Peeling calcium chloride

The secret of this popular in Soviet timescosmetic facial rejuvenation procedures held in the strictest confidence. Afford peeling could only wealthy young ladies, because of the beauty of the need to pay about 5 rubles, while a loaf of bread cost 24 kopecks. Today we talk about cosmetic procedures for the face - peeling calcium chloride.

Many cosmetologists do not like to talk aboutold age, and this procedure is often called a peeling "Hollywood." peeling Cost pleasantly surprised, because for 1 session will have to pay about 200 rubles.

In Soviet times, the peeling of calcium chlorideIt was referred to as "roll from overcoat." This abbreviation is precisely reflect the direct reality - during the procedure, medicine rolled down the face of small balls. Make a peeling can be in the salon environment, and at home - alone. Few people know how to perform this procedure, and in some cases, it is recommended. healingandbodywork offers to dot the "i" and learn more about the "bedroll".

What is needed for peeling

Many readers will healingandbodyworkpleasantly surprised by the cost of the procedure, since the list is rather modest. You must purchase one main ingredient - calcium chloride. It is sold in capsules or in a bottle. If you are afraid to hurt the fragile glass when opening, it is better buy a solution in a glass bottle. He is referred to as «CaCl». Please note that the shelf life of this solution is only 10 days, so when you buy it you need to pay attention.

Calcium chloride in ampoules has a longshelf life - 24 months. What it says, do not guess? If the drug can be stored as long, so it also contains preservatives, as this leads to the risk of allergic reactions. So decide for you which one to buy the drug.

We do not end there. The drug will need 10% for those who have previously done a similar procedure. For beginners it is better to stay at a 5% solution of calcium chloride. If the pharmacy did not find such a dosage, do yourself the desired concentration by diluting the drug with saline (also available in pharmacies without a prescription).

You also need to buy a normal baby soap (not liquid!) And prepare a cosmetic cotton pads.

Recommendations for peeling

Let us examine who really need thisprocedure. Beauticians in one voice told that calcium chloride peeling will be useful to young girls (boys are no exception!), Very young women and all the other ladies who have oily skin.

Also, peeling will be a real salvation:

  • Combination Skin (processing only problem areas!);
  • sensitive skin (not suitable for everyone!);
  • prone to skin rashes (not only in the period of exacerbation);
  • pigmented skin.

Calcium chloride helps get rid of dead skin cells, effectively cleanses the skin of dirt and grease, rejuvenates and lightens. After the procedure, she looks fresh and radiant.

What to expect from peeling:

  • narrowing and purification of pores;
  • podsushatsya and acne will disappear soon;
  • complexion will be better;
  • increase skin elasticity;
  • the skin will become soft and smooth;
  • boring black dots disappear.

How do the procedure at home

Any girl can independently make the peeling of calcium chloride.

As the procedure is done correctly:

  1. It is necessary to prepare one ampoule of calcium chloride (5% for the first application and 10% - for those who previously did peeling).
  2. Prepare baby soap (without perfume). If there is a natural tar soap - it just fits best.
  3. Pre-put in front of some cotton discs and prepare the mirror.
  4. Peel the skin from make-up and impurities. Wait until it is completely dry after washing. Usually this is given 5-7 minutes.
  5. Carefully open the vial (insulate it with a cloth and remove the force of the upper part of the ampoule).
  6. Take a cotton ball and soak it in a solution of calcium chloride.
  7. Carefully treat the skin. Try not to stretch it.
  8. If the skin dries quickly - moisten these areas.
  9. The procedure of humidification can be repeated several times until the end of the drug.
  10. And now the most interesting - take the same cotton pad and a good lather it.
  11. Walk on the skin with soap and cotton pad.
  12. Here in this place, and the fun begins: 2 component react and face begin to appear white pellets and flakes. That's just with them and will be actively updated skin.
  13. Note that a massage calcium chloride, and then soap can be done not on the entire facial surface. Avoid the eye area. You also can not stay long in one place.
  14. After the completion of the procedures necessary to wash with water and apply moisturizer.

How it works

As it is already clear, and above, the mainactive substance - calcium chloride reacts with the soap (chemical reaction), whereby the substances are divided into calcium salt, and potassium chloride. These substances and connect (roll) into small balls, flakes, and with them, with a light massage, is cleansed top layer of skin from the old dead cells.

During peeling person may feel a slight tingling, tingling. Often, the skin changes color and begins to blush. The procedure is usually easy to carry.

Peeling can be done in a different way: instead of cotton pad wet hands and lather fingertips, and then go over the skin in a circular motion.

There is yet another embodiment of the cosmetic procedure Face cleansing - reverse. The essential difference, but perhaps this method you will enjoy it more:

  1. Clear the face, remove the remnants of moisture with a paper towel.
  2. On the face we put lather, wait until it starts to dry out.
  3. And now on the fingertips (or cotton ball) gets a little calcium chloride and wipe your face with circular motions.
  4. For the first time to put enough money 3 times, the next time - you can 5.
  5. Starting from his forehead, carefully remove the tape and the resulting flakes coagulated soap.
  6. Pay attention to the problem areas: where a lot of clogged pores and fine wrinkles - these areas pay more attention.
  7. When you do massage, periodically moisten your fingers in water and lather, so as not to run "dry".
  8. Rinse with plenty of water flakes (room temperature).
  9. After all the pellets washed away, the person can not rub the towel. Leave the moisture on the skin and allow it to soak in a natural way.
  10. Duration of treatment - no more than 20 minutes.

be careful

Before you decide on a home peeling,it should be understood that this procedure may even cause skin burns. Therefore, no harm will be to test for sensitivity. Take on the tender area of ​​skin (most often it is the area of ​​the wrist) test for allergy tests - if all goes well, and within 15 minutes, the skin did not respond (no redness, itching and rash), you can start the procedure.

It is also necessary to remember that if during the procedure appeared discomfort - severe redness, burning and tingling, the drug immediately and abundantly wash with warm water.

After peeling procedures - skin is often contractedand it becomes dry. This is because the flakes are very difficult to wash off, and if at least some particles are left on the skin, it will cause dryness. Therefore, after the procedure is necessary to moisturize the skin well.

You can make a moisturizing mask:

  1. Mask with apple and carrot. Take 4 tbsp. l. yogurt, carrots and 1 medium apple. Chop the apple and carrot, add the pulp yogurt and mix. The mixture is applied to the skin, it is washed off after 15 minutes.
  2. Mask with honey and oatmeal. Crush cereal into flour (you will need 1 hour. L.), Mix the flour with 1 ch. L. honey and the same quantity of vegetable oil. Apply gruel on face for 15 minutes. Rinse off the mask to warm water, and then it is desirable to wipe the face with ice prepared from a decoction of sage and chamomile.

If you do not have time to pamper skin after peeling mask, simply apply a moisturizing cream.

Beauticians recommend to do the procedure only for the night. The ideal time - Friday night, so the skin has calmed down over the weekend and became radiant.

Peeling calcium chloride can be made moreonce a month, but not more than 4 times. Within 2 days after the procedure, you can not sunbathe, visit the solarium. Yes, and go out on a sunny day only need inflicting sunscreen. This precaution will help avoid the appearance of pigmentation.