Peeling of the skin on the face

At least once faced with this every woman -peeling may occur in the bitter cold, and in a nice spring day. And always delivers aesthetic discomfort. Today let's understand its causes and treatments.

Why is it there?

The reasons for the appearance of irritation and flaking of the skin onthe face can be a huge set. Sometimes you can get rid of peeling easily and simply at home, sometimes it is an occasion to visit a doctor or a cosmetologist. MirSovetov offers details to deal with each of the possible causes.

  1. Weather conditions greatly influence on the skin, especially on your face, as this part in the bitter cold and chilly wind is always very open.
  2. Excessive facial skin care, too frequentwashing with soap, which irritates the skin, the use of too hot water - all this reduces the degree of natural protection of the skin is very dry it. It is important to properly care for themselves and to comply in all measure.
  3. Owners of very dry skin, probably alreadyaccustomed to often appear peeling. But one of the reasons may serve as an active rubbing with a towel immediately after washing. Remember that careful treatment of the skin, the more so soft - the key to success and beauty.
  4. Loss of moisture - a very weighty, and perhaps one of thethe most common causes. Many women do not take into account the degree of water hardness, humidity, including heater and air conditioner, which desiccate the air, using a little clean water. All this drains our bodies in the first place, it affects the skin.
  5. Vitamin deficiency, especially spring and autumn - alsoa very common cause of easy peeling of the skin. If you are properly caring for themselves and irritation on the skin of a person is, it is best to visit a doctor.
  6. The reason for the visit to the doctor can also servenot coming down scaling, no matter what you do, and still supported by significant redness, itching, and peeling similar occurring in other parts of the body. In this case it is best to consult a dermatologist so that he conducted the necessary investigation and appropriate treatment.
  7. Allergies can also be accompanied by desquamationinflammation and itching, sometimes quite sensitive. Allergies can trigger the components contained in cosmetics (for example, lanolin and lanolic acid are potent allergens), as well as food, flowering plants, household chemicals, medicines and so on.

How to get rid of peeling?

Of course, you choose the way in whichshould go for a full deliverance from peeling skin. But first of all should reconsider their lifestyle and eliminate the most basic causes of dry skin:

  • drink plenty of water, at least two liters per day;
  • If you frequently use air conditioning orheater, or in your area to determine the dry air, it is necessary to purchase an air humidifier. It is worth it is not so expensive, but the benefits of it and for the skin and overall health - a colossal;
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables that grow in the season. In winter, it is best to take a multivitamin course, agreed with the doctor;
  • in the winter, use a fat cream, inthe rest of the watch for skin moisturizing, give up the soap, use a mild lotion or milk. Of course, excluded alcohol-based agent for the skin. If you notice that a skin condition does not affect cleanser and hard water - try to clean the skin with oil. Any protective measures apply to the skin at least 30 minutes before leaving the house, and best of all - for an hour.

Also in conjunction with these steps for skin peelingyou can try to treat the face. This will help a cream containing 0.5% hydrocortisone: Apply it throughout the day in the dry areas of the skin in two weeks - this is the period of treatment of the skin.

With strong peeling and failure with themovercome by conventional means, can help preparations based deksapantenola: panthenol in form of a cream or spray that is applied 3-4 times a day as well as well-known Bepanten, which can also be used to prevent peeling during wintertime.

Cabin treatments

Many women in the fight against peeling skin pronerefer also to the salon to cosmeticians. It's quite the right choice, a specialist after examination will recommend ways in which you should move to get rid of dryness and flaking skin.

Also, along with the recommendations, there are a variety of salon treatments, caring for skin, get rid of peeling.

Here is a list of procedures that are available in your beauty parlor:

  • mesotherapy, which will be the basis for preparations with hyaluronic acid;
  • exfoliating fruit acids;
  • biorevitalization;
  • program intensive moisturizing of different nature;
  • software peeling.

Treatment peeling at home

If you are sure that the peeling of the skin on the faceIn your case - is not the result of an illness, then all the steps listed above, you can also add moisture and aids to help you quickly and efficiently bring the skin in order to pull and get rid of the problems.

We want to offer to your court differentfunds, but the main rule that must be observed here - before applying them is very important to cleanse the skin soft scrub. Conventional scrubs are not suitable, they can further traumatize the skin and the mask without removing not bring the proper result. It is very simple to make a scrub at home recipe: Pour two to three tablespoons of oatmeal with boiling water and allow to stand for about 20 minutes, then type in the egg white, mix well and apply on the skin. This should be done gradually to all areas of the face, while gently massaging the skin. Well, then just rinse waters.

After applying the time comes to scrubmoisturizing the skin. For this perfect nutritional masochki that can just as easily make at home. There are some basic nourishing masks.

  1. Mask based on vegetable oils. Suitable absolutely any what you like or what to eat at home: grape, apricot, almond. Mix oil and honey in a ratio of 1: 1, and put on the skin for 20 minutes. Also in the mix, you can add a bit of oatmeal, boiled in milk.
  2. Excellent nourish mask based on fermented milkproducts. Clean medium-sized cucumber peel, rastolchite it until mushy state and mix with a small amount of yogurt or sour cream high fat content.
  3. Broth flax seeds also help to cope withconstant peeling. To do this, cook 2 tablespoons of seeds, no further additives, this mask does not require. Apply chilled gruel on face and wait 20 minutes, then rinse it with warm waters.

Also keep in mind that peeling - it is not onlyexternal, but also internal problem of our body. Change the style of food, drink plenty of fluids and follow proper skin care and you are guaranteed success!