Removal of hair on the face

Hair on the face, especially if they are fairlydark, visible, and they are many - it is always unpleasant. And every woman strives to quickly and completely by any means get rid of them. It is about how to combat excess facial hair and we will tell you today.

Why does hair grow?

Generally, the hair on any part of the body - a phenomenonnatural and normal. Their number and visibility of the face will depend on several factors, such as the color of the hair (on the nature of you - burning brunette), from belonging to a particular nation (especially frequent manifestations of facial hair in women oriental type) and by heredity. Do not despair, there are many ways to get rid of this phenomenon.

If you have never suffered from the presence ofdark hair on the face and body, and now they even added the extra weight and disruptions in the menstrual cycle, you must first consult your doctor. It is quite possible hormonal failure, treated to be supervised by a professional.

Hormonal malfunction can cause stress,wrong way of life, as well as incorrectly matched contraceptives. Remember, a good doctor will never prescribe oral contraceptives without a proper survey. If the tablets are picked up correctly, it will never be a problem, as the appearance of excess vegetation.

If you figure out exactly why you have to facegrow hair, it is time to proceed with their removal. After all, mustache and sideburns will not look aesthetically pleasing and will not add to you good mood. MipSovetov offers available with the most popular means of hair removal from the face.


One fairly common methodswhich, perhaps, will use only this ignorant woman in question. The fact is that shaving leads to disastrous consequences: rather may soon have a beard and eventually the hair will be even more visible.

Using the machine also leads to a strongirritation and ingrown hairs. Even if you once used this method, already the next morning you will see how much has changed its structure: in fact, once they become thicker and sharper.

plucking tongs

Such a method may be suitable only for correctioneyebrows, as well as for the removal of individual elements on the chin. And then, a successful outcome is the skillful use of forceps, as well as confidence that the tool quality. Another significant drawback is the time taken for the procedure - it will need a lot, if the scalp is very tight.

Besides, this method is suitable onlyfor single hair that are far from each other. It's pretty painful procedure that can lead to skin irritation and inflammation on the face of the follicle.

Depilatory cream

It is painless and many favorite waygetting rid of unwanted hair. Now sell special series of tools to remove vegetation to sensitive areas which are suitable for the delicate skin of the face.

Removing hair from the face cream takesrelatively little time, the procedure has to be repeated less frequently than shaving and plucking. Also, the cream acts on the hair follicle, and the next time hair becomes thinner and lighter. However, this effect can ruin one-time use of the shaver (if, for example, somewhere in a hurry).

One disadvantage of depilatory cream is its chemical composition. If you have allergies, be sure to test it first on a small area of ​​skin.

Also read in the choice of the meansinstructions carefully. In no case do not use it for hair removal on the skin around the eyes, as well as be used with caution in the nasolabial triangle.


In this way our mothers used at a timewhen there were no other options except razors and curling. This is a pretty painless way, but it has many shortcomings. Discoloration of the hair does not remove them, so they remain in place. Moreover, if you go out into the bright light, daylight or artificial, the hairs become more visible and will seem even more repulsive.

Removing wax

Apply the wax is quite simple: warm up, to impose on the problem areas of the skin, put a piece of cloth, squeeze and pull force. Quite painful, but effective and proven method for centuries to get rid of unwanted hair. After using hair wax, are removed directly from the follicles become thinner and lighter.

One of the major disadvantages is that youYou can not delete the following "party" grown hair when they just appeared. It will be necessary to wait until the moment when they are fully grown at least 5-7 mm, and it is long enough, especially if it is an open area, which is a person.


This is another effective way to remove hairthose that can be used at home. To make money, you will need 1 kg of sugar, 8 tablespoons of water and 7 tablespoons of lemon juice. All components should be mixed thoroughly in a saucepan and place over high heat. Do not forget to stir constantly to avoid burning the sugar.

Over time, lower the gas levels to a minimum,cover the pan with a lid and leave languish on 10 minutes sugar begins to melt, you will need it again to mix and leave for another 10 minutes under the lid of longing. After this time the liquid should stop once again and leave it to boil for 10 minutes at a minimum fire in a closed container. After this time the vehicle will begin to acquire a caramel color. The last 5 minutes you need to cook a lot of with the lid open, stirring constantly. Then pour the mixture in a convenient dish for you, for example, made of plastic, and allow to stand for 3 hours. The whole process takes about 45 minutes.

Use shugaring quite simple. From the total weight of the mixture is necessary to break off a small piece of sugar epilator, properly knead it between your fingers and then applied to the skin, from which the plan to remove the hairs. After that dramatically rip off means as wax strips! Everything, now your skin is smooth and silky.

The advantages of shugaring abound, among themcheapness, availability, gippoallergennost, ease of use. The disadvantage, of course, be noted pain treatment but effective epilators are actually painless.

Electrolytic epilation

This type of hair removal is very effective hardware andworks as follows: the hair bulb is completely destroyed due to the fact that in it through a needle finest energized. Hair growth stops completely. This method can be used for large accumulation of hair, and for single cells.

Hair growth is slowed down gradually, depending on thetheir thickness and pigmentation. Sometimes in one area should be carried out for many months process to finally get rid of the unwanted vegetation. Over the years, some bulbs can be restored, and the hairs sprout again, but there will be fewer and become softer and lighter.

Laser Hair Removal

This procedure is also hardware cosmetologytoday is very popular. The laser destroys the hair bulb, saving you from unwanted hair. But we should not assume that the vegetation is removed forever - it only happens for a few months, but it significantly slows down the growth of hair and their density and pigmentation.

Laser hair removal is hardly suitable for singlehairs, it covers a large area. An important advantage is that this type of hair removal will save you from the hair for a few procedures, that is, quite quickly.

Removing unwanted hair thread

This method is considered to be new to us, but inactually he came from India, which is known for more than one century. He concludes that the hairs are caught in the thread and removed with its root. This hair removal is effective for any area of ​​the skin on the face, with the help of ordinary cotton thread can be shaped eyebrows and conduct their correction.

Plucking hair strand has somecontraindications, these include: all skin tumors (papillomas and birthmarks), as well as diseases of the skin, from the herpes and ending with chronic illnesses.

Removing hairs using threads, you will forget aboutnew hair removal for 2-4 weeks. At first, the procedure is quite long, but over time, when you get enough experience, you make sure to get rid of the hair in such a way not only effectively, but also very fast.