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Beautiful lips - one of the brightest signsfemale attractiveness and sexuality. But over time, lips lose their attractiveness, so that there is a need for special cosmetics. But cosmetics are not always effective, and then comes to the aid of plastic lips. Thus it is possible to radically change shape - and thus the character.
Beautiful lips - one of the brightest signs of female attractiveness and sexuality
Beautiful lips - one of the brightest signsfemale attractiveness and sexuality. But over time, lips lose their attractiveness, so that there is a need for a special make-up, giving them the signs of youth. But cosmetics are not always effective, and then comes to the aid of plastic lips. And so you can not only regain his youth, but also change the shape of a radical - and therefore the nature of which will be written on the woman's face.
Depending on the purpose of the plastic lips produces different ways.

Surgical repair of the lips

Surgical repair is applied to the lipsa radical change in the shape of lips. The indications for it are scars, cysts and papillomas on the lips, corners of the mouth of accretion, sagging lips, the desire to reduce the patient's mouth. Also, this type of plastic sometimes used for orthodontic reasons - such as an abnormal frenulum lip.
A variant of plastic surgery lip is chiloplasty - removal of cleft upper lip
The method is a virtuoso work of a scalpel. Above the upper lip (or under the bottom) cut a strip of skin, forming a new contour lips and closed with stitches. A week and a half the cast is removed, and already you can use lipstick. With high-quality operation and no complications of scar virtually invisible or easily masked by makeup. The result is almost a lifetime (taking into account age-related changes, of course). There are also options transplant patient's own tissue - healingandbodywork stresses that the feasibility and method of such an operation discussed with your doctor individually.
A variant of plastic surgery lip ischiloplasty - removal of cleft upper lip. The peculiarity of the operation that it makes children, and so early, as soon as the conditions allow the baby. Usually it is 3-6 months of life, but there are exceptions. The hardest part - the postoperative period, because the child still does not understand why he is in pain, or why it is impossible to remove the interfering swab from the nose. According to the testimony chiloplasty it can be combined with rhinoplasty - Rhinoplasty.
The cost of surgical plastic lip depends on the specific scope of work. Roughly it is about 50 thousand rubles.

Contour Lip

Contour of the lips used to increase lip volume and thus change their shape
Contour of the lips used to increaseLip and thereby change their shape. Typically, this biopolymer gels of different types are used. Under local anesthesia the gel is injected into the bay (microscopic needles, leaving no trace), and then with the help of massage it is attached to the desired shape. The result is swelling, which is coming off a couple of weeks - and you can enjoy the result. That's just sometimes the gel is absorbed, and then need more plastic - a month and a half. The result is kept in the best case to a year, then you need to repeat the procedure. It is essential that the procedure is better to repeat the same type of gel that was used earlier - otherwise complications may occur.
Rarely, but still use fill methodLip gels prolonged action - usually a variation on the theme of silicone. The positive aspect of the method - the duration of the effect. But this way is difficult to produce fine correction to the same over time, the silicone may not be where it should be - and return to the place of the prodigal implant is not as easy as we would like.
Consider the different types of gels that are used for contour correction lips.

  • The most popular line - this is Restylane. Drugs in this line represent the Swiss hyaluronic acid solutions of different viscosity depending on the application area. Hyaluronic acid is eventually absorbed by the skin, but its place is taken by the water drawn by the gel. Ultimately, Restylane is fully digested (6-8 months). While in the skin, it does not interfere with the free movement of nutrients, even somewhat stimulates his body healthy skin. The drug does not contain animal proteins therefore practically does not cause allergic reactions.
    Lip correction with this drug will cost 8-9 thousand. rubles (preparation itself).
    Contour lips: before and after surgery
  • No less popular and Perline line. Manufactured by the same that of Restylane, the cost is also roughly the same. The only difference is that Perlane concentrated and thick - so it is used for the deeper layers. Absorbable it from 1 to 1.5 years.
  • Juviderm - French analogue Restylane andPerlane, more concentrated than Perlane - but with a smaller amount of particles, and therefore can be used in the surface layers. Absorbable for the year and a half. Also, a significant difference is that Juvederm can be combined with Botox and analogues (in contrast to Restylane and Perlane). Cost - 6-9 thousand rubles..
  • Matridex except actually hyaluronic acidIt contains microgranules dextranomer stimulating collagen synthesis young, thus prolonging the effect of up to two years. The cost of 7-9 thousand. Rubles.
  • Matridur more viscous analogue Matridex, differs only in the fact that for the deeper layers. Often, these two drugs are used in combination. The cost of 7-9 thousand. Rubles.
  • Surgiderm has a more effective methodcross-linking, ie, in practice, no more viscous due to the concentration, but due to the structure. The effect lasts for 9-12 months. Cost 9-12 thous. Rubles.
  • Radiesse - consists not of hyaluronic acid, andmikrochastichek of calcium hydroxyapatite. This achieves a longer effect - 2-3 years. Laboratory synthesized drug (to avoid contaminating proteins) so that it also does not cause allergic reactions. healingandbodywork drew attention to the fact that the drug is not compatible with gels based on hyaluronic acid - may be unexpected results. It is also essential that the excess calcium in the diet drug can pull it from the circulation and accumulate in the offset area. The cost of correcting 15-17 thousand. Rubles.
  • lip Correction

  • New Fill (Sculptra) - hydrogel polilaktoznoyacid (synthesized artificially, and hence a hypoallergenic). The effect lasts 3-5 years. The duration of the effect due to the fact that the drug stimulates the growth of new tissue, which fills in the necessary volume. Correction is 4 thousand. Rubles.

Separately, we consider such an option contourplastics like lipofilling - filling lips own fat cells the patient. Technically, the procedure is the same as the contour, but instead of biopolymer gels used their own cells taken from the abdomen or any other part of the body (in place of taking cells not visible traces remained, except that there will be feeling like a normal bruise a few days).
Plus method is that for successfulTransplant cells remain in the new location forever. Less - that for one procedure survives 30-40% of cells, and is difficult to predict which ones. Those. We have to do more than one procedure, but "until victory", or lips will remain bumpy. It is also essential that the operation is performed under general anesthesia, as the fat cells take root much worse under local anesthesia. Cost of lipofillinga is about 12 thousand rubles.


Before deciding on plastic lips, you need to take into account possible contraindications
Before deciding on plastic lips, you need to take into account the possible contraindications.
Contour gels not biopolymericsuitable for those with hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid - the main component of these gels. Additional restrictions imposes compatibility gels - better to held at least a year before trying a gel - other than the combination of Restylane Perlane + or different gels a ruler. If the propensity to allergies - at least to warn the doctor, and it is better to be treated specially.
For plastic surgery added restrictions on the surgery - heart, endocrine system, blood clotting.
Any plastic undesirable in diseasesimmune system or during pregnancy. In all skin diseases must first heal the skin, and then deal with plastics. Any inflammatory processes in the area of ​​the proposed correction is also an argument for the transfer procedure on a more opportune moment. In chronic diseases should at least wait aggravation.

Preparatory and rehabilitative period

Lip, lip correction
The preparatory period for contouringvery simple. About a week not to expose the skin around the lips hard impacts, for example, peeling or aggressive masks. For plastic surgery should be at least a week not to take aspirin and other influencing blood clotting drugs, healingandbodywork also recommends to quit.
The period of rehabilitation after any plastic lip is notexceed two weeks. At this time, it is to abandon the sauna, bath, solarium, walks in the sun, swim in the pool or open water, etc., as well as increased physical activity.
In the first 2-4 days can keep the swelling, it is worthconsider when planning contour plastic lips to a specific event. If plastic surgery, you will need to wait for another resorption seams - it is about a week, but possible options.
Immediately after the procedure, it is desirable to impose the ice or cold (being careful not to freeze). The first 2-3 days after the contour correction is necessary to carry out a gentle massage of the lips - the doctor shows you how.
The first day is recommended not to bend, not to lie face down, not load facial muscles, as well as not to use cosmetics.