Medicine does not stand still, with the timesIt goes and cosmetology. Today our story is about how to regain youthfulness of their skin without surgery. healingandbodywork tell you about a new method of rejuvenation - Plazmolifting.

Every woman wants to be young in anyage. But nature has decreed otherwise. And that ladies always feel young and attractive, now there are many different skin rejuvenation techniques. Escape from the age of aging, you can use injections, various peels and other procedures. But the newest and gain popularity is the procedure Plazmolifting.

What does Plazmolifting?

Plazmolifting - a kind of time machine. The medical term for this technique - PRP Plateletrichplasma. This method is truly unique as it does not require surgery, and the rejuvenation of the skin at the expense of own resources of the body. In simple words - use your own as plasma, which is entered in dot in problem areas. The patient's blood plasma enriched with platelets previously. By the way, scientists have discovered many years ago that if the increase in plasma platelet count about 10 times, such a plasma will be the most powerful biostimulant.

After such an injection, in the area where the skin wasmost problematic, there is the self-renewal of skin cells begin to form her stem, also creates new blood vessels, and most importantly - restored normal metabolism. "Wake up" and are far into the tissue, fibroblasts, which are beginning to allocate an appropriate amount of proteins - collagen and elastin, which give skin elasticity.

This method may seem familiar to you. "Yes, it's long since forgotten old!" - Cry a lot and will be partly right. Remember, as in many hospitals hospitals used autohemotherapy? The man took a blood from a vein and injected it intramuscularly. Such injections were "shock" to the body. As a result, this procedure restores the metabolism and strengthens the immune system. But the method did not develop as taken from the patient's blood may contain viruses and bacteria that enter the body again.

Plazmolifting procedure more effective. And most importantly, this method is approved by the Ministry of Health and the procedure is carried out in many cosmetic clinics, both in Russia and abroad.

This can be done Plazmolifting

As they say, doctors-cosmeticians, this procedureIt can be carried out at any age. The main condition - to have age-related changes in the facial skin. That is, this means that young girls, women up to 30 years, such a procedure is useless. The first age-related changes occur after 35 years. But there are exceptions.

Plazmolifting procedure prescribed if:

  1. Your skin has become flabby.
  2. Do you have dryness and flaking.
  3. There was ptosis of tissues of the neck and face.
  4. There were banners on the face due to rapid weight loss.
  5. Your skin has been exposed to strong ultraviolet radiation.
  6. You have undergone the procedure of laser or chemical peel.
  7. You inflamed sebaceous glands, acne there.
  8. You have hair fall out.
  9. There are scars on the skin.

How does

So, you assigned this procedure, and it should bespecially prepared. Before you take a blood test on biochemistry, should be excluded from the daily diet fat and fried food. It is not recommended to eat foods rich in the preservatives. Four hours before the recommended procedures necessary to completely give up food and drink as much liquid as possible. It is desirable that it was a regular water.

Blood for Plazmolifting taken from a vein and placedin a special test tube, which was then placed in a special unit - a centrifuge. In it for 15 minutes blood is separated into components: plasma, in which small platelets, red blood cells and platelets are many. To conduct an effective procedure selected plasma, which is the most rich in platelets.

Plazmolifting procedure is not dangerous. Many women think that it causes a number of inconveniences, as well as pain and fear to dare. This is not so, there is no pain at all, perhaps, only by the injection needle, when you have to take blood from a vein.

After passing through the plasma centrifuge, witha large number of platelets (a thousand and more on one milliliter of plasma) at room temperature is injected under the skin. By the time such injection took about an hour. This procedure does not require anesthesia.


Visible changes occur after the firstprocedure. But, of course, one can not do the procedure. To your skin was Gorny and all the wrinkles disappeared, two or three procedures need to pass a year. Break - six months.

After all courses are completed, the patient's skin will be elastic, dark circles under the eyes disappear, smoothed wrinkles and fine wrinkles, skin will be moisturized and improve its color.

Externally after Plazmolifting skin looksafter the procedure, the surface of surgical facelift. The difference is palpable portability: transfer of anesthesia and postoperative period than a few plasma shots - and the patient goes home.

Pros Plazmolifting:

  1. Velvety skin.
  2. Smooth skin.
  3. Small wrinkles and irregularities are smoothed.
  4. It improves the complexion.
  5. Fade dark circles under the eyes.

Effect after a long drawn procedure. But depends on the patient's age, lifestyle, nutrition, how he cares for the skin. On average, the effect will last about one and a half years.

The procedure is completely safe?

To hold one session, you need to take patientabout 20-100 ml of blood. This does not affect human health. Conversely, blood sampling, and the procedure will have a positive effect on the function of the hematopoietic system.

The plasma itself, in which a lot of platelets, is absolutely safe and does not contain bacteria.

The main and the main advantage of this procedureIt is the complete absence of the recovery period. You do not need to be in hospital. But after the injection Plazmolifting sensitive skin can react and small bruises appear the skin, which in itself will be fast.

The procedure of skin rejuvenation can be combined with suchtreatments: laser treatments (photothermolysis, gialuronoplastika). The complex has three procedures will help the skin recover faster and strengthen rejuvenation.

Plazmolifting procedure can be carried out and patients with viral hepatitis and HIV.

This technique is designed for successful rejuvenation not only skin, but also the décolleté.

The procedure does not cause addiction and if the patientno longer wants to take over the procedure, nothing terrible and irreversible happens. Just human cells will be gradually returning to the state it was in before the first treatment. It is very slow and there is no fault.


There are some limitations when to perform this procedure at all desire can not be:

  • with hemodynamic instability;
  • when platelet abnormalities;
  • sepsis;
  • chronic, acute infection;
  • cancer and metastasis (especially blood and bone);
  • chronic liver disease;
  • alcohol intoxication;
  • fever;
  • pregnancy;
  • low platelet count;
  • low hemoglobin;
  • corticosteroids (recommended to cancel 14 days prior to the procedure).

Application of the method in another area

Plazmolifting widely used in cosmetics, however, doctors noted a positive trend in the treatment of diseases of maxillofacial surgery and dentistry and implantation.

With Plazmolifting treat baldness. Already after the first treatment, patients have a slowing of hair loss. And after a course of hair treatments are restored and are actively growing. The efficiency is 80 percent!

Nowadays it is the only procedure thatIt is absolutely safe, has good cosmetic effect and does not require recovery time after injection. Plazmolifting many call pricks youth. Take your chance and due to hidden reserves of your body you will become even more attractive and younger! Good luck!