Retinoic ointment wrinkle

Over the years, our skin is not getting better,lack of sleep, stress, improper care lead to the appearance of wrinkles. From year to year the situation is only getting worse. The hope of salvation for many women is only one - to buy an expensive tool. Most expensive cream can not cope with their tasks, and simple means of pharmacy will help to solve the problem.

So why cabin means no skinable to smooth out wrinkles? It would seem that the high cost of funds must be fully justified, but there is no result. The fact that the human skin is so arranged that penetrate into the deep layer is not possible. So when we put on the skin cream, it puts a barrier means and only distributed on the surface layers. It is a vicious circle. If you recall the popular at the end of the last century, a means for the treatment of rashes on the skin and wrinkles, it is possible for a short period to improve her condition. Retinoic ointment in the 80s of the last century was popular among teenagers and women after 40 years. Every year it is a cheap means of pharmacy became more popular, thanks to good visibility, anti-wrinkle effect.

A few words about wrinkles

Before healingandbodywork tell readers about how to use the pharmacy tool, let's find out why the skin wrinkles.

Currently there are wrinkles in women alreadyafter 30 years. Earlier this Soviet women took little thought and the appearance of first wrinkles after 40 years as a tribute, the current modern ladies do not want to put up with it. Why does the skin begins to age so early? The fact that the aging of the body starts immediately after puberty, the skin is reduced by about one third of the amount of moisture and collagen. These substances are responsible for elasticity. Each collagen year becomes less and less, and have to 35 years, these effects become noticeable. Such skin needs proper care.

In the world there are many different methods of struggledisease with age, ranging from ordinary household procedures and ending with expensive hardware. As part of the cabin of retinol available resources, ie drugs with a high content of vitamin A. Just to such means and refers retinoic ointment.

The composition of retinoic ointment

As part of the pharmaceutical agent is presentthe main active ingredient - is isotretinoin. It will help get rid of the rash on the skin, lighten age spots, remove wrinkles and prolong youthfulness of our skin.

As part of the ointment contains such substances:

  • retinol (vitamin A is);
  • retinol isomers (including isotretinoin);
  • aldehyde of vitamin A;
  • retinol acetate or ether (plus palmitovaya and acetic acid).

The main components of the ointment - isotretinoin is capableto penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, of course, its concentration gradually decreases, but this will be enough to normalize the functioning of cells and affect the upgrade process. As a result of the use of retinol cells quickly updated. Of course, expect instant results is not necessary, because visible effect takes time. If you want to get rid of wrinkles and improve skin condition, then please be patient - retinoic ointment wrinkle "working" slowly, but the result is worth it. After several weeks of low-cost pharmacy means you will see that your skin is noticeably fresher and wrinkles began to flatten.

How to restore skin youthfulness

Buy ointment can be in any drugstore. When purchasing retinoic ointment note the percentage of the drug is 0.1% and 0.05% of active ingredient. The cost of a tube of ointment is in the range from 200 to 240 rubles, depending on the concentration.

Retinoic ointment - it is not an easy cure,used to be very careful for the face cream, because it does not fit all and as a result of improper use may appear even age spots.

So, how to properly apply retinoic ointmenttell healingandbodywork. The first thing you need to know - Apply a thin layer of cream on cleansed skin. The second - take a break after the first trial for a few days. If during this period the skin reacts normally, you can continue to use the funds. If you see that the skin begins to peel off, the next time it will be possible to use the ointment only after 7 days. This is a normal reaction of the skin, as all active retinoid agents cause exfoliation.

If you see that your body responds to a new drug normally, the treatment can be continued after 3 days.

To do this, you need to prepare your skin properly:

  • wash your face with cleanser;
  • plentifully moisten with water to wash away the remnants of funds;
  • Now gently pat the face soft, wellmoisture absorbent towel (you can use disposable paper towels). Try not vigorously rub the face, we need a well-hydrated skin;
  • Now squeeze out of a tube on the small fingeramount of ointment and apply on face with a thin layer. You can use the ointment as a prophylactic and spread over all the surface of the face, or apply vitamin A dot on the problem areas.

Very important! Never use retinoic ointment on the area around the eyes. Avoid getting the cream in eyes and other mucous membranes.

Remember that the means to apply a very thinlayer, starting from the upper part of the face (forehead), then you can go nasolabial folds, apply a little cream on the chin and cheekbones. The visible effect is achieved only after daily use.

Precautionary measures

Not always women obtained usingretinoic ointment to get rid of wrinkles. Many do not know how to apply the tool to forget to do it regularly and do not comply with certain rules. As a result, the skin is covered with red spots, it begins to peel off. Perhaps such people the drug actually did not come, then we can talk about individual intolerance means. Another thing, when women in the period of treatment do not comply with the basic rules.

So, what you need to know, not to harm your skin:

  1. Isotretinoin acts on the skin in different ways. On the one hand - it penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and causes the cells will be updated, and on the other - increases the sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet rays. If you decide right now to fight wrinkles, you should always use sunscreen series of skin care products. Come out to the street in the morning - do not forget to put on the face cream with UV protection. Besides, you can not be on the street at noon, when the sun's rays are particularly active. It is also forbidden to visit a solarium. For this reason, a certain time can be selected for skin care. For example, the ointment applied overnight.
  2. Do not use the ointment and in that case, if you are already taking vitamin A (it is found in many vitamin complexes).
  3. For the period of recovery of the skin it is important not to use the peelings and scrubs.
  4. Do not apply over large areas of skin retinoic ointment and pregnant women. The overabundance of vitamin A can negatively affect fetal development.
  5. To avoid hypervitaminosis, ointment use no more than 2 months, then you need to take a break.
  6. Do not apply ointment on the damaged skin. If you have cuts, burns or minor wounds, as well as eczema, it is necessary to first wait for full healing and only then proceed to fight against wrinkles.

Total courses aimed at smoothingwrinkles, a year can make no more than two. Optimal time - spring and autumn. The duration of exposure to retinoic ointment - 2 to 4 weeks, but no more!

About contraindications

Since each drug has contraindications, the use of retinoic ointment should not be during pregnancy, diseases of the kidneys, liver, and if you suffer from chronic pancreatitis.

In any case, if you want your skin to be healthy, not too lazy to consult a dermatologist. In this case, you can expect a positive effect.

If for health reasons you will not want to use the ointment, do not worry, there are other cheap pharmacy means by which you can improve the skin condition.