retinoic peeling

Women do not always have time for a permanent,quality skin care, so sometimes a beauty salon is the only way. The beauty specialists will help regain lost youth, depending on the condition of the skin, and what results you want to achieve, and is determined by the frequency of many procedures.

Sometimes it is enough to make one procedure once asix months, the skin has always had a flourishing appearance. Retinoic peeling refers precisely to such procedures, it is enough to make two or three times in 6 months, so that the skin was able to recover and to always look fresh and smooth.

The main component is a retinoic peelingacid, which is yellow, it is because of this kind of peeling it is often called "yellow peel." This salon treatment are classified as superficial peeling and median exposure, t. E. Its action is directed to those layers of the skin that are responsible for wrinkles. Peeling has established itself as an effective means of preventing the appearance of wrinkles, and in addition he is able to delete and existing wrinkles. Thanks to its special composition, retinoic peeling perfectly suited for all skin types, even for hypersensitive or too dry - the procedure is quite gentle. In addition, it can also be performed on the skin around the eyes and neck, t. E. Even in those areas where the skin is particularly sensitive.

Retinoic, or as it is called 'yellow peeling' is of two kinds:

  • when used in the procedure of natural retinol, which is extracted from the sap of the tropical plants urukum;
  • Retinoic acid may also be of synthetic origin.

If used with synthetic peelingacid, the procedure is no different from the usual peeling median exposure, it is a fairly gentle exercise, but after that will require a recovery period, which usually lasts two or three days, but do not worry, pain or burning, you will not.

If you decide to peel, implyingthe use of natural retinol, the impact on your skin will be more gentle and tender, which affect only the surface layer of your skin. Peeling can be done quite often, and the recovery period is not at all. The advantage of retinoic peels with natural retinol is that peeling can do absolutely any time of year and there is no age limit. Despite the fact that it is recommended for women over 35 years, he is able to exert a beneficial effect on the skin, and 25-year-old woman, because this is the age of many first wrinkles appear.

As retinoic acid on the skin

Due to effects on the skin and retinoidsretinoic acid improves cellular metabolism and all the oxidation and reduction processes receive strong stimulation. This helps to ensure that you receive the necessary amount of collagen and elastin, the epidermal lipids are updated faster, inflammation of the skin and stop it receives protection from the negative effects of free radicals.

As part of the peel can also be found azelaic,ascorbic, phytic acid and kojic. These acids can enhance and improve the effect of the main component - retinoic acid. After the yellow peeling occurs:

  • improvement in skin vascular circulation;
  • acceleration of cell regeneration;
  • lost hyperpigmentation of the skin;
  • improved protein synthesis.

Who needs exfoliation with retinoic acid

"Yellow peeling" will be useful for everyonethe fair sex, seeking to eliminate or minimize age-related changes in the skin, as it will be useful for problem skin. Peeling is able to penetrate in the middle layers of the skin and smooth out lines and wrinkles, to idealize the process, of course, is not necessary, all the way from deep wrinkles, it does not deliver, but the fine will go without a trace. In addition retinoic acid to improve skin texture, increase skin elasticity, texture accentuate and make skin elastic, and the number of lesions on the skin decrease.

Contraindications to the procedure

Despite the fact that the components have a maximum sparing effects, contraindications to the procedure is still there, these include:

  • liver disease;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • rosacea;
  • acne rosacea;
  • herpes in the acute stage;
  • cutaneous warts.

For the procedure to be effective, the skin should bepre-prepared. Despite the fact that the procedure is very simple, the preparation process takes about two weeks, during which you will prepare the skin with the help of enzyme and fruit acid peels, but this does not mean that you will have to disappear in showrooms, should be done in two weeks just a couple of procedures, after which the skin will get the desired state for retinoic peeling.

Beautician applying various acids and gelscontaining glycolic acid will remove dead skin layers of the skin, the skin becomes soft, allowing the components of the peeling is much more effective to penetrate the layers of the skin and produce its effect. The procedure of preparation can be done at home, it needs to acquire peels that contain glycolic acid, of which I spoke above. A week before the start of the peeling limit the use of cosmetics with peeling effect, discard the solarium and spend as little time in the sun.

How is the procedure

Initially, beauticians thoroughly cleanse the skin and thencause it glycolic and salicylic acid, and resorcinol, and chitosan. Now the skin is the most prepared for the peeling procedure with retinoic acid.

The doctor will cause the composition to 20 minutes, depending onthe type of skin you may feel burning and tingling, but they pass quickly. After the specified time the acid is neutralized with a special solution and then rinsed completely.

Almost immediately, your skin gets the feelingease, it becomes very smooth, slightly porozovevshey, and mind you, all without the use of moisturizing creams and masks. But the next day you can feel the tension and peeling of the skin that can last for three to four days. During these days, you need to use special moisturizers and enzyme formulations, but can not use exfoliating agents, skin needs a natural way to get rid of unnecessary layers. After a week you will notice that the small wrinkles disappear, wrinkles become smoothed and age spots, and all have sunk without a trace. You will feel that the skin was supple and young.

Such a beautiful effect will last about six months, but under the condition that you make two or three procedures retinoic peeling with a difference in two weeks.