Do Lipstick safe?

Do Lipstick safe?

Lipstick - an integral part of almostany cosmetics. Of course, not every woman is using it. According to statistics, only 64% of women use this cosmetic. These figures are provisional, they can vary and depend on the age, nationality and place of residence.

There are women who have never in my lifeusing lipstick - in adolescence or later in life. And many of those whose youth fell on the 50th, is not accustomed to using lipstick. Yes, and very little use various means "decoration face." In the years of their youth preference for natural beauty. Vryatli modern damsels can imagine makeup without her painted lips.

A bit of history.

According to some reports varied cosmetics inespecially lipstick, first appeared in ancient Egypt. The structure consisted of an ancient lipstick beeswax and animal fat. As dyes used iron oxide and red ocher. They gave the composition of red. Generally lipstick was quite dark, his lips gave grace and visually they seem already. Wanting to shine, and after the death of beauty, Egyptians took with a lipstick in the realm of the dead.

The attitude to the use of lipstick in ancientTimes were mixed. In medieval Europe, for the use of lipstick a woman could be accused of witchcraft. Beauty, of course, requires sacrifice, but to go on fire, even with lipstick hardly anyone hunting. Because the use of cosmetics was not common until the Renaissance. But even then it - she got so widespread that a law was passed prohibiting the ladies resort to deception, embellished itself. And if a woman is married, she represented beauty, and after is not so beautiful, a man could divorce her.

In a form close to that which is familiar to us,lipstick began producing Parisian company Guerlain (Guerlain). It was not yet quite the tube, which is available online: lipstick stick was wrapped in a piece of silk fabric. After some time, it has been created and the very familiar tube that allows you to nominate lipstick and tighten it back.

So if lipstick is harmful?

Now the cosmetics market is full of abundancelipstick wide variety of firms. Many colors, various forms of packaging, constantly appearing new items attract feminine look. Each manufacturer is committed to assure buyers that its lipstick makes a woman not only compelling, but will take care of her lips, nourish, moisturize and protect them. And, of course, say that lipstick is absolutely safe. But is this true?

What is the composition of the most common lipstick?

The main ingredient, solid foundation. This fats, oils, waxes. The next component - dyes. Also added flavors and antioxidants. Some of the components may cause allergic reactions. It can manifest itself by redness, itching, burning at the site of application of lipstick.

Allergens are the following substances included in the lipstick:

• Carmine - dye, lipstick giving a bright red color.
• Lanolin - is used for the dampening effect may have a negative impact not digestion.
• Vaseline.

The composition often includes oil lipstick - mineral oils, paraffins and waxes. These substances have the ability to accumulate in the liver, kidney and lymph nodes, and thereby cause damage to the body.
In addition, recently, Brazilian scientists havethe discovery that the lipstick can destroy teeth. The very hard paraffins, mixed with bacteria and food residues can adhere to the tooth surface. Paraffin is not washed away by saliva or water and a fertile breeding ground for bacteria. caries arises. Therefore, if you use lipstick - brush your teeth more often. And try to choose makeup with the lowest chemical content. If you have allergies - first try the small number of cosmetic products on the skin of the hands in the elbow. And if one day there is no reaction, can be applied to the face.

Do not be carried away by the excessive use of cosmetics with youth. This will help preserve the natural longer paint the face and skin.