skin Pigmentation

Seeing facial brown spot, a person beginsworry and try to get rid of it. Surfing the famous beauty salons, expensive procedures ... Is it easy to get rid of age spots on the skin and why they occur, today will tell you healingandbodywork.

The color of our skin depends on whatThe amount of pigment in it there. Under the influence of various factors the amount of pigment can either decrease or increase. According to statistics, most often enhanced pigmentation in humans, and influence are different factors. One of the most significant factors is the frequent stay or residence in hot countries. These people number of pigment in the skin there is so much more than the inhabitants of the Nordic countries, where the sun is not as intense. Accordingly, the southerners have a darker skin tone, rich in pigments and Northerners - light.

For the color of our skin melanocytes responsible. These cells produce a dark pigment of the skin called melanin. Sometimes it happens that the cells begin to work harder, and melanin is produced in excess. That this phenomenon and gives rise to aesthetically ugly age spots on the face and body. If melanin is produced is very active, a phenomenon referred to as hyperpigmentation. It increased melanin leads to multiple dark spots on the face, not only, but also on the body. Also with hyperpigmentation freckles and large dark mole.


Among the main causes of severe pigmentationdoctors say genetic predisposition, when people are born with a "otmetinkami" on the body. Also pigmentation may develop as a result of diseases of the liver and kidneys, the use of tetracyclines. Dark islands on the skin and may remain after undergoing acne - especially large, inflamed lesions.

It is also one of the most common causesincreased pigmentation are the rays of the sun. Under prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light exposed skin - usually the face, neck, décolleté and hands are exposed and disrupted melanin production. Unsafe become skin and abuse solarium. Ultraviolet rays cause the skin to produce melanin faster. Because of its active development of a person can get the opposite effect: instead of a beautiful even tan skin may be covered with brown spots.

One of the important reasons for the enhanced productionmelanin doctors say people who have a genetic predisposition. These people, even a minor skin injury, whether it burns, frost-bite, a pimple or even a trivial cut, can provoke the appearance of pigmentation.

The perpetrators of violations of melanin canbe cosmetic. It is the female half of the population is very fond of resorting to this procedure as the peeling face. Deep or shallow it is - it does not matter. The main thing to know the measure and do not do very often the procedure. After receiving the desired result after skin cleaning woman admires radiant skin and, without hesitation, a couple of months back I run to the beautician. If forced to do skin exfoliating very often, you can earn increased pigmentation.

In the long use of birth control pillsThey may also appear brown spots. They appear on the face in certain places - in the center of the face and on the cheeks. When pigmented spots need to stop taking pills or switch to low-dose preparations. Medical consultation is required!

Also, if the human body does not getessential vitamins and minerals - their lack of it can affect the face. Vitamin deficiency manifests itself in different ways: dry and peeling of the skin and the appearance of pigmentation. It is undesirable to take the supplements for a long time, and not synthetic vitamins to buy.

Pigmentation. Kinds

On the face and on the body can form different types of pigmented spots. Let us examine them in detail.

Brown skin - chloasma, touchsmooth, have a different size, border sharp. There are pregnant women and their own place after childbirth and hormonal balancing. Most chloasma are formed on the face, abdomen and thighs.

There may be not only at future mothersliver disease, gynecological problems, long stay in the sun, use of birth control pills. In identifying the causes, often do not require special treatment and tested independently.

Very dark, small, and the size of a peaspots - lentigines it. They have a clear path and a convex surface. Form groups and singly on the body, face and extremities. Lentigo appear in children and in people in old age. Children usually appear in the first ten years of life. Outwardly they may look like ordinary moles, but they can be quite a lot. Senile lentigines or "old labels" appearing after 50 years in the places that are most open and not protected from the sun. "Spot the old man" are large in size and it is impossible to get rid of them.

Moles and birthmarks. A person may be born with a congenital pigmentation, blemishes and birthmarks but can also appear throughout life. They look different, can be both darker and lighter, be smooth or bulging and even covered with hair. For example, birthmarks formed by nodes will be red or pinkish. A skin, where there was a large accumulation of melanocytes, are painted in brown and even black.

Birthmarks, like birthmarks may appearoften, but not to disturb the owner. Please note you need only to large birthmarks, which began to increase, darken and cause discomfort - because they can develop into a malignant tumor over time. In such cases it is necessary to consult a doctor and get tested.

White spots - vitiligo occur at any age. There may be invisible or pink and white or milk. There are due to the fact that melanin ceases to be produced. If there is a problem in humans, it can appear as a single, and cover a large area of ​​the body. Treatment of vitiligo is not served, since the causes of still unknown. Presumably, the cessation of melanin is associated with endocrine diseases. Vitiligo affects men more often than women.

Albinism - the most severe form of congenitalpigmentation disorders. Very rare, about 50 people per million. Skin and hair in patients with albinism people absolutely white, but his eyes - red. But these people have learned to disguise his appearance, his eyes - with the help of lenses, and pale skin color - with the help of cosmetics. Such people can not even stay in the sun, they are completely contraindicated sunlight. Albinos should always be under the supervision of doctors.

And the freckles?

Freckles are also considered a form ofskin pigmentation. They look like little specks of honey color that dot almost the skin by 80%, can be in the arms and shoulders. Owners of "sun marks" are fair-skinned people with hair the color of honey and copper.

Freckles is actively manifest in the spring and stay until the last ray of. As they do not disappear completely during the winter and become paler.

Solar spots do not cause anyinconvenience to owners, is that they are always unhappy woman. They are trying to get rid of them, just with the senior school age. Completely impossible to get rid of freckles, but lighten them and make almost imperceptible using special brightening cosmetics and grandmother's recipes.

Radical treatment of pigmentation

There are two methods for the treatment of pigmentation. First - bleaching by means of various products and cosmetics. Second - aimed at the destruction and complete destruction of the pigment with the help of hardware cosmetology.

Destruction of pigmentation with a laser -procedure is painful and time consuming. The skin is a kind of directed laser burn. After the laser is quickly restored, but there are cases of uneven skin lightening.

phototherapy procedure is considered less safe,than laser. Phototherapy - this is almost the same small burn which destroys the pigment. The procedure is effective in excluding kidney and liver diseases, hormonal disorders.

Hold both procedures are necessary only in the winter, and only in a special medical institution.

Getting rid of pigmentation with help of folk remedies

Mask of parsley well whitens the skin. We need to take or parsley root or stem. Good grind pulp and apply on the skin. Keep the mask for 30 minutes, then rinse with water and moisturize the skin cream.

It is possible to paste of parsley add a spoonful of honey - this means not only struggling with pigmentation and freckles, but also removes the black dots on his face.

Lemon is an excellent bleaching agent. Remove the rind from the lemon and boil it on low heat for half an hour. Allow broth to infuse and define in a cool place. Wipe the skin with a cotton pad 2-4 times per day.

Potato starch. A teaspoon of diluted lemon juice and apply on the problem areas, for half an hour. Rinse with warm water.

Effective tool - hydrogen peroxide. Take one part of peroxide of 30 percent, 2 parts of alcohol and one boron - ammonia. Mix and apply on the face very carefully.

Unpleasant aesthetic spots in the bikini area is completely cleaned with a mixture of glycerol and hydrogen peroxide (1 teaspoon) + boric alcohol (2 tablespoons). The skin was cleaned with 3 times a day.

Do not forget that all the procedures for skin whitening will be effective if they are carried out of the season - from October to May.

Antipigmentnye oil

In nature, there are a number of essential oils thathave a whitening effect. This essential oil of lemon, grapefruit, sandalwood, rosewood and parsley. With these essential oils can achieve whitening pigment spots. The main rule - do not use essential oils in their pure form. Ideally, the better to add a few drops of oil in special creams and masks. Proper dosage is 100 ml of product - 5 drops of oil. Store such a mixture is necessary in a cool place.

Prepare yeast mask antipigmentnuyu. Take 15 g of yeast and dissolve them with lemon juice or whey from the milk. Add two drops of essential oil of lemon and mint. Within 60 minutes, you need to periodically shake the contents. It is desirable to place all ingredients in a glass jar with a tight lid. Apply this mask should be at night, applied directly to the stain itself rubbing. After the mask dries, remove the crust and gently wash your face with clean water.


As is known, the main cause ofpigmentation of the skin may be a violation of the gastrointestinal tract and liver. To return the function to normal, you need to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins and further to eat right.

There is a special diet that is recommendedpeople with increased pigmentation. For example, you can clear the body of honey infusion of oats, wild rose and hawthorn tincture, cucumber or citrus juice, use dairy products. It is also very useful raw vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C. These include cabbage, parsley, sorrel, strawberry and strawberry, black currant. And if every day to eat foods that contain vitamins PP, it is possible to reduce the susceptibility of skin to ultraviolet rays. These products include: eggplant, beans, lentils, potatoes cooked in their skins, apricots, cherries, figs, peaches, dried fruits.

Pigmentation of the skin - this is one of those diseasesthat does not bother the person. As they say beauticians, stains do not whine and do not itch, but, nevertheless, very interfere with a person implanted life. And to get rid of them, you need to find out the cause and then select the way to get rid of this little cosmetic flaws. Good luck!