Pedicure at home

Probably, many women will agree that careperson we pay most of their attention. But pedicure, unfortunately, often do not attach any special significance. The fact that a simple washing of the feet and nails pedicure circumcision will not name. Pedicure includes full comprehensive care for nails on the feet, heels and all the foot skin in general.
Pedicure at home
No wonder the word "person" is often used in hisfiguratively - in the sense that above all else appears before our eyes. Probably, many women will agree that caring for a person we pay most of their attention. We are his and mine, and color, and all sorts of things count them happy, if only it was nice and not betrayed the true age of his mistress. Often, unfortunately, in what women do not give any special significance, it is a pedicure. And, the truth, if the judge without fanaticism: within the terms of hygiene regularly wash feet thoroughly with a brush, nail clipping house a couple of times a month and all the works! Besides, think, feet. They look at the last turn and obvious mistakes can always hide under the tights, shoes or sandals with closed toe. In the winter - so at all! In our latitudes thicker socks and boots warmer, sometimes even at work does not have to change shoes. But in the summer ...
Once on the bus I watched a very interestingpicture. Time was only about nine in the morning. The ride is boring, tired of staring out the window, sit quietly considering passengers. Here is a girl of 18-20 years-ty. That all of you. Chic manicure, mini skirt, T-shirt straps. I look down below, the new (100%, which is only a shoe box) striking white sandals with high heels. And then I come in a little puzzled and looking at her legs no longer stealthily, and with obvious embarrassment. Well do not care, okay hide all wisely. But do not even try to do something! Nail toes peeled and dirt under the fingernails was as if she got out of the beds and my feet, shod once these beautiful lacquered heels. No, if it were at least in flip flops or flip-flops, I would not even pay attention to it. But it was clear that wearing sandals with a view to demonstrate. In general, they nor knit together, nor to place or the time. So seemingly tiny detail, and how can spoil the reputation. I am the same woman, and looked at her quite different eyes. On the men did not speak.
Pedicure at home
And now a provocative question. Ladies, look at their feet. Right now, this minute, you can let a man kiss your foot or make her a massage? Yeah, it sucks! And what do they? Our legs get from ungrateful mistress least worries because the legs are not always visible. Why do we forget our biggest workaholic who primarily deserve a more careful attitude? From a young age, we do not ask ourselves this question, at least until the years and allow obvious problems do not manifest themselves. But putting in the foreground the aesthetic aspects, we completely forget that from improper care begins with the complexity of the nails and heels, gradually outgrowing already in the disease, and that's when we start to sound the alarm: what to do and which way to go?
The fact is that a simple washing of the legs and cuttingnormal nail care, pedicures and even more, you will not name. Pedicure includes full comprehensive care for nails on the feet, heels and all the foot skin in general.
The most correct way, many would say,go to the salon and let the experts there think and how to correct, cure or even revive. But, first, what to bring to the intensive care unit - it hurts. And secondly, not everyone can afford a regular and constant visits to the salon on economic, organizational, or for any other reason.
I have all started from that period, when I leftin the decree. Most do a pedicure is no longer possible, salon and I do not shine - and as a way out, I resorted to the help of my mother as part of the sanitary requirements. Since I could not at first childbirth afford even normally take a shower, not something that identify as many as one and a half hours: had to jump out of the tub and wet and soapy, even as only I could soothe the crumbs. I at myself in all respects was in last place.
In general, it has been a nightmare, and my legs for thistime, too, turned into a nightmare. I am no exception to the masses: barely having time for everyone else to focus his feet were almost nil. Never resorted to very harsh procedures of peeling heels, now they remind me heels of some century-grandmother. The nails have lost a beautiful shape and the cut off for not very attractive natural contour. And it seems that there was no place where the skin is coarse and either did not turn into calluses. About to wear sandals, not even a question.

Features of the skin stop

No matter for what reason we refuse itslegs in the well-being and pleasure to soak in the bath, but probably forget that the human foot - a unique storehouse of reflex points and nerve endings, the impact of which is directly proportional effect on the entire body. No wonder since childhood taught us to walk barefoot on grass, sand, gravel or common ground with a view to improvement mother - is, in fact, there is improvement, this Statement indirect foot massage and exfoliation simultaneously. So from the state of the feet, it can be said, it depends on our general condition. Probably each of healingandbodywork readers noticed that after a foot massage there is a feeling as if the massage is done all over the body and the feeling of relaxation extends to all the organs. You feel immediately relaxed and refreshed.
Often I use in the heat of this feature. Arriving home, melted from the heat, immediately water the feet pleasantly cool water up to the knees - 5 minutes, and seemed on the street do not come out, instantly throughout the body becomes easier. The cooling effect to relieve fatigue and swollen feet are also creams with menthol or mint.
Massage the feet and get from walking on the carpet orfloor, by contact with a shoe. Therefore it is very important to the floor and carpets in the house were made of natural materials, and, especially, to shoes had good quality. And if the skin stop much ogrubevaet: horny cells do not have time to peel yourself from them is growing older. With constant load in the amount of our weight, they simply pressed and turn to corns and calluses, and after such a solid layer so no impact reaches reflectors. If in addition the skin cracks or flakes - it is all in any frame. An urgent need to take action: cracked heels themselves a direct path to infections and diseases. But we must also bear in mind that cure residing in toe shoes, especially in cold weather, it will be very difficult.
In the heat of summer leather foot douse the wind, plus aTemperature effect further drying. Feet always visible and often in uncomfortable high-heeled sandals, while still manage to pass the day many kilometers. Inconvenient heel promotes improper weight distribution affecting the foot and an increased pressure on some of its sites, which are then turned into calluses.
Pedicure at home
Corns is a compacted layercalloused and dead cells of the stratum corneum of the skin, which is formed as a result of constant pressure on the foot portions. Corns hard and flat to the touch. Corns are inherently the same, and only lumpy center formed as a protective skin reaction to constant rubbing, pressure or skin injury. On his feet a lot of sweat glands, and when the sweat accumulates under the corn, he is a soft bump with liquid inside. Zapuskaniya feet first condition leads to painful sensations and then, when the situation is aggravated by frivolous attitude, and to visit the doctor. If the dead time dead cells are removed, they do not have time to accumulate and cause the above-mentioned inconveniences.
As such problems as cracks, theirthe reason is excessive dryness of the skin of the foot. The feet virtually no sebaceous glands. Therefore, in order to avoid cracking heels need regularly to nourish and moisturize.
If you have to mess around in the garden or vegetable garden,even in the heat if you do not wear sneakers or closed shoes, or at least socks c / b in flip flops. They will protect the feet from excessive dirt, dust and dryness. I do not know why, but for my feet the worst - to dig in the ground or popolivat flowers barefoot. But on the sand run quite nothing, by itself then wash and moisturize.
Nails need regular timelycutting and sawing is not only for aesthetic reasons. Develop their permissible length, they immediately begin to break in the shoes and can result in serious injury.

Preparing for pedicure

Pedicure at home
Remembering pedicure in the salon, I suddenly realized thatthe whole process - quite a simple thing. Actually, the same thing I can do at home, and, moreover, not worse. The only thing I need is: a little bit of time, cosmetics and accessory set for a pedicure. Moreover, as it turned out: the main result in the running situation back to normal, and then only maintain healthy feet. It's like cleaning: that was clean, no need to do it every day, it's easier just to keep order.
With facilities for a pedicure is very simple,they can be purchased at any specialty store or kiosk with dry goods, which necessarily exist in every city. There is full and all cosmetic stuff.
A set of tools I will need the following:

  • tweezers, clippers feet (or pedicure scissors);
  • Special tweezers cuticle;
  • nail file Glass nail;
  • nail file with a fine abrasive grinding and polishing with a rubber-coated;
  • scraper polish;
  • Nail File Foot (pumice or scrapers);
  • Brush nails.

They may also be useful for dividers finger sticks for moving away the cuticle and other things. You can also buy pedicure set, there are usually already have everything and do not need to select individually.
I want to say about the makeup for legs. If on cosmetic facial conducted a heated debate about the ability of penetration of advanced cosmetic industry finds in living skin layers and influence on them, then it is possible not to worry for the feet. We here do not need to flatten the wrinkles, to remove excessive fat and rejuvenates the skin artificial generation of elastin and collagen. On the legs being correct and timely care for the layer of dead cells already, and it is able to provide cosmetics and the lowest level - the mass market, and, of course, all that is usually every house has at hand. Contact the pharmacy is necessary only in extreme cases of serious proliferating calluses and long non-healing fractures. At the time the detected problem is eliminated by conventional healing creams.
Pedicure at home
Surely there are readers healingandbodyworkfavorite line of cosmetics, and in it there are certainly drugs leg. I prefer to have: scrub, nourishing cream, gel cooling, deodorant, talcum powder or cream with a deodorizing effect and a cream to soften calloused areas, means for feeding the cuticle (cuticle remover is not used). Do not neglect and ready mixes for foot baths, it speeds up the process and makes it easier to prepare. The most common of the components of such mixtures include contributing to soften calloused areas. While doing manicure, legs can also relax. An alternative to ready the fluids may be added to the water, essential oils of grapefruit and rosemary (tone), lavender (relaxation).
Instead of softening cosmetics orthe absence of such suitable pharmaceutical glycerine, salicylic acid, or you can add 1 tablespoon of salt per 1 liter of cold water. Soften the horny, you can also add to the bath drinking soda and ammonia. If in a hurry - the glycerin and acid; if thoroughly - then get rid of growth of corns, which are a feature after removing occur again and again, salt and soda to help with smelling salts. Saturated hot salt baths strengthen the nail plate. The main condition for successful treatment - good steaming. When the situation started, the softening procedure done have not once. And only then move on.
For a nourishing and moisturizing treatments legswell suited not only for their intended creams. It can be generally any creams with the same properties (and children are no exception), oil or body lotion, and even normal sunflower oil, having also a healing effect.
For the final stage of the need to paint, as well as firming and nourishing base.

Pedicure at home

Pedicure at home
Mandatory rule: 1 once a month to find a half-hour for a leisurely, correct and complete the procedure. In the salon pedicure session takes about that amount of time, so if you try to do everything quickly, simply everything will reduce to a minimum the commonplace.
The procedure of pedicure at home:

  1. Carefully cut the nail clippers or scissorsperpendicular to the nail plate, but not too close to the body. Softly rounded edges to prevent ingrown. The length is usually made such that the nail little fingers reached the edge. I first cut the nails for many years in parallel to the growth, and it was a mistake - they began to grow, and the nail has become very sharp, which greatly hindered in the shoe. And in view of this summer, I was very confused. We had long, sweat is lined up to form the right: at each circumcision overall length leveled by 1-1.5 mm from the most protruding part, sometimes gets too close and hurting.
    Spatula or scraper to remove accumulateddirt and horny cells from under the nails. Nail file to file your nails in one direction. Grind and polish. It helps whiten yellowish nail plate on its feet. The main thing is not to overdo it with an abrasive, so as not to damage it. After these methods do not require the imposition of varnish, nails and so will look well-groomed.
  2. Apply the agent for softening and removalcuticles, rub. And only now omit the feet in a warm bath. The fact is that the nails have a porous structure and, if wet before cutting for a long time and plate fed with liquid soften. The nails will not be able to file correctly - and this would entail fragility, and then peel them.
    While long legs to soak, you can rub a stiff brush leg.
    After a few minutes wipe legs and a stickfrom an orange tree gently remove or shifts the inner lining. Scraper to clean off horny cells in its vicinity and across the surface of the nail. For cuticle cutting knives, there are special, they are very sharp, they can easily get hurt. If you have never cut the cuticles, it is better not to start. It plays a protective function to the nail bed, and it is important not to damage it.
  3. Pedicure at home

  4. Then drop the legs again for 15-20 minutesbath. Alternately, take out the foot, a good wipe and remove the horny layer of nail file or scraper. I would like to draw the attention of readers healingandbodywork that the leg should not be wet and sodden, and wiped out of the bath - then saw blade will not slip on the water droplets and well remove rough skin.
    Handle running legs have three timesrow with a difference of a few minutes, but more than one procedure is not necessary. Exfoliate finish using a scrub. If necessary, use tweezers to cut the dead skin and barb.
  5. Light massage to rub cuticle tool for food, which can also be replaced with almond oil or vitamin E. Apply a moisturizing cream or oil.
  6. This stage is the last: if you want to plot the base, protective coating or lacquer.
    Between thorough pedicure sessions can be moremake interim. To soften calluses and corns are special cosmetic creams. This cream is applied after a shower or bath locally on clean steamed legs for 25-30 minutes. Then the same sawing easy to remove dead skin cells and rinsed.

Treat your feet

Foot bath with hydromassage
In addition to the mandatory pedicure let soak feet in all sorts of good things at least sometimes. Are your feet the worst thing that you have? Love them.
If there is an opportunity - to buy a trayhydromassage and legs will thank you with health and beauty. Be sure to add in a bath ready mixes, oils or self-prepared herbal decoctions and conifers.
Make self-massage, simply combine with the application of the cream. You need only to spend a little more time and rub the cream more vigorously, stretching the heels, toes and the whole foot.
Very useful softening foot treatment of the skin,which can be done within a pedicure, but you can separate the reception after the usual shower. It is, I would say, a kind of strong rapid help our legs. Apply the cream (moisturizing or nourishing zhirnenky), rub well massaging the feet, we put them on thin plastic bags and top x / b socks. If you just pull socks, half the cream soak into the fabric of life, and with cellophane - all just in the legs. It would be nice to do it for the whole night. Actually with this procedure, I began to put his feet in order. The result is simply amazing in the morning. If done regularly, the skin will always be soft, moisturized and straight from the tin.

Proper foot care

Well-groomed feet
How often you need to take care of itselffeet? Complete pedicure done once a month, and you need to cut your nails every two weeks. As for hydration and nutrition - that it is never too much: the cream should be applied every day after showering. In summer, at the feet of attention, including on the beach: the foot also need protection from the sun and moisturizing afterwards. Daily use of different deodorant, warning excessive sweating and odor. Peeling legs needed as well as a person - every 2-3 days.
Nail plate itself is in need of food andstrengthening, if the nails are weak - every time we put a nail appropriate basis or use it independently. Do not forget that the nails on your feet - this is the same as that on hand, and they also work for the growth of cosmetics, whitening, and special beauty oil polish.
Maybe today will surprise readershealingandbodywork, but for foot skin also has masks that can resolve specific problems or simply caring. Deprives them of the legs is also not necessary. Foot Care from time to time does not bring any results, except that does not allow to run quite a problem.
Not very tall legs terrorize uncomfortableheels, so you will prevent the formation of more and more new corns and extreme fatigue. If you must still "keep the brand" on the heel, you can always have to work under the table are the same beautiful expensive shoes, but with a slight heel, to rest your legs while you are sitting in the mosque, or the sweat of the office. If you have to leave the room or office - you can always shod his supercouples and light jazz walk off in the hallway.

Faced with the constant lack of time, andinability to often go to the salon, I made for myself some of the conclusions, the chief of which is as follows. Whatever had to wash dishes, do laundry, ironing or cleaning to do - all this should be postponed until I Take time for yourself and for your health. The family cares mistress, wife and mother is just not enough time on it. And their problems are solved either already when pripeklo or, in extreme cases, in the last instance. First of all, this can only put the needs of breast crumbs (if any) to which the mother is always needed here and now. Everything else can wait. And you're at - one.