For people who want to stay young andbeautiful, science came up with a lot of cosmetics and devices. One of the most popular methods of skin treatment today - phototherapy. Its essence consists in the effect of light radiation on cells, resulting in improved skin color and its structure and elasticity and firmness.

Indications and contraindications to phototherapy

Phototherapy - this light treatment, namelyeffects on the human body to ultraviolet and infrared radiations. The depth and intensity of the penetrating rays of healing is regulated by a specialist. Optical filters out the excess flow of light. Once in the skin, the light increases metabolism, increases the production of collagen, elastin breaks down melanin and bilirubin.

Phototherapy is a people who have:

  • skin aging: wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots;
  • scars;
  • unwanted hair on the body;
  • acne, enlarged pores;
  • couperose, vascular disease;
  • neonatal jaundice.

light therapy course appoint a specialist on the basisin addition, the type of the patient's skin, the problem of the nature and specific features. Typically performed three to eight treatments, between which the interval of two to three weeks. For the duration of phototherapy session lasts 20-30 minutes. As a precaution, you can carry out the procedure once a year, usually so do after finishing the course of treatment.

During the session, the patient puts on the dark eyeglasses, the doctor lubricates problematic skin gel, and includes a lamp. A person may feel a slight burning and tingling, and then the place turns red and swells, but after a few days of side effects is not a trace remains.

After the procedure is prohibited to be under the direct rays of the sun, visit the bath, use scrubs or any cosmetic products that contain alcohol.

Procedure contraindicated for people:

  • with malignant tumors;
  • with keloid disease;
  • after a fresh sunburn and tanning;
  • skin diseases, herpes, diabetes mellitus;
  • pregnant women;
  • with low blood clotting;
  • after taking antibiotics within two weeks prior to the procedure;
  • with impaired thyroid operation;
  • with increased sensitivity.

As an impressive list of contraindications, healingandbodywork recommended before the procedure, be sure to consult with your doctor.

Phototherapy newborn

According to statistics, every second child is exposedneonatal jaundice. It appears not once, but on the third day after birth, little body can not cope alone with the large number of bilirubin, and then comes to the rescue phototherapy. When exposed to ultraviolet light breaks down bilirubin, and children recover without medication. Indications for this procedure may serve as:

  • yellowish color of the baby skin;
  • whites of the eyes with a yellowish tinge;
  • bright color newborn urine.

Usually, jaundice in infants is considered to be physiological and disappears in a few sessions of phototherapy. in the hospital procedure is as follows:

  • eyes baby wear a special mask that will protect them from ultraviolet radiation;
  • child placed under one or more lamps;
  • time spent under the rays determined by the physician, the child should not overheat or get dehydrated;
  • next to a child is a doctor or nurse the entire session phototherapy.

Sometimes after phototherapy may change colorchair of the child, but do not worry - it's one of the side effects, which will be held soon. Although jaundice in infants and is not considered a full-fledged disease, yet it affects the delicate body, so doctors are advised to pay more attention to high-grade mother's diet during breastfeeding, as a child throws all his strength to fight the disease.

Sometimes, jaundice appears already afteras a child was discharged home. In this case, you must call the pediatrician to confirm the diagnosis, and then does not necessarily look for special lamps with UV rays. It is enough to put a child on a window at the sun, note that the beams should not be straight, as it is dangerous for sensitive skin. Also, the benefit will go walking outdoors on a sunny day in the shade of trees. There is also a child get their "dose" of ultraviolet light.

At home, jaundice goes wrongfast as a special lamp. But if there is no improvement after two weeks from the onset of the disease, then it is already on the pathology to be treated in another way.

Treatment of skin diseases

In phototherapy today - one of the mosteffective methods of skin diseases, particularly acne. The method consists in the fact that the light beam penetrates the skin, and then reached several effects:

  • by heat sterilization of the skin is - killed bacteria that provoke pustules and sores on the skin;
  • due to the heating of middle layers of the skin, accelerates the metabolism, there is a rush of blood, and it all helps the body fight with rashes on their own;
  • ulcers, which have already appeared on the skin to heal much faster and do not leave behind scars;
  • the skin is smoothed, improves complexion, scars become less noticeable, and the pores are narrowed.

Indications for phototherapy face are:

  • pimples and acne;
  • rosacea;
  • dark spots;
  • scars on the face.

treatment procedure is as follows:

  1. No special training before the start of the procedure is not required, but in some of the most "neglected" cases, the doctor may prescribe cleaning person for a couple of days before the phototherapy.
  2. On the day of the procedure cosmetologist holds consultation, during which ascertains whether the patient has contraindications to phototherapy.
  3. Special lotion with a cotton pad and cleanse the skin specialist.
  4. Next, apply a special gel that not only is the conductor of the light beam into the skin, but also the protector of the upper layer from burns.
  5. Apparatus for fotolecheniya doctor treats the skin. Duration of treatment depends on the patient's problems. After turning off the lamp, the doctor removes the gel and cleanses the skin. To minimize the swelling of the processed drug is applied to the place that generates and regenerates the skin. The patient receives further instructions on care.


This procedure appeared in beauty salonsrecently, but it has already gained popularity among women. According cosmetology, enough only three or four sessions to "reset" a dozen years. The essence of the procedure is simple:

  1. First, the doctor cleans the skin from dirt and makeup residue.
  2. Then the skin causes a gel that protects against scalding.
  3. Centimeter by centimeter lamp treats the skin with short bursts, it should be to his eyebrows, birthmarks and tattoo does not come under the rays, otherwise they quickly lose color.
  4. Deals sunscreen.

The entire procedure lasts about 40 minutes. Sessions are repeated in two weeks. After the procedure, it is not necessary to go to the bath and sunbathe. Before travel is not recommended to spend it in warm countries.

You can stand out from the following significant disadvantages:

  • the high cost of photorejuvenation (not everyone can afford);
  • In some cases, the procedure has no effect, although cosmetologists say that this is still a rarity.