Options for hairstyles and hair styling long hair


Almost every woman wants to always look irresistible in any situation, be it a candlelight dinner, a gala ball, a wedding, a trip to the cinema, etc.

As we know, the ideal image of the sum of thevarious parts, where a beautiful, fashionable hairstyle assigned almost the main role. Especially if you are the owner of long hair, the God ordered you to shine on all the events, all the enchantment surrounding beauty and originality of their hairstyles.

Unlike everyday hairstyles, hairstyleevening should be more intricate, unusual. In this enchanting, luxury, creative manner, first of all, should reflect your personality and taste.

When choosing an evening hairstyles for long hairmust take into account everything: what you figure, what you'll wear, what kind of make-up, etc. All factors must be perfectly harmonized with each other, only in this case, your image will be perfect.

In general, any hairstyle is the product ofArt. It is in the creative process of new ideas, so that a specific formula for the selection of the ideal evening hairstyles no. There is only one main recommendation, following which, it is possible to achieve significant results: first, think what you want to create an image, and then create a style to this evening hairstyle.


  • 1 Some of the nuances of the performance of hairstyles for long hair
  • 2 How to care for long hair?
  • 3 Possible variations in hairstyles for long hair

Some nuances perform hairstyles for long hair

If the hair every day you can dothemselves, the execution of hairstyle for the evening is better to entrust the professional stylists. Master will need to talk about your vision of their way to explain how you would style of dress, which will host the event, which you represent your hairstyle.

Understand the real situation, the expert will offerthe most appropriate to your evening hairstyles for long hair. It should be remembered that before going to the salon, you should prepare your hair - pre-paint strands trim split ends.

It is better not to experiment with hair color for the day before the event, pick a shade is recommended for at least 1-2 weeks.

The quality, healthy look of your hair, too much depends. Agree that loose, dry hair is more difficult to style in a chic hairstyle, rather than full of life and energy.

For damaged hair will require additionalprofessional tools for laying respectively hairstyle will cost more. If you know that your hair is in poor condition, then their recovery procedures should be started 2-3 months before an important event.

How to care for long hair?

Whatever hairstyles for long hair you do notselected, they will look elegant, if you know how to properly care for hair. It is recommended to give your hair for at least half an hour a day to wash the shampoo, conditioner and balm.

These tools should be chosen to suit your hair type. During hair washing is recommended to use warm water. Careful hand movements should head massage, washing each strand of hair. At the end of the hair can be rinsed with cool water.

You can not comb your hair wet,they must first dry out a bit. As a rule, long hair easy to comb with a comb with soft bristles made from natural materials. In no case do not use a metal comb. If your hair curls naturally, in such a case, you can use a special brush with air ionization for their installation.

In addition to all of the above, it is recommendedtwice a week to make a restorative mask, a part of which will be organic, natural ingredients. Therefore, acquiring any means of hair care products, pay attention to its composition, as well as special labeling, talking about product sustainability.

Possible variations in hairstyles for long hair

There are many variations of the eveninghairstyles for long hair. Of course, it would be good to do this for themselves the original hairstyle that would be comfortable to wear. Otherwise, the rest of the evening you will have to suffer.

One of the most popular hair styles for eveninga "Greek." Make a Greek hairstyle is not difficult, in fact, it is curled over the entire length of the thin strand of hair. All the resulting curls are held together in a tight bun. On top of the hairstyle is worn Greek net.

Another original and popular hairstyleevening can be a "Fontanges". This hairstyle was widely used before the Frenchwoman her worn by women, close to the palace. Currently, this high hair can afford to make any girl. Fontanzhidealno combined with almost any evening dress.

Always remain fashionable hairstyles in "retro" style,which is considered to be universal. With these hairstyles of any evening dress is well in harmony and you'll feel the discomfort of wearing it. To create the hairstyles you want to use curling irons, as it is possible to create wavy curls. The hair can use a variety of pins or brooches.

Original hairstyle for the evening is considered "Roseof the hair. " To implement it, we need the curled hair, which will need to gather in a high ponytail and split into strands. Top hair coated with wax and placed in the form of petals. Locking locks of hair is possible by means of pins.

To create an evening hairstyle "boucle"must be made fleece, then the hair strands wound into rings, which are fixed in vertical and horizontal position. From scrollwork consider adding a crown or flowers.

"Roman spit" - evening hairstyle on long hair. It creates braids, which are fixed around the head in the form of a wreath. You can decorate the hair with any decorative stones or flowers.

Easier evening hairdo considered"Cascade", which increases the volume of the hair, making them lush. To create the hairstyles you must select the front and cut a test strand on which are aligned with the side curls and the crown of the head. The most important thing in the process of creating hairstyles - is to observe the symmetry. The final stage is edging.

Amazing "Shell" hairstyle made anyhair. For this it is necessary to straighten hair using the ironing, and then apply to them a gel or mousse. The hair collected in a ponytail and twist into a bundle. The loop should be done in such a way that the tip was hidden inside the shells. For strong fixing hair, nails.

If you want to get the effect of the corrugation,"Gofre" then you will approach hairstyle. To create this hairstyle at home, ladies can use special tongs ripple through which made jagged waves of different widths.

Hairstyle "Bow" speaks for itself. From the hair form a graceful bow. To bow looked naturally released from its base braids.