Elos hair removal procedure

Perhaps every woman dreams of, toto get rid of unwanted body hair. It will also support those men who have excessive hair growth is observed. Shaving, waxing and shugaring give temporary results. In such cases, you can resort to an effective procedure Elos-epilation.

Incredible effect after the procedure notemany clients who have decided to get rid of excess hair. What is the popularity of Elos epilation? It turns out that two types of energy are combined in this manner: high-frequency current and a laser. Due to the effects of the two energies, the hair follicles are destroyed almost completely, with no harm to the skin.

On the pros and efficiency

Cosmetologists say a number of advantages of this popular type of hair removal:

  • the patient can get rid of unwanted hair on the body;
  • the procedure is carried easily and is virtually painless;
  • this type of hair removal is considered to be completely harmless;
  • One session takes about ten minutes (depending on the area to be treated);
  • method allows you to get rid of all types of hair: vellus, ingrown, hard and light;
  • No damage to the skin;
  • after the procedure is allowed to swim and lie on the beach;
  • It does not cause complications.

If you compare this kind of getting rid of hairother methods, only one thing - the combined effect of the two energies allows you to destroy the structure of the hair follicles and stop it for good growth.

Worldwide, this procedure is considered only effective and safe.

The advantages compared with other technologies:

  • session does not last long;
  • suitable for all skin types;
  • after the session do not appear on the skin burns and pigmentation unchanged.

What is the difference from other popular procedures:

  1. Elos hair removal gets rid of hair of any type that can be said about hair removal (the method does not affect the light, and gray hairs).
  2. If you resort to light a method of hair removal in a year and a half of hair begins to grow again.
  3. After Elos epilation follicles are destroyed and treated in place longer hair will not grow (in exceptional cases, growth is possible, but they are light and very thin).
  4. Laser hair removal can achieve good results even on dark hair, but the method is quite painful, and no side effects are excluded.

As you can see, there is no such method of hair removal,which would give a fast and effective results. This is because each hair has a growth phase: active, transitional and resting phase. The purpose of each method, including epilation Elos is to destroy the follicles in the active growth phase. The rest of the hair, which do not fall under the influence of currents, will be removed next time. Therefore, the number of procedures each person may vary and depend on many factors. So, for dark hair, you can use a smaller number of procedures, and for light and thin - more.

How does this happen

  1. Any special preparations for the sessionElos hair removal do not need. Beauticians recommend for two or three days prior to the proposed procedure to shave the treated area conventional machine. This is to ensure that the hair grown "even close" to two or three millimeters. Nothing bad will happen if you have not done so previously. Inside, you will process plot disposable razor.
  2. Then applied to the skin a special gel component.
  3. You will be given special glasses that protect your eyes from light rays.
  4. Using the nozzle portion of the doctor will handle flash. Perhaps you will feel a slight tingling (mostly in delicate areas: the bikini area, chest, hips, above the upper lip).
  5. If you will be unpleasant, you can ask,to skin treated with a special anesthetic. In most cases, the expert himself controls this issue. For example, an anesthetic is needed for the delicate bikini area, you will immediately process this area.
  6. After the session is complete on the skin will cause softening cream.
  7. The duration of the procedure depends on the treated area. But on average, if you decide to get rid of the hair in the bikini area of ​​vegetation, one session will last for thirty to forty minutes.
  8. The following procedure will be assigned seven to ten days. The gap between the hair removal will depend on the color and density of hair.
  9. After the session you will recommend to shave hairs appearing machine or use depilatory cream.

Frequently asked Questions

Often the patient is so addicted to the campaignsbeautician, they can not stop. They get rid of the hair in the underarms, bikini area, arms and legs, and facial hair. When you want to stay? healingandbodywork claims that after you have passed the recommended course of treatments, and between sessions of hair will no longer grow, there is no need to go to the "light flashes".

Experts recommend to preserve the effect of one or two times a year do Elos-epilation.

About contraindications and not only

Elos hair removal is considered to be completely safe procedure, which practically has no contraindications.

The exceptions are:

  • pregnancy;
  • oncological diseases;
  • epilepsy;
  • herpes in the acute stage;
  • a severe form of diabetes;
  • in case of hypersensitivity to the light;
  • the weakening immunity after administration of drugs to suppress the immune system, as well as HIV-infection;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • allergic reaction to sunlight;
  • keloid scars;
  • peeling or laser rejuvenation of the face (in the last three months);
  • stimulants and metal implants.

In carrying out the procedure in the armpits, breasts and bikini area is necessary to make US and to get permission from the specialists.

It is also not recommended for pregnant women and waxed during breastfeeding.

You can not do hair removal if you are taking (or recently took) photosensitizing medications or visit a solarium.

Attention! You should know that this type of procedure can not be combined with other types of hair removal.

Notably, most cosmetologistsnote that Elos hair removal procedure has a positive effect on the female body. After the session is marked improvement in the blood supply, and ... attention - increasing the chances of getting pregnant!

It is expensive?

Such issues can often be heard on the first consultation. If you are interested in this procedure, you are kindly requested to familiarize themselves with the price list.

In each case, the price may be different. At its price affect the impact area, hair density, the number of procedures and the floor. So, for owners of dark and coarse hair need fewer sessions, and therefore, the cost will be lower. In addition, men and women have different coverage area, so for the lovely ladies of the cost of the session will be lower than for men.

Also keep in mind that each cabin sets its value. On average, to remove hair from the back, for women, it will cost about nine thousand, for men - fifteen.

You should not stop the high cost of the procedure compared with other methods, because in order to achieve maximum results, you want a high level of specialist work.

Remember, if you are asked to go through a session at a low price - do not settle, because you can perform low-quality hair removal using the old nozzles.