Perfect eyebrows or secret magical sight


Makeup Art, we - women startcomprehend since childhood. The first experience of going back in the very young age, the code secretly borrowed her mother makeup, we are trying to imitating adult ladies, apply lipstick on her lips, forever - shadows, mascara on the eyelashes ...

Growing up, we learn professional journals, video lessons and share experiences with friends, go to beauty courses. Thus, by leaps and bounds we achieve his ideal.

Big mistake made by those representativesthe fair sex, which overlook the overall plan for their care eyebrows. The absence of the desired shape and properly sized shade bends over his eyes, could even spoil the most exquisite makeup, reincarnated in his complete tastelessness.


  • 1 Proper eyebrow correction: that fashion says?
  • 2 The right eyebrow correction: select form
  • 3 Proper eyebrow shaping at home: practical work
    • 3.1 Preparatory work
    • 3.2 Remove unwanted hairs
    • 3.3 The final withdrawal
  • 4 Proper eyebrow shaping: daily care

The right eyebrow correction: that fashion says?

Boundless world of fashion is constantly givingincreased attention to the eyebrows. Historically plucked them up to form a thin thread, get rid of them completely and changed according to the established canons. Today relevant natural shades and appearance of eyebrows.

Their shape and color is chosen based on hair color,the structure of the face and eye shape. Each woman has an individual form, and therefore the right eyebrow correction takes place in each individual case.

The right eyebrow correction: select form

Eyebrows ideal form - two symmetrical arc over his eyes, selected taking into account peculiarities of the woman's face.

To properly mark the shape of eyebrows on hisface, not necessarily to attend the expensive salons. This can be done at home. Simple tips will help to first identify your face shape, and then the eyebrows.

Visually, they will help draw an oval, if the person is a rounded shape and, on the other hand, too round, elongated or angular features.

  1. Round face. Owners of suitable round face slightly raised eyebrow with a corner break to the bottom (length to bend from the inner edge is equal to 3/4 of the total length). On the outer edges of the line neatly sharpened.
  2. Oval face. To face visually rounded, the bulk of the eyebrow should be gradually lifted up, and then move on to the gentle curve gently tapering at the end with no breaks.
  3. Square face. Form eyebrows in this embodiment is given on the principle of a round face. The only difference is the break - he formed strictly in the middle. It is not necessary to overdo it, so eyebrow did not seem like a form of "houses".
  4. Triangular face. The shape of eyebrows to be round, but with a slightly outstretched flat line in the middle so that the final result is not like a "rocker".

Proper eyebrow shaping at home: practical work

Front work is distributed into three main stages.


  • preparatory work;
  • removing unnecessary hairs;
  • final care.

For this we need:

  • tweezers;
  • large mirror;
  • tonic (preferably alcohol);
  • cotton pads;
  • cosmetic eyebrow pencil;
  • Brush eyebrows (suit carefully washed mascara brush);
  • fat cream.

Preparatory work

When we defined the shape of the face and identified,what should be the eyebrows, it is necessary for them to apply the contour of the three main points. These are: the beginning (A), the bending space (B) and the end (C). This will help direct object such as a needle or a ruler. The first point is on the inner edge of the eyebrow.

Its beginning must coincide with the vertical atpoint nostrils wing (D). Last point C is also determined from the wing nostrils (D). To do this, you must carry out a visual line from the bottom through the outer corner of the eye. In place of the line of intersection with the eyebrow point will be placed C.

Point B is determined by the line coming from the nostrils at the point of the wing through the center of the pupil eyes looking straight. At the intersection of imaginary line from the eyebrow designated point B.

Outlined three main points on the eyebrows, you should outline the shape of the eyebrows.

Remove unwanted hairs

Produced on pre otchischennoy skinwell-lit room. To remove a little soreness is recommended 15 minutes prior to the procedure to put the cream on the eyelids. Before you start correcting the remains of the substance is absorbed to be removed with the help of a cosmetic pad, and then comb it with a special brush.

The hair should be removed with tweezers bytheir growth direction, accurately capturing one. Systematically evaluate the need to front the work done by comparing one eyebrow - the other, keeping them symmetrical and previously identified points.

The final withdrawal

The right eyebrow correction ends disinfection of treated areas. For this tonic is involved, preferably alcohol.

After that is recommended to apply a soothing cream. To my eyes did not look inflamed procedure is best done in a day or in the evening.

Correction - plucking is not only, but alsostaining. Used cosmetic pencils, ink and special paint. For brunettes eyebrow color should match the tone of the hair, blonde and brown-haired, usually selected medium brown and sand tones, a little darker than their hair.

The right eyebrow correction: daily care

There are a set of rules to be followed in the process of care for the eyebrows, regardless of the shape of the face and hair color.


  1. Eyebrows should not be connected to the bridge between them. If they grow in this way by nature, the excess must be removed.
  2. The correct form of the eyebrows should be the most wide at the base and gradually tapering towards its end.
  3. Eyebrows should not hang around, go over the edge of the main line.
  4. They require care. To this must be done daily massage with a brush and a few drops of vitamins such as A, D, E. Produced the direction of hair growth for a few minutes.