Red wine excites women

Italian scientists have shown that red winecontributes to sexual desire in women. Ladies who prefer the drink, feel the excitement more often than their friends who prefer other alcoholic beverages or several exceptionally sober.

Red wine excites women

One theory to explain this phenomenon, based on the fact that red wine causes the blood flow to certain parts of the body. This is what causes sexual arousal.

As part of the study, scientists from the University ofFlorence was asked to answer the questions of the questionnaire in 800 women aged 18 to 50, none of which has not reported any problems in sexual life. The questionnaire consisted of 19 questions, for each of the answers get points (from two to 36).

All participants of the experiment were divided into threegroups: those who daily drank one or two glasses of red wine a day, those who drank at least one glass a day of any other alcoholic beverage, and those who do not drink.

Women who drank more than two glasses of wine a day were excluded from the ranks of the study participants.

After processing the data profiles revealed thatthe level of sexual activity in a group of lovers of red wine (27.3) is higher than in the group of ladies, to pay tribute to beer, cognac and other drinks (25.9). In third place were trezvennitsy (24.4).