Photorejuvenation, rejuvenation

photorejuvenation method consists in exposing theskin penetrating light emission with specially selected frequencies. Moreover, different structures in the skin is obtained a different amount of power - and, therefore, either stimulated or destroyed - depending on the intended purpose.
Photorejuvenation, rejuvenation
photorejuvenation method consists in exposing theskin penetrating light emission with specially selected frequencies. Moreover, different structures in the skin is obtained a different amount of power - and, therefore, either stimulated or destroyed - depending on the intended purpose. Typically, this range of natural sunlight without ultraviolet component.

Indications for photorejuvenation

When rejuvenation can help solve the following problems:

  • freckles
  • age spots
  • enlarged pores
  • fine wrinkles
  • vasodilatation
  • Face gray
  • excessive redness of the skin
  • solar keratosis (patches from Sun)
  • acne (in some cases)
  • increased skin oiliness
  • decreased skin elasticity
  • unwanted tattoos
  • vascular "asterisks"
  • flabby, sagging skin (within certain limits)

Works procedure itself is as follows: selected frequency radiation such that it is absorbed by the melanin (pigment for destruction), hemoglobin (to work with vessels and redness), the deep layers of the skin (to stimulate the metabolism and collagen production). The necessary education is heated instantly, protein coagulation occurs - and the surrounding tissue remains almost intact. As a result, the skin is tightened, it becomes more elastic, it speeds up the metabolism - and as a result the skin gets a healthy complexion, shrink pores, etc.
According healingandbodywork opinion, the most important thingwhen such treatment is not damaged surface of the skin and are not blocked nerve endings - so resurfacing is one of the physiological methods of treatment of the skin - in fact, the stimulation of natural processes.
The technique is applicable to any area of ​​the skin, but,most often, thus treated with open parts of the body - face, neck and hands. This is due to the fact that most of the problems that can be solved using photorejuvenation, caused by regular exposure to UV light or other weather factors affecting the skin open - rain, snow, wind.
Also, the advantages of the method include the factthat at a time can be removed from a series of problems (as opposed to laser techniques, which is not possible when, for example, at the same time to remove a tattoo removed and dilated blood vessels in the same area).
Usually, resurfacing as a complex procedurerecommended after 30 years - but, as elsewhere in cosmetology, the determining factor is the desire of the client. Objective contraindications no age - perhaps that is too delicate baby skin, but in some cases the procedure for rejuvenation applies even to children (freckles, tattoos, age spots).


Alas, still not far from suitable resurfacingin all cases. Unconditional contraindications considered having a heart pacemaker or diabetes in uncompensated form, cancer, epilepsy, bleeding disorders, high photosensitivity ( "allergy to light"), varicose veins in the zone where it is supposed treatment. Not recommended for pregnant women undergo rejuvenation or children (16-17 years), as well as in certain diseases of the thyroid gland. Also contraindications (temporary) are skin lesions (wounds, scratches), the passage of treatment some medicines (antibiotics, antidepressants, diuretics), fresh tan.

photorejuvenation procedure

otoomolozheniya procedure
The patient lies in a special anatomicchair-couch and put on sunglasses to protect the eyes. The doctor puts on the desired area a special cooling gel, exhibits the appropriate program - and a step-by-step processes the skin flashes of light from a special device - or contactless, or gently holding the skin zaokruglennym glass tip. Depending on the output power and sensitivity of the individual or felt a pleasant warmth or tingling, sometimes possible discomfort like rapid clicks band. Optionally anesthetic cream can be used - in this case it is applied to the skin for some time prior to the procedure.
The entire procedure takes less than an hour, oftenless so heavily advertised as a "lunchtime procedure". But healingandbodywork would not recommend to treat rejuvenation in this way, at least for the first few sessions. The fact that the skin is necessary for some time (depending on the individual characteristics of your skin), to bounce back - immediately after the procedure, it can be reddened, slightly swollen, etc. Of course, all this can be disguised with cosmetics -.. But no what it will not good for the skin.

Choosing a doctor

First of all a good idea to make sure that this particular clinic / beauty salon and this particular doctor has the right to provide such services - to get acquainted with diplomas and certificates.
Then pay attention to the equipment androom. In the modern development of medical equipment quality tool for fotokosmeticheskih procedures may not be pocket-sized - it is quite a cumbersome mechanism.
But the most important thing - it's relevant to you inthis site. In a good beauty salon zavedut on your medical card, which will enter not only directly what is done, but at least some of you. Be sure to ask about the contraindications, warning about the nuances of the period of preparation and recovery rejuvenation procedure. And they will not promise instant results "in just one session" - it does not happen by definition. To achieve sustainable results usually need 6-8 treatments on average once a month - depending on the case, then it is recommended maintenance regimen (one or two treatments per year).
Also important and the question of payment. Sometimes it will be charged for the number of outbreaks, sometimes - is fixed depending on the zone. Some clinics have to pay separately panthenol (or analogs) - regenerating cream, which is applied to the skin after treatment with its flashes of light. If anesthesia is used, it is always charged separately. In addition, some clinics charge a fee for consultation with a doctor.
The price range is large enough. Since an outbreak can cost from 60 to 90 p. Photorejuvenation person - from 1200 r. to 17000 p neck -. 2000 r. - 16000 p hands -. 2000 r. - 5000 p, and so on. This scale is due to the heterogeneity of devices for skin rejuvenation - there are more expensive and cheaper. There are also various specific policy guidance clinic.
healingandbodywork recommends to focus onmid-range. Too low prices may indicate the appropriate equipment as too high - the desire to recapture a clinic as soon as possible the money spent on the equipment - which is also not good, because the pay is also no one wants.
Many clinics have flexible system of discounts -For example, if you order a few rejuvenation zones, it will be cheaper than the sum of the corresponding numbers from the price list. Also, there are seasonal discounts - related to the fact that the clinic there was a decline in demand for exactly this procedure, for example in connection with the holiday period ...

Rehabilitation period

Photorejuvenation, rejuvenation
The ad usually say that these proceduresit is not. However, this is not quite true. Immediately after the procedure the skin smeared with a special cream - and a few days it should be protected from similar damaging factors - that is, from sunlight, heat (for example, it is not necessary to look into the working oven). In the first few days after a session of rejuvenation it is also not recommended to visit a sauna or swimming pool.
In some cases, possible slight swellingtreated zone (out in a day or two). The problem is that is not desirable to apply cosmetics on the freshly jointed area - you can damage the skin. It is not recommended to use cosmetics and alcohol, at least a week - again not to damage the skin.
The result is visible only after 2-3 weeks after a session of rejuvenation - but it is stable, that is stays with you for a long time.