The rules for healthy sleep

How much a person needs to sleep duringhow to go to bed? So if a person needs a dream or is it a habit that you can get rid of? How to deal with insomnia? These and many other questions I try to answer readers healingandbodywork in this article.

The time it takes for anyone to really sleep - it's for five minutes more.
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Healthy sleep
You wake up sharply, trying to feel sleepyhand hated Service. Each day - the same thing. So you want to lie in bed a little soft, and have to get up, perform a normal morning ritual and go on boring work. At such moments, willy-nilly, you envy the unemployed. Why is it seems to be tired during the day, but sleep does not go at night, plagued by disturbing thoughts, plans for the future. Lying in the dark, staring at the ceiling, and think how much remains to be done. Promaeshsya until after midnight, but in the morning - like and did not sleep at all, and the cars unloaded. Get up at the alarm bell - like death.
How much a person needs to sleep duringhow to go to bed? So if a person needs a dream or is it a habit that you can get rid of? How to deal with insomnia? These and many other questions I try to answer readers healingandbodywork in this article.

So if need sleep?

A year ago, I often come across on eyesheadlines like "Sleep less - Get more", "How to spend less time on sleep." The author reveals the secrets of how two or three hours a day and feel great then you can sleep. It turns out that the person at certain times during the day you want to sleep and when to overcome itself, the dream will disappear by itself, and the time gained can be used to more "important" things. For example, you used to go to bed at ten o'clock. Well, then go do something, read a book, watch a movie. About an hour you will have to pull to sleep on then everything will take place. Lie down later, about two o'clock at night. Over time, increase the interval. The body gets used and you will be able to calmly go to bed at four in the morning to get up at seven and feel at the same time fresh and cheerful. Sleep - it's not such a need, its importance is exaggerated, is not it ..?
So, I'll tell you this, dear readers. Teach yourself to sleep two or three hours a day can be. And to show off to friends, how has increased the duration of the day - too. But your body will not fully agree, and very soon will present its "surprises". First it would be hard to focus, and normal operation will suddenly be a burden. For everyday tasks will take longer. Weaken thinking and concentration. Disturbed coordination of movements. You will be more likely to experience stress, anger and irritability. People suffering from lack of sleep, more susceptible to obesity. In general, not getting their rules of healthy sleep, you do not win anything but a whole bunch of ailments. So think well before you decide to carry out experiments on his body.

The rules for healthy sleep

The rules for healthy sleep
Time to sleep. To sleep, a healthy person needs 8-9 hours. In extreme cases - seven. I think readers healingandbodywork already know about it. But how much you need to go to bed? The answer is clear - until midnight. It is desirable at ten o'clock. This is especially true of women and children. From eleven to four in the morning there is the so-called "sleeping beauty" - the most profound and productive sleep, pledge of beauty and health.
Going late ladies at risk in the morning to seein the mirror, "someone else's" face, bags under the eyes, an extinct eyes, unnaturally pale skin. Children need to go to bed early for another reason - to twelve they grow. Also, if you allow your child to frolic late, it will be harder to fall asleep. Of course, later in the morning he wakes up and you will have time left to do household chores. But you can forget about the daily sleep in such a case.
What to wear? "Night" Clothes should not hamper movement. It is preferable pajamas nightgown. The best option - to sleep naked. The skin breathes, there is nothing stopping and no pressure, not to mention the fact - it is a very attractive (if not sleeping alone).
Eating before bedtime. Do not load up before going to sleep, but to go to bed hungry - too. Dine for two to four hours before the night's rest. If you really really want to eat - drink a cup of yogurt, but you can milk with honey - a proven remedy for insomnia. Do not drink before bedtime strong tea and coffee. Of course, there is a small percentage of people, and I include myself in that a cup of coffee at night want to immediately go and hug a pillow, but it is better not to risk it.
Relaxation helps to quickly fall asleep
Relaxing. It would seem - what else is needed, you lay down, hid with a blanket and prepared to go into the kingdom of Morpheus. But here's the problem - sleep in either eye. The thoughts swirling in my head, one after another. And the day is heavy, a million worries and anxieties. Go there, do something - you need to carefully think through everything. You lie hour, second, and just can not let go, relax.
Come to the aid ... the imagination. Rams do not need to be considered. Even contraindicated. You just concentrate on the account and can not relax. Imagine that you are lying on the beach. Affectionately sun shines and warms the body. Near the sea audible sounds (ocean, river, lake ...). Mentally Take a glance to your body. Feel the hot sand beneath them. You can reach out and touch the warm surface, skip the grains of sand through his fingers.
Or another option: Imagine that you are able to fly. After all, in dreams anything is possible. Here you are an ordinary person, standing firmly on the ground, and a second aiming skyward. You fly over the green grass, over fields, mountains and cities. All your worries remained at the bottom now you only care about the flight. Wind ruffled hair, you zazhmurivaetes. At the heart - it is easy and fun. Freedom, complete and undivided. Now no one has power over you. It does not matter the work, family problems. It does not matter what the money is sorely lacking and repair is delayed again. All that is left at the bottom. You are above it. Feel the lightness. Feel the freedom.
Before going to bed, try to throw obsessionsabout future. If we think - only good. How do you, for example, become a millionaire, and you will live in a huge mansion. Dream, set free your imagination. All the problems are not worth your excitement. Think about the future only in a positive way. How many good and joyful it will bring you. Communication with interesting people, fascinating work - and nothing else.

Fight against insomnia

Relax does not work, you have a weekYou go to sleep after midnight and all day feel overwhelmed. Everything goes wrong, nothing happens. Sleeping pills does not help. Do you feel that a couple of days in such a rhythm - and you definitely will go mad.
Causes of insomnia - a lot. This strong stress, emotions, wrong daily routine, symptoms of certain diseases. In the fight for healthy sleep and complete rest offer readers healingandbodywork these tips:

  • Engage in physical activity. Not just before bedtime, but for two or three hours before. Pick an individual exercise program or just squat, push-ups on the floor. This will not only keep yourself in shape - but also to get rid of negative emotions. Starting the day should also be a charge, even if the time does not have five minutes to myself to spend;
  • take a shower, for example, with a relaxing gel. But a hot bath - it will have the opposite effect, and another two hours you'll toss and turn in bed. Although it is possible to take a bath with the addition of aromatic oils - chamomile, orange. Just do not last longer than ten minutes;
  • a walk in the fresh air. A leisurely walk will help get rid of disturbing thoughts;
  • ventilate the room before going to bed. In summer you can sleep with an open window or balcony;
  • mattress should not be too soft. Remember the old tale about a princess and the Pea? She had to sleep on a variety of soft-premyagkih quilts, under which lay one single pea. It is unlikely that she could not sleep because of the pea, rather, it is buried in the endless feather. Remember, you need to sleep on a firm surface. This is useful for the spine, and contributes to the rapid fall asleep;
  • do not sleep during the day. Even if you turned out to be free for an hour, and terribly drawn to lie in a comfortable bed - be patient. Drowsiness pass, but if you succumb to the temptation - it will be difficult to fall asleep at night.

"It's just a dream!" - Lucid Dreaming

You run the gloomy, deserted city. The forces at the end, but if you stop - you will find something horrible. Fear gripped the chest, breathing hard, his legs no longer obey. But you need to escape, to find the strength. In the darkness is heard howling inhuman creature ... It is up to you to move back does not give respite day after day. Run no strength to hide useless - it will still catch up, grab their tentacles and ... "Wait a minute! - You say. - It's just a dream". From this realization the soul once it becomes easier grim picture is replaced by another, at your discretion. More recently escaped from the terrible monster, and now sit in the company of best friends, sipping expensive wine. What a pity that see themselves in dreams so rarely fails ... If only every night since!
Lucid dreaming (OS) - a fairly complexsubject. A description of all the subtleties and nuances will not take a single article (and book). In this article I will give you a recommendation on how to learn the basics of this technique. You can ask, and that will give me this technique? The answer is - the benefits are undeniable. You will be able to control the flow of his dreams, to resolve the problem. After all, dreams - it is always coded information. The experiences of the day, excerpts from films, books - everything is broken into pieces and folded together. The subconscious mind does not sleep even when you are sleeping. The answer has long tormented by the question may suddenly come to mind, there is a way out of a seemingly hopeless situation.
You want to sleep productively? Then please create dream diary. It may be an ordinary exercise book in a section, a notebook or diary. It is designed for only one purpose - to record your dreams. Put the blog next to the bed or under the pillow. Do not forget a pen or pencil, to avoid wasting time searching. Going to bed, focus on ideas to remember your dream. For a long time it will not turn, but any business requires a bit of perseverance. Whenever you wake up, whether it's in the middle of the night or in the morning on the ringing alarm clock - immediately write down the dream. Consider a couple of minutes, remember small details. Perhaps some fragments of forgotten and remember them will suddenly during the day. Get into the habit of analyzing a dream. After all, dreams - a storehouse of valuable information, even if you do not make sense at first glance.
When you discipline yourself to write down their dreams, it isIt will help you develop memory, attention and concentration. The main thing - it is the constancy and practice. Many practices. Technician lucid dreaming, entering the OS, even in the waking state - do not count. Unfortunately, not all of them are effective with respect to one specific person.
You really need to get an answer to a tantalizing question. Learn what to do, who to trust, what offer to choose, and more. To help sleep come. Of course, it's not a matter of one night. It will take a week, maximum - a month. If you were to dream of this blog - excellent. So, you have already learned how to remember their dreams and somehow interpret them.
Think of a question. It is advisable shorter. For example: "Do I accept a job offer?" Or "To go out of this man to marry." Mark the date when you must have dreamed the answer and every night before going to sleep, concentrate on the question. Think about it throughout the day, formulate what you want to know what the details. Your subconscious mind will work hard to resolve problems. It is very likely you will see, most likely, the answer is encrypted. Write down in a diary. In the interpretation of the dream-books do not use - they are ineffective.

Frantic pace of modern life oftenIt leaves room to relax. Many people dream of only one thing - a good night's sleep. Despite his busy schedule, workload daily activities and challenges - always find time for sleep. It's the guarantee of health, wellness and beauty.
Sleep on health, let you dream just good.