RF-lifting: Features procedures

Modern cosmetology is not standing still and develops literally by leaps and bounds, so that we women can preserve its natural beauty and youth for many years.

One of the ultramodern rejuvenation technologyis known as RF-lifting. What is the lifting, I think now it is clear, and a high school student - a lift and skin rejuvenation. What does the mysterious consoles RF? Literally abbreviation of RF (radio frequency) is translated as the frequency of the radio waves, a concept already tells us a little bit, which is the basis of this procedure.

What is the procedure of RF-lifting

During this procedure the skin rejuvenationby encouraging neocollagenesis in the dermis. The structure of the hypodermis is updated and thus retains the elasticity of the skin for a long time. The rejuvenating effect is achieved under influence of radio waves that trigger the thermolysis process by heating the surface layers of the skin. Skin cells begin to actively updated, speaking the language of science, the radio waves stimulate the activity of fibroblasts, skin cells, which are responsible for the production of collagen, which in turn is responsible for the youth and elasticity of the skin.

The activity of fibroblasts decreases with age, butafter the procedure RF-lifting they begin to reproduce at an accelerated rate of collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans. New molecules of collagen, which arise as a result of the procedure, improve skin turgor and eventually we see anti-aging effect.

Features and benefits of the technology RF-lifting

Nowadays termolifting carried out on two proprietary technologies, using two different devices. The first technology is called monopolar lifting, it has several drawbacks:

  • Firstly, too high a degree of thermal exposure at which skin tissue are heated to a temperature of 60 degrees;
  • Secondly, the presence of the secondary magnetic field affects internal organs.

These shortcomings may cause skin burns,even the appearance of scars and changes in the subcutaneous tissue, but I want to note that this risk is low, but still it is, but we women perestrahovschitsy terrible!

In addition, monopolar lifting can be carried outOnly once in modern cosmetology is not advised to choose this kind of liftina facial skin, but to fight the fat deposits it is quite suitable and safe.

Bipolar technology unipolar unlikeonly heats the tissue up to 45 degrees, there is no magnetic field, which is an advantage of this technology, and studying cosmetology forums you will see that they themselves beauticians specialists prefer to work with a bipolar technology.

Before the procedure, be sure to check with the help ofof the device will be held session. The price usually depends on the equipment, because there is equipment manufactured by leading companies, among them there are also analogs produced in China.

As for the advantages termoliftinga before operating analog, then:

  1. As a result of the procedure the skin is notdamaged, and therefore, the procedure is performed without incisions and possible postoperative complications. Sometimes, of course it achieved more visible results thanks to operational lifting, but do not forget about the possible risks.
  2. RF-facelift is carried out without any, evenlocal, anesthesia. As for me, because it is the most powerful argument in favor of choosing termoliftinga for skin rejuvenation. Yes, of course, makes the plastic surgery under general anesthesia, but do not forget, after the end of anesthesia wound is very ill and have to endure the pain and survive ...
  3. No risk of infection. Even with the strong desire specialist does not introduce contaminants into your skin during termoliftinga procedure, but during the surgical intervention it is quite likely that is why patients are used to lifting antibiotics, which have a negative impact on the flora of your body and still do not give 100% protection from infection. Termolifting does not require it.
  4. Immediately after the procedure, the radio-wave liftingyou can go to work, no one would guess what, but the post-operative recovery period is often delayed for quite a long time.

So that all the advantages termoliftinga before plastic surgery there.

How is the procedure of RF-lifting

Pre-prepare for termolifting notIt needs to strike a beautician to clean skin a special gel and process it with special nozzles for the intended contours. The duration of treatment depends on the problems that you want to decide, as a rule, the time ranges from 20 minutes to 2 hours. Experience the effect of the procedure you will be able to immediately, it is taut and toned skin that looks much younger than before the procedure.

After termoliftinga not visit the sauna, do not sunbathe and avoid high physical loads.

As for applications of this kindlifting, so it's not just the face area, termolifting perfectly fight cellulite and stretch marks. What gives the woman's age? Of course, the hands, but here termolifting manage - restore shoulder contours and rejuvenate the skin brushes, removes radio wave lifting and chin, "crow's feet" and even normalize the activity of sebaceous glands.

Take advantage of the procedure can be 25 years,resorting to termolifting at this age you by 10 years, postpone the aging process. Generally, age corridor for this procedure - 20-60 years, because skin problems may occur in the 20-year-old

But, as with any cosmetic measures in RF-lifting, there are contraindications, these include:

  • any tumors in the treatment zone;
  • a pacemaker or internal defibrillator;
  • dermatosis in place of the procedure;
  • infectious diseases;
  • chronic illness;
  • oncological diseases;
  • Pregnancy and lactation.

I would also like to note a fairly reasonable price,Unlike surgery. So the recipe for eternal youth, I seem to have found, and what you want, dear readers healingandbodywork!