Options pilings for girls with medium length hair


Haircuts medium length women are absolutelyall ages, no matter what they do, and what are the social status. What is the average length of hair? This is not above or below the shoulder line. If the hair ends below shoulder level, then they can be attributed to long if higher, then to short. Why today hairstyles for medium hair is so popular?

The average length of hair is the best for all types of appearance, so most women are trying to adhere to this appearance.

For example, if you have a great complexion,low growth, while too short or long hair you will not look properly. The same applies to very thin and tall ladies. Ideal - is the average length of the hair, which visually balance any figure.


  • 1 Possible hairstyles for medium hair for different types of faces
  • Application Method 2 most popular haircuts "The Page" and "Ladder"
    • 2.1 Options for hairstyles Knave
    • 2.2 Options for hairstyles Ladder

Options for hairstyles for medium hair for different types of faces

A feature of almost any hairstyle atmedium hair, is their emphasis on the face. Because of this effect, you can visually correct the shortcomings of his person or to emphasize dignity. Depending on the type of person who is chosen and the type of hair. Let us consider in detail all the nuances and tricks of various options for hairstyles.

According to many stylists, barbers,Women with oval face contour, will suit any hairstyle. This means that you can experiment with your hair as soon as you want. Lover bangs can afford to do her hair, opens the ears and forehead. A more restrictive nature can lower the bangs, to make some closed hairstyle, etc.

The girl with a square face and broad forehead, withhairstyles can help soften the angularity of face contour. It is better to choose a hairstyle, which could mask the height and width of the forehead. The options are: symmetrical or asymmetrical cascade quads as ladders with bangs, etc.

If the girl pear-shaped face, widejaw, narrow forehead, then it is necessary to choose a hairstyle that would visually widen the upper part of the front. An excellent choice would be the hairstyle with the up or wide hair: bob with bangs or without it, which is graded at the top. This hairstyle creates volume, makes hair more luxuriant.
Women with a square shaped face, wide bottomjaw and forehead the same, you need to choose hairstyles for medium hair that would soften the jawline. This hairstyle hide excess facial angularity.

Excellent hair embodiment in this case will be: graded the entire length of the cascade or asymmetrical bob with short bangs. Stack these hairstyles recommended by the face to the forehead could not be opened.

Chubby ladies with full cheeks, a lowforehead, cheekbones stand out must choose for yourself hairstyles without bangs and volume. The fact is that the hairstyles with artificially created volume will further expand a person visually enlarges the head. Alternatively, you can offer a classic hairstyle - Bob, a little elongated, can be parted on the side.

Another type of face - with a triangular shape. For this type is characterized by a small jaw, broad forehead, prominent cheekbones, sunken cheeks. In this case, a good option would hairstyle with bangs, which is partially or completely covered his forehead softened the sharpness of the transition lines on the cheeks to the chin.

The side locks of hair can be cut short flight of stairs. In general, when creating hairstyles for medium hair, hairdressers often have to cut off unwanted strands to create a smooth transition. Women with a triangular shaped face is recommended combed hair from his forehead.

Thus, hairstyles for medium length hairgive each woman the amazing ability to hide the flaws on your face, to emphasize the advantages of appearance. Due to the large number of variations of these hairstyles and methods of laying, we have a huge freedom of choice.

Application Method of the most popular haircuts "The Page" and "Ladder"

Perhaps one of the most popular hairstyles for medium hair is a hairstyle "Knave". Is it a middle bob that dropped below the chin.

Length of hair on both sides should be the same. The back of the shorter hairstyles and profiled.

Options for hairstyles Knave

Possible methods of installation:

  • every day (exactly in the middle hairstyle is parted from his hair stacked inside the hairdryer);
  • work (hair wound on the curlers medium size, the resulting wave combed back with gel and placed by hand);
  • classic version (on a wet surfaceHair gel is applied, then the hair is combed back, with the help of palm ribs are formed by waves, the tips of strands are folded forward. At the end of her hair fixed with varnish);
  • option for young people (in the front sections of hairbraided pigtails, then retracted to the neck, where all together in a ponytail. The tail is usually sealed by a clip or rubber band. To secure the braids can be used studs);
  • option for romantics (all the ends of the hair are laid out by using a hair dryer and a thin nozzle, after which they applied locking varnish);
  • festive variant (curl hair with thin hair curlers, forming curls curls spread over the head about an equal distance from each other, are fixed at the end of a spray.);

Options for hairstyles Ladder

Always alluring look, stunning images can be created using other popular women's haircuts "ladder".

In this hairstyle hair back loop falls just below her shoulders and the front is raised just above the mouth.

  • per day (split hair parted ontwo equal parts, then each part is assembled with the help of rubber bands in a ponytail. Rubber wrapped in thin strands. Front hair is not touching, just fix them gel);
  • classic version (separated from ear hairto ear in two equal parts by means of parting. From the back of the hair is formed shell, which is fixed by pins. Front twist hair in curlers formed curls gently placed on the face);
  • option for romantics (the hair side parting split, curled in the form of spirals or waves, after which the fixed gel);
  • option for young people (a few strands of hair are taken from all over the head, rise up, which are held together with rubber bands or pins formed tail tips curl.);
  • option with braids (on the left and the right side is taken over one strand of hair. Of these, braided tresses, which are stacked in the form of a cloud, across from each other).

Be their independence, experiment with hairstyles and haircuts, looking for their own, original ways of styling the hair of medium length.

A great help to you will have many options for hairstyles photos, published on the Internet.