Peeling fish

Fish spa or, to put it simply, exfoliation fish alreadyseveral consecutive years, he enjoys enormous popularity among women around the world. It is not surprising, because this procedure has solid advantages: improvement of skin, enjoy the process, relaxation, beauty, a lot of positive emotions and not only ... Today healingandbodywork talk about peeling fish in more detail.

The essence of the fish peel

Fish peeling is carried out with the help of smallinhabitants of fresh water, fish Gara Rufa. For the first time these wonderful baby were found in Turkey nearly a century ago. There, thanks to the surgeon's ability, the representatives of this breed called fish-doctors. At first glance, Garra Rufa unremarkable, gray and dull rybinki kind of carp. Their average length is less than 10 centimeters. But the secret of celebrities these unpretentious fish lies in their unusual diet - they feed on dead cells of the stratum of the epidermis, thus removing corns and eliminating skin diseases. Fish did not have teeth, and peeling is carried via the oral sucker. They "collect" dead skin, while not affecting healthy cells.

Before fish-peeling, be sure to carefullywash skin special neutral soap. The client plunges into the aquarium water with mineralized parts of the body (very popular hands and feet) or the whole body. There is already floating flocks of hungry fish that are looking forward to "feeding". You can also clean the face - we need only to plunge into the water with the head, and the fish themselves have done their job. The most common fish peeling takes place at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, it makes the procedure more comfortable. Due to a high enough temperature regime begins to soak the skin and become very soft and easily accessible to Gara Rufa fish. While eating coarse fish tissues also secrete special enzymes which have antibacterial and antiseptic properties. On average, the procedure takes 20-25 minutes. It is worth noting that in the first minutes of Fish Spa, you may have a rather unusual sensation, but no pain and discomfort they cause, but after getting used to fish peeling and does become a very pleasant procedure - customers often associate it with a slight tingling massage. You can also feel the soft slap fins during the procedure, which is also a kind of a micro massage. The effect of this is not only therapeutic but also relaxing, even experts have nicknamed this type of anti-stress massage. After each procedure, the water in the tank necessarily filtered and treated with the help of special devices, so the fish spa is considered absolutely safe and hygienic. It is important that this procedure is considered not only cosmetic but also medicinal. To it there are a number of indications. Among them:

  • psoriasis;
  • psoriatic arthropathy;
  • eczema;
  • vitiligo;
  • ichthyosis;
  • rosacea;
  • acne;
  • atopic dermatitis;
  • hyperkeratosis;
  • fungal disease type;
  • lichen;
  • as well as all kinds of mechanical damage to the skin: blisters, corns, skin roughness and others.

Despite a long list of indications for fish-peeling, there are also contraindications. They include:

  • lupus erythematosus;
  • malignancies at any stage;
  • venereal diseases;
  • erythrodermic psoriasis;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • burns healing phase;
  • bleeding wounds;
  • scratches and others.

Benefits of fish peeling

there are many methods in the modern worldtreatment of skin diseases, and more kinds of body care. Among them, it is not the last place is occupied by fish peeling, and for good reason, because the effectiveness of this procedure is simply amazing. Fish Spa is a quality, safe and pleasant skin healing method and its rejuvenation. Through exfoliation fish, many people have got rid of the hated diseases of the skin, while others have resorted to this procedure as often as possible in order to give your body a healthy, radiant and beautiful appearance. Skin Care with the help of Gara Rufa fish - this is truly a pleasure to the highest degree. They gently and carefully treated with roughened areas of the body, thus stimulating processes in the tissues and the "acceleration" of blood. Another advantage is that the fish-peeling eliminates the possibility of damaging healthy cells, such as in many kinds of mechanical skin care. This significantly decreases the risk of infection of the skin, because the fish are working exclusively on the surface layer of the epidermis. It is also important that this procedure is absolutely painless and even enjoyable, thanks to a slight movement of the fish. Improvement when even children can be carried out using this method. They not only experience a pleasant and podlechat, but also happy to observe the life of babies Gara Rufa.

Due to the special substance - dietanolu thattopically allocate fish, your skin will regenerate very quickly, and in the body activated by the formation of new, healthy cells in the epidermis. Finally, fish peeling - is absolutely safe procedure, it did not cause any side effects and no addictive. If you want to have a beautiful, healthy, radiant, pure and soft skin, while making the least effort, the fish-peeling is exactly what you need. MirSovetov recommends this procedure at least once a season, if you do not have any diseases. In the presence of skin diseases is required to try the fish peeling, perhaps this method of treatment will cure you and get rid of the problems with the epidermis. One advantage of using Gara Rufa is that they help attain the desired effect from the first session and save it for a long time.

The risks of fish-peeling

The main drawback is peeling fishpoor level of disinfection in some salons. Moreover, even if the disinfection of water in the tank and antiseptic skin covers the client remain at a good level, then there is a risk of infection of the fish themselves. Of course, serious diseases such as hepatitis, you are unlikely to "catch", but the different types of fungal infections very easily. To avoid these unpleasant effects, be sure to ask for help in the salons of the state of fish is also very important that water and cleaning of the tank took place in your presence. Be sure to inspect the parts of the body that you are going to provide the fish, if you have any mechanical damage, especially open wounds - refuse the procedure. Best of all before the procedure to be examined by a doctor. One of the most frequently encountered problems in the fish spa there is something that is often under the guise of Gara Rufa, use the "fake" fish. Sometimes there toothy "analogues". This can lead not only to poor quality of the procedure, but even the pain, and in the future for a long time healing wounds. Also, there are some risks involved in fish-peeling face. If you are running stage of acne, most likely will not improve the long visible, and then perhaps an even greater worsening of the defect. In any case, fish peeling, like any other cosmetic procedure has its advantages and disadvantages. healingandbodywork recommends carefully weigh those and those to receive from a pleasure, not a "twitch" procedure due to unnecessary prejudice.