Skin pigmentation in pregnancy

During the second pregnancy she was faced withmost unpleasant phenomenon as pigmentation. Despite all my tricks, returning from a week-long trip to the sea, I was horrified to find on the forehead and cheekbones large light-brown spots and freckles on his nose grew and began to merge. Visit your cosmetologist and examining information to clarify several points.
Do not know about you, but I during the secondpregnancy faced with the most unpleasant phenomenon as pigmentation. The tendency to the formation of freckles has always been, so the last 10 years of his life to get out of the house without sunscreen for me it was like death. Especially living in the Crimea, where sunny days a year, quite a lot. But in spite of all my tricks, returning from a week-long trip to the sea (puzozhitel has been almost two months), I was horrified to find on the forehead and cheekbones large light-brown spots and freckles on his nose grew and began to merge. Visit your cosmetologist and examining the information regarding the "sick" of the issue, to clarify several points.

The appearance of age spots

Skin pigmentation in pregnancy
Of melanin (pigment) to protect our body with youfrom solar radiation, which, as we know, every year it becomes more and more aggressive due to the thinning of the ozone layer. These melanins are the cause of freckles, moles, birthmarks, pigmentation (chloasma). During pregnancy or malfunction of certain organs (eg, gall bladder, intestines or liver) production of melanin is not even, but spasmodic, and some areas of the skin such as the cheeks, forehead, chin and neck area, sometimes back, covered with patches of irregular form. Some authors suggest that the lack of vitamins and folic acid in the body of the future mother contributes to the wrong synthesis of pigments, with the result expressed as hyperpigmentation.
The psyche of a pregnant woman, or rather, itemotional state - a topic on which you can talk for hours. Any little thing, sidelong glance or careless word others can cause a flurry of tears and inappropriate actions. See every day in the mirror, I was not always for the better, fattening - the lot is not for the faint of heart. And then there's those nasty spots on the face, which can not disguise any creams. I have a recurrent case of the present hysteria about this: who is nice to see in the mirror is not the usual self, and spotted the ball on the thin legs? The more that doctors do not recommend getting rid of pigmentation during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. And, as practice shows, due to hormonal changes, any funds will be useless.


Skin pigmentation in pregnancy
Well, so spots spots. And I took it for granted chloasma, combined with stretch marks, obesity, varicose veins and other "pregnant" charms. Most experts believe the pigmentation of one embodiment of the norm, not the exception but not the rule. Therefore, for small spots, not painted extensively, no one pays attention, and appoint additional tests will not. There are plenty of alternative medicine recipe, so to speak - his grandmother's methods. Something I have tried, but either due to a lack of free time (squeeze the juice of parsley working woman is akin to a feat), or ineradicable distrust of the herbs special result has not noticed, although close girlfriends argued that chloasma brightened slightly. A variety of masks on the basis of dairy products: cottage cheese, yogurt and kefir, with the addition of oatmeal, lemon juice, fruit, parsley juice and fresh cucumber alternately visited in my arsenal. As a result, I decided to calm down, stop paying attention to the "mask of pregnancy", to the maximum to protect themselves from the sun, even on cloudy and rainy days.
Arriving home from the hospital, the first time do not evenI remembered about the problem, so torture me all 9 months. Only by starting to go for a walk with a stroller, again reminded of the existence of the mirror and decided to verify the veracity of the belief: "As soon give birth, spots will be on their own." Alas, the miracle did not happen - pigmentation remained unchanged. On the advice of the same beautician acquired several assets from the line antipigmentatsionnyh "Mirra Lux" products, a Russian cosmetics. Do not think for advertising, only the personal experience of suffering. Drugstore means too strong and have a bunch of contraindications to breastfeeding, and mirrovskie lightening cream and peeling were also on the composition of the most sparing, effective and result. But the prerequisite for any funding from chloasma - to withstand treatment. Twice a day clarifying kremushek after 15 minutes with a protective UV filters and weekly enzymatic peeling.
And only after breastfeedingI will be available to the cardinal antipigmentatsionnye procedures that make in beauty salons. This chemical deep peeling, cryosurgery, photorejuvenation, ultrasound, laser resurfacing, etc. The most popular is considered cryosurgery -. The freezing of the desired area of ​​the skin with liquid nitrogen. The spots are white and insensitive, after three sessions peel. Grinding sand and the laser is also effective, but expensive, so seldom practiced. If the salon offers to hold any of the procedures in the summer or spring, run out immediately. When treated with the stain fall sunlight it is white and has no means it is not removed. Winter and late autumn - the perfect time for such manipulations, and decent clinics are well aware of this.
However, readers should healingandbodyworkbear in mind the consequences of - removing the top layer, we make our skin more vulnerable and prone to dangerous diseases. And there is no guarantee that after a course of expensive salon peels after a while you will not re-pigmentation. It may provoke a number of factors - the solarium, sunbathing by the sea, use of oral contraceptives, even a preoccupation with coffee or tea! So I, at first lighted up idea to remove the remaining spots on the cheeks, I calmed down and decided not to risk it. If chloasma not lighter, and a year after giving birth, you should look for the cause in itself, to be examined. Brown spots can be caused by hepatitis B and C, pancreatitis, dysbiosis, inflammation of the ovaries, thyroid gland diseases.

Dear girls and women, like yourself, watchthe way of life - healthy eating, sport, everyday skin care is sure to give positive results. To maintain a beautiful complexion is not required expensive trips to the beautician. Even in the most stressful period of your life - the first year after giving birth, give little attention to his beloved. I know it is not easy, because often there is no time even for young mothers to eat, comb your hair, wash, go to the toilet. But it depends on us appearance and, as a consequence, the internal harmony.