In today's world, more and more peopleHe is suffering from excess weight and cellulite. Everyone is looking for their own individual method of dealing with these problems. Many, getting rid of unnecessary kilograms and orange peel, found a panacea in pressure therapy. Today healingandbodywork talk about this effective method of body shaping.

The essence of pressure therapy

Pressure therapy or, in other words, the drainmassage - a procedure that helps to eliminate excess fluids from the human body. To date, this method is recognized as one of the most effective to combat cellulite, overweight, flabby skin and swelling. The main impact at presso falls on lymphatic system. During the procedure, it is activated and begins to be accelerated to purify the body of harmful substances and the "stagnant" fluid thus restored to normal water balance, improves circulation of the intercellular structure, and finally accelerating the metabolism in fat cells, which promotes their cleavage. It is worth noting that the drainage massage is not innovative technology, but along with this she had to win their fans, showing really impressive results. Experts in the field of cosmetology equate pressure therapy session one to twenty campaigns to manual massage. And those who have tried the procedure on himself, left a lot of positive feedback on its effectiveness in combating the problem "bulges" of the body. In general, the indications for the use of pressure therapy are as follows:

  • body fat and cellulite;
  • excess weight;
  • disorders of the lymphatic system;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • sagging skin;
  • swelling;
  • thrombosis prophylaxis;
  • muscle spasms, and others.

During pressure therapy procedures cover allparts of the body - arms, abdomen, buttocks, thigh, lower leg and even the foot. After obligatory medical checks on the patient wear a special suit. He, in turn, divided into sections for each area of ​​the body: high boots, long cuffs, sleeves and a wide belt. Each costume section features pneumatic chambers, which are connected to the unit with the air duct. Next, the patient lies on the couch, sitting as comfortable as possible. During the session, he has the ability to read, watch TV or just relax. Thereafter, in separate sections, with different speeds and the air pressure starts flowing. Vacuum and compression to suit different intervals alternate with an average of twenty seconds up to three minutes. The whole procedure lasts up to 40 minutes. During the course specialist, watching the client well-being varies pressure from the lowest rates - 35-50 millimeters of mercury to the more "serious" compression to 130 millimeters of mercury. Full course drainage massage often is 10-15 procedures. The session is assigned to every two or three days. It is worth noting that there are several varieties of pressotherapy - lymphatic drainage, when the suit is compressed alternately from the lower to the upper limbs and massage, in which compression is more focused on problem areas of the body. The first affects the body as a whole, improves the flow of lymph, normalizes metabolism and gradually affects the elimination of fatty deposits and cellulite. Massage, in turn, pays more attention to those areas that are particularly problematic.

presso results you will notice afterthe first session. Patients try it for yourself, say that after the first day of the drainage massage there is a feeling of lightness throughout the body, swelling disappears, the skin becomes smoother, your waist is visually reduced, and patients feel relaxed. Despite all these "miraculous" effects from pressure therapy has a number of contraindications. Among them:

  • arterial and venous thrombosis;
  • fractures;
  • sprains;
  • cardio-susidostoy system;
  • acute inflammation;
  • ulcers;
  • liver and kidney disease;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • diabetes;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • colds;
  • acute pain;
  • menstruation;
  • tuberculosis and others.

Benefits of pressotherapy

Pressure therapy in the modern world is oneof the most efficient and effective methods to combat obesity and orange peel. It has a positive effect on the entire body, affecting directly to all metabolic processes. Drainage massage allows for a long-term period to get rid of cellulite, weight loss, edema, fatigue, sagging skin and other unpleasant symptoms. As practice shows, the patients try presso course, boast good results after the first three sessions - takes an average of two to three centimeters from each area of ​​the body. Based on customer feedback, after a full course presso clothing size is reduced by several items. In addition, drainage massage is for some people the only chance to deal with unnecessary pounds. After all, today many are contraindicated ultrasound procedures, electrical and even ordinary manual massage. Moreover, pressure therapy sessions will be for you to journey into the world of relaxation. And all because at the time of the drainage massage completely relaxes the muscles, and the customer enters into a state of complete relaxation.

Disadvantages presso

Despite all the advantages of pressure therapy, this methodcorrection also has its drawbacks. First of all, it's a huge list of contraindications. At the wrong approach to the patient and, moreover, incorrect medical advice, there are risks of complications of chronic diseases. In addition, customers with a "worn-out" vessels often develop a hematoma and bruising. And patients with sensitive skin is not exposed to light rare "bruising" of the skin after the procedure. Fortunately, these side effects are quick and do not cause much discomfort. Another disadvantage of pressure therapy is its diuretic effect, but do not because of this worry. On the contrary, this nuance indicates good results, and the speedy recovery of the body. It is also very confusing pricing pressure therapy - for people with an average capital of this procedure is likely to be unaffordable. The more that you can achieve the desired results only if the total of the course. It should also be remembered that the excellent results in the fight against cellulite with the help of drainage massage can be achieved only in the early stages of the disease. A good practice is to use pressure therapy as a prevention of this problem. In advanced stages of cellulite do not expect quick and dramatic results, as this method will not be enough. Also do not forget about proper nutrition and regular physical activity - without the appropriate actions you soon will find the former non-ideal shape. If you are going to go through the procedure of pressure therapy at home, MirSovetov recalls that it is necessary consultation with a physician. In the case of non-compliance of this rule, you risk not only for its beauty but also health.