Plucking eyebrows thread

What woman does not dream about the ideal lineEyebrow? But everyone knows that this can be achieved only through constant correction. From India came to us quite original way of hair removal, which can be used for the eyebrows, and any portion of the face - it is the most usual plucking cotton thread. How - today and learn.

Preparation eyebrows

At first, this procedure was performed only in the cabinBeauty, today women have found that a thread can be plucked eyebrows and at home. But you should know that it is very important thorough preparation! If it does not hold, then, unfortunately, you can get some problems with the skin. So, before you begin the procedure, do the following:

  • wash your face with any tool that you use for this purpose. When the skin is cleansed, apply a contrast washing, you want to finish with cold water;
  • Take the ice cubes and rub those areas that you plan to epilate. It numbs the skin and significantly reduce the pain of plucking;
  • Take a disinfectant and wipe their skin;
  • let dry eyebrows;
  • if necessary, draw a shape eyebrows, you want to do a special pencil;
  • Now take a brush and comb eyebrow hairs up - so you will be easier to approach to all the excess hair.

Now, when your eyebrows are fully prepared,You can take a thread and start plucking. If you do the procedure for the first time, it may take a long time, but with the advent of experience elapsed time will be reduced and eventually the whole procedure takes only a few minutes.

plucking eyebrows technology thread

In fact, there's nothing complicated. Here, the method of winding the hair on the thread and pulling together the roots. The main thing - to try, and you'll be surprised how simple and fast. healingandbodywork offers detailed instructions:

  • Cut a piece of ordinary cotton thread. Color, of course, has no significance. The length of the individual and can range from 30 to 60 cm, over time you will understand what is right for you and will mete out the thread on the eye;
  • thread should be smooth and should not be too old, it may interfere with the removal of hairs;
  • Now tie it ends. If the host turned tail too long (longer than 5 mm), it is best to cut them, otherwise they may interfere during the hair removal;
  • Wear related thread on 8 fingers (except the thumbs), place the palm of one another, the thread should be taut as a string;
  • Now with one hand (right or left - withoutdifference) start spinning the thread, so that it resembles the letter X - just start to rotate by hand. In this twisting her form nodules, you will need to make the pieces of 10. In them we shall confuse and hairs;
  • thread should be put on the thumb and forefinger. Sometimes plucking hairs used, and middle finger - it is at your discretion. The thread must be in good tension;
  • "Play" with thread: slide your fingers up and expand until the nodules begin to walk freely back and forth - this "game" will serve as a training session for further hair removal;
  • Bring the thread to a place that you are planning to release from the hair. Eyebrows best to start with the area between them, then go to the top and at the end take the bottom;
  • Place one of the two strands of the triangles to the desired area of ​​the skin, connect the thumb and forefinger of one hand;
  • expand joined fingers, and those that were far away from each other - on the contrary, connect. Remember that the movement should be carried out against the hair growth;
  • after you get rid of all the unwanted hair, you will need to soothe the skin with ice and tonic water use to avoid infections.

Advantages, disadvantages and contraindications treatments

If you have chosen for myself this unusual way of getting rid of the hair, then you are guaranteed to receive a number of benefits:

  • low cost. Price skein of cotton thread is much wins over any other hair removal methods, starting with a pair of tweezers, which also need to buy, and ending with the purchase of wax, going to the salon, etc .;.
  • method of plucking eyebrows thread provides a very good result, which is achieved by other means is difficult enough;
  • when removing hairs thread also removes dead skin layer;
  • hair pulling occurs with roots. It turns out that over time the hair grows more slowly and change their color and density - become lighter and thinner, and the time between treatments significantly increased (in contrast to the same plucking pincers, when we need to adjust the shape of every few days);
  • significantly reduced risk of infection;
  • virtually any other method capable of pulling hairs leave strong traces of irritation to the thread will not be such, its effect on the skin is almost imperceptible;
  • fine light hairs located near the eyebrows, it is difficult to remove with tweezers, but with the thread to do it quickly and easily;
  • conventional epilator often leaves ingrown hair, waxing same thread greatly reduces this risk.

Deficiencies in plucking hairs threadIt is sufficiently small, and the most significant - pain, especially in the early stages of using this type of hair removal. To reduce it, you can use freezing ice and if you try not to use a string at the time of strong fatigue and menstrual period, because during such periods the pain threshold greatly reduced. Over time, when you have enough experience, the pain will not be so strong.

There is also a list of contraindications remove hairs thread:

  • if the site that you plan to process, have moles, warts, papillomas, it is better to get around;
  • varicose veins can not delete hair thread;
  • the presence of herpes is also a contraindication to the procedure of plucking eyebrows thread;
  • We can not resort to this type of plucking, if you have available any chronic skin diseases;
  • postpone the procedure, the treated area if there are burns like the sun, and the household, as well as, if at the moment you have a viral or infectious disease.

Helpful hints to achieve a perfect result

  1. Never tweeze eyebrows before a magnifying mirror, so you can spoil the eyebrow line, pull out something extra.
  2. The move should be slowly, repeating the movement too often.
  3. Before you nabete hand, try to capture the small area of ​​skin, so the result will be better.
  4. In order not to remove too much, can cover a little powdered eyebrows.
  5. The thread must be exclusively of cotton! Silk and synthetic is less effective in the removal of hair, and is also able to cut your fingers.
  6. It is best to host the first procedure in a professional salon, then you will just have to adjust the eyebrow line.
  7. If you are still a little messed up the perfect line, the Adjust her eyebrow pencil.
  8. A method for removing hairs thread is suitable not only for the person but also for the arms and legs, for both men and women.