Paraffin Hand

Paraffin hand is not in vain considered one ofthe most popular procedures in cosmetic salons, moreover, that it can have a beneficial effect on the skin, it is also a very pleasant procedure.

Paraffin bath for hands able to eliminatepeeling, heal micro-cracks and slow down the aging process, it is known that nothing gives the woman's age as hands. It is enough to pamper your hands Paraffin bath at least once every three to four weeks, and you will be able to prolong youth for the skin. Also, paraffin is simply irreplaceable, if you have dry sensitive skin and cuticle.

Paraffin hand, why it is needed

The most important task that performs paraffinHand - is a skin moisturizing. First, you need to put your hands on a paraffin film, then hand skin temperature will increase by a few degrees, warming the skin of hands in this way will lead to a lot of positive reactions. If you are afraid that the paraffin bath for the hands can cause skin burns, then do it completely in vain, because the thermal conductivity at a very low wax. Due to the fact that it gives off heat the skin young portions, increases lymph flow, increases the functionality of the capillaries and, as a consequence - the blood circulation is enhanced. Due to this increased intercellular space and the upper stratum corneum softens and open pores, in addition paraffin film contributes to the fact that the moisture goes out of the skin and is absorbed into it again.

Many believe that there is no paraffin handnothing useful, because the moisture is simply excreted from the body, and then absorbed back, but in fact, due to paraffin occurs fluid shifts, and the water that came out of the blood is absorbed not from whence stood out, and in those areas in which the moisture is not missing. And so the effect of this procedure is noticeable from the first time, the skin becomes more supple, elastic, becomes more fresh and pink. Furthermore, during solidification, like paraffin compresses skin tissue and pulls a so called lifting effect.


No matter how pleasant and efficient procedure may be, she has contraindications that need to be taken into consideration, these include:

  • angina;
  • open wounds that bleed;
  • ulcers;
  • diabetes;
  • hypertension;
  • asthma.

To paraffin procedure has benefited your pens and was the most convenient for you, I offer you a list of materials that you will need:

  • paraffin need to buy only a cosmetic, ityou can buy in pharmacies and stores, but for paraffin wax candles and Technology in any case can not be used. See for yourself the condition of your skin and decide whether you need to buy paraffin with the addition of a variety of vitamins, herbs and essential oils. For the procedure, you will need two kilos of paraffin;
  • select a separate bowl for paraffin,capacity have to be deep. Ideally it should be ceramic, porcelain, enamel or glass pyrex bowl. You will also need another container of melted paraffin is better if it is glass or ceramic. To determine the correct size of the dishes is very simple - it should be such that it accommodates both hands without any problems;
  • as usual, you'll need towels or special gloves that can be purchased in a beauty shop;
  • ordinary plastic gloves;
  • In addition, you will need to scrub, you can cook yourself, and you can use store-bought;
  • and a nourishing hand cream.

Now we proceed directly to a paraffin hand bath.

Melt the wax in a prepareddishes, ideal to do this with a water bath, then wax will not burn and dry and melt evenly. For convenience, you can melt the wax in the microwave on the defrost mode.

While the wax is melted, give inrequired us to state your hands, my hands thoroughly with soap and causes a thick layer of scrub, massaging the skin. Scrub is necessary to cleanse the skin on various surplus and growths, as well as dead cells. If you do not scrub or you do not use them for any reason, you can use coconut or natural coffee, add them to the liquid soap in the ground state, and mix well.

After the procedure is completed with scrub, rinse and apply it to the skin nourishing cream.

Now take the melted paraffin andmove into the second bowl, before the procedure, be sure to check the temperature, the wax should not be too hot. Although, as I said, the wax has a low thermal conductivity and burn them impossible, but discomfort can occur, so it is better to check the temperature. Lower the tray in both hands and flatten them to wax is completely enveloped hands and fingers.

I have already mentioned that if you want you can addparaffin couple of drops of essential oil, I always add 2 teaspoons of olive oil, while your skin becomes much much more hydrated and soft. For example, if you suffer from dry hands, add aloe extract, if your skin feels irritated by the constant use of detergent, then it will help menthol or lavender oil for rough and chapped skin becomes a real salvation cocoa butter or almond. In addition, you can combine business with pleasure, and handles pamper and spend an aromatherapy session.

Keep your hands in paraffin, 5-7 seconds, thenremove, wait 10 seconds, and then lower the paraffin. Do this 8-10 times, with each lowering of the layer of wax on your hands will increase. Now, wear plastic gloves and top dressing gloves, soak for half an hour this procedure, and then carefully remove the wax. Rinse your hands with warm, but not hot water and again, apply a nourishing cream.

paraffin hand is complete. healingandbodywork recommends to repeat it constantly, because in cold weather, your skin is in particular need of increased care.