartaminovaya acid contained in this plant is used for production of caramel.

Nevertheless, most often grown safflowernamely to collect seeds from which then turns safflower oil. After purification, it can be used in food, in particular for preparing hot and cold dishes. Just add a few drops of the product. Bitter oil extracted from untreated seed has been used in the manufacture of building fast-mixes for the production of flooring (linoleum), and in soap making industry.


In this Safflower oil contains the following acids:

  • palmitic,
  • linoleic,
  • stearic,
  • oleic,
  • arachidonic,
  • myristic,
  • linolenic.

More oil is rich vataminami E and K. In addition, it contains chalcone glycosides such as carthamin and izokartamin, as well as derivatives of serotonin.

Regarding the calorific value of the product in 100 grams has 884 kcal.

The benefits for the heart

According to the content of linoleic acid product outstripsall other vegetable oils. This acid is practically no self-produced in the body, for this reason, must necessarily fall into it, together with other foods. It helps reduce harmful cholesterol levels. Thus, oil is effectively vessels in atherosclerosis. This property is suffering from various cardiovascular diseases of great importance for people. Thus, the regular use of the product in the amount of 1/3 teaspoon improves health and prevents the development of ischemia, vascular thrombosis and myocardial infarction.

Generally, in the composition of this oil included very fewsaturated fat while it contains many unsaturated. Only this makes it very useful for people suffering from heart disease. The product is a good source of omega-6 fatty acids. And they are known to help burn excess fat, rather than delaying them.

Benefits immunity

Natural fatty acids are constituentsparts of prostaglandins, which are hormone-like substances. They help normalize blood pressure, control muscle contraction and are actively involved in immune activity.

Because this is quite a lot oilvitamin E, it has a high antioxidant properties. The product helps to cleanse the body of harmful free radicals, which contribute to the disruption of the cellular structure, causing the aging of cells and increase the risk of cancer and cardiovascular pathologies.

The benefits for weight loss

Safflower oil in its composition does not containan excessive amount of proteins and carbohydrates. Therefore, it is used as a basis for the diet. That is, the product can even be used to lose weight. For this purpose only required every day to consume a small amount (6-10 drops) of oil per day. healingandbodywork recommends adding it to the first courses, salads, side dishes. The product is perfectly regulates the metabolism of fat, which makes it effective for weight loss complex in conjunction with physical training. It is worth noting that the safflower diet does not allow to lose weight quickly, but, nevertheless, change for the better the ratio of muscle and fat mass.

Benefits for the skin

The product is used in treatment of somedermatological diseases (eczema, dermatitis, etc.). This oil has the property to readily penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin and at the same time necessary to saturate the cells with natural beneficial compounds. For this reason, oil included in the so-called anti-aging cosmetics. Due to the antioxidant and soothing properties, it eliminates fine lines, helps heal wounds and reduce inflammation.

In the cosmetic industry seed oilSafflower is used to make special massage, lotions, tonics, sunscreens, healing, soothing, nourishing and moisturizing cosmetics. The product allows you to slow down aging, reduces wrinkles, smooths, heals, softens and nourishes the skin with moisture helpful. Another worth noting that this oil speeds up the healing process of dry, flaky, itchy skin.

Healing the healer in many diseases

More needs to be said that the safflower oil is veryuseful in diseases of the nervous system. It is also suitable for diabetics. The benefit is that it can reduce the blood sugar level and thus displays the body fat.

Even in ancient Chinese medicine, safflower oilused to improve blood circulation, eliminate blood stasis, long-term absence of menstruation, and sometimes for various injuries and pains. In ancient times it was used for the termination of pregnancy, so women in the position of use of the product is better to refuse absolutely.

Due to the high antioxidant properties of this oil can prevent kidney damage by free radicals, thereby reducing the risk of various diseases of the genitourinary system.

Benefits for Hair

This oil is useful for the treatment of hair. To this product is applied to the scalp and rubbed light massage. This is followed by a means to hold a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly with warm water using a simple. This procedure will expand the blood vessels of the scalp, increasing the inflow of nutrients to the hair roots.

Harm and contraindications

At the use of oil possiblethe occurrence of side effects such as diarrhea, nausea, loss of appetite, headache and dizziness. Of the more serious it should be noted shortness of breath, fever, chest pain, lack of platelets in the blood and increase the level of lipids. Use of the product in excessive quantities can lead to obesity and the development of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.