Peeling - a special procedure for cleaning the skin, ina result of which the irregularities are removed and even fine lines, and the person just refreshed. This technique is used for the prevention of skin aging and age correction of cosmetic defects. During the peel removed the upper horny layer and stuffy cell and starts the process of skin renewal, significantly improves its elasticity.

In cosmetology allocate cosmetic, mechanical, physical and chemical peels.

Cosmetic superficial peeling can behold at home - it usually has a purely prophylactic nature. But as a result of the weekly cleaning of the skin is supported by its elasticity, removes dead skin cells, the pores are cleaned and removed comedones. Held regularly, the procedure makes the skin supple and soft.

Superficial peeling is done with the help of twobasic "tools" - scrub and gommage. Scrubs contain abrasives plant or "industrial" origin - smooth beads of polymers, natural and saponins. The natural scrubs used milled bone nut coconut or almond, wheat bran - they "scraped" the top layer of dead skin cells. For sensitive skin, use gommazhi - their effect is softer and does not injure the skin. Scrubs and scrub applied with fingertips, combined with cosmetic facial massage. Gommazhi first applied to the face, and then rolled finger means, together with the upper cell layer. Contraindications to the use of scrub are the aging of the skin - has lost its elasticity, it can stretch out.

Face peels can also be chemically- Obsolete skin cells are scraped off and dissolved. This is due to the presence of peeling creams fruit acids: lactic, malic, citric. Some peels contain enzymes, most commonly used in modern cosmetology enzymes extracted from fruit, such as papaya or kiwi.

Frequency of cosmetic peeling chiefIt depends on the condition of the skin, but it should not exceed one or two times a week. Apply peeling circular massaging movements from the center to the periphery of the face in ascending order. Avoid agent hit the area around the eyes. Peeling necessarily have to stay on the face for some time (up to 3 minutes). After the required time, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the face with warm water and wipe with toner. Then you can apply a mask or a means of daily care.

It is also possible for the cosmetic cleansinguse masks. They not only remove dirt from the skin surface, but also free pores. The main ingredient is kaolin masks or any other type of clay. They may also contain acids, enzymes, antiseptic additives designed to destroy lipophilic bacteria in the pores in a favorable environment for their fat and ingredients that regulate process sebaceous excretions. Finally, the nutrients and components regulating the level of skin hydration.

The next type of peeling - mechanical. It includes brossazh, vacuum peeling, ultrasonic peeling and microdermabrasion.

Brossazh carried out by means of rotatingbrushes with natural bristles. Peeling do to cleansed of make-up and steaming the skin along the massage lines. This ten-minute painless procedure, which not only loosens the dead skin but also improves metabolism and blood supply, can often carry out. Peeling Body held more rigid brush and performs the same tasks as the "front" brossazh, but lasts longer.

Removal of dead layers of the epidermis and produceultrasonic wave. The procedure is absolutely painless. Gel is applied to the skin or mineral water, and then produce a uniform treatment with a generator of ultrasonic waves. Ultrasonic peeling is used as a rejuvenating treatment. Also, it is often recommended after a long stay in the sun, when the skin is dehydrated, scaly. After peeling, which, removing dead cells and rejuvenates the skin making it softer and smoother, we recommend a program of intensive hydration.

Vacuum peeling also netravmatichen. Vacuum cleaning person causes partial detachment of the top layer of the epidermis, promotes blood flow to the skin, enhance blood circulation, opens the pores. In
cleaning time beautician "sucks" because of enlarged pores and acne comedones.

When microdermabrasion is performed with grindingspecial equipment: small crystals of aluminum oxide under pressure ejected on the skin lining the surface layer of scars, fine wrinkles. Microcrystalline grinding like erase layer by layer, it injures the skin, causing a slight irritation. The peculiarity of this type of peeling - need to pass a course of at least ten procedures. Smooth complexion acquired gradually, over and over again.

Physical methods include peeling the use of a laser at low temperatures (cryotherapy), and others.

Laser Resurfacing - a very effective procedure,to "find" a person without pigment spots, small and not very wrinkles, remove the effects of acne. The apparent advantage is the ability to influence the "narrow" places, not subordinate to other impacts, such as the skin around the eyes. When the laser polishing doctor removes the top layer, "burning" it. This is a full operation is performed at the clinic and requires professionalism from a physician and anesthesia. The recovery period after such treatment - a month. In the salons can make an easy version of the laser polishing, and then on the job will be appear two days later, after the redness disappears.

Cryotherapy - treatment of the skin with ice or justexposure to low temperatures. As a result, there is redness of the skin burn, but after a shake-up in the skin triggered enhanced production of collagen, the cells are regenerated, aligned complexion.

Chemical peeling is carried out with the help ofspecial compounds and chemicals that cause burns the surface layer of the skin followed by exfoliation. Peeling start with cleansing the skin, to normalize the acidity and degrease it. Weak acid solution evenly exfoliate layers of the epidermis, causing an accelerated synthesis of collagen, increasing skin elasticity and tone. Then the action of acid neutralized.

In cosmetology allocate the median when the acid reaches the middle layers of the skin, deep and superficial chemical peels.

Superficial chemical peeling is done using alfagidroksilnyh acid, glycolic acid.

Peeling AHA (alfagidroksilnymi) acidsIt is considered easy and at the same time very effective. This is a very gentle method that does not knock out the working rhythm, such peeling can begin from childhood for the prevention of skin aging. Indications are the problems with oily skin, acne marks.

Fruit acids are advantageously prepared fromgrapes or sugar cane. The procedure, the acid concentration and the number of procedures defines the dermatologist. This usually 5-10 session with a break of 10 - 15 days.

Peeling glycolic acid is used forrejuvenation, removal of wrinkles on the face and under the eyes, in particular. To remove shallow facial wrinkles, quite two weeks therapy. Sometimes after a glycolic peel occurs swelling and redness, which should go within days. To remove posleprotsedurnye complications usually prepare the skin to peel at home using weak solutions of Glycolic acid.

Median TSA peeling c using trichloroaceticacid is able to overcome the fine wrinkles, remove scars, scars and even deep "marks of time." Median peeling - it is usually 1-3 sessions with a break of one or two months. TCA peels traumatic and performed in a hospital. The recovery period - about a month, because after the peel is always a swelling initially formed white plenochka then appears red. It is important to immediately use soothing creams with antioxidants. House's face it is necessary to lubricate the moisturizer to replenish the loss of moisture, remove the feeling of constriction.

Medium chemical peels are used not only on the face but also the neck, in the "neck" region, dorsum of the hands.

Deep peeling phenol is used, however, its use is limited because of the high risk of scarring.

As you can see, in our time, there are many opportunitiesrediscover the young and healthy skin. Your task - not too lazy to find a well-established area with competent experts, and then the excellent results and the absence of complications you provided.