Onion soup for weight loss

Millions of women are dissatisfied with their figure,They are in constant search for the perfect diet - not strong, friendly and very efficient. healingandbodywork encourages all to try to lose weight with the help of useful onion soup.

All of the fat burning diet

We all know that vegetables are extremely useful forour health. However, there is one miracle vegetable, which is able to defeat the body fat around the waist, hips and buttocks. This is a bulb onions. We often use it for food in salads, fried soups and many other dishes. However, few people thought that the bow can significantly speed up metabolism and improve digestion.

It is therefore not surprising that on the basis of a bowIt built an entire diet. It should be noted, effective and harmless. It is based on the use of a special vegetable soup, a major component of which is the onion. This diet is available for everybody, because the products for the miracle soup you take no more than a dollar. You risk nothing, because the onion soup is not able to hurt anyone.

However, for people with acute exacerbations of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as intolerance to any ingredient of the soup to adhere to such a diet is not recommended.

In my opinion, one of the main advantages,advantageously differs from other diet, it is a long-term feeling of satiety. You're not sick of hunger, the frequency of the use of onion soup is not limited, so you can eat it at least every hour. In addition, you do not have as many as seven days there is only one dish, diet involves eating vegetables, fruits, unsweetened drinks, and even boiled meat. Therefore, you will not shake the knees of hunger as the subject of other mono-diet. And the intake of vitamins and minerals can not be broken. In general, the diet is not strict, reasonable and effective.

However, there she is one drawback - the tasteonion soup, so to speak, for an amateur. While some women find it quite tolerable. To solve this problem is resolved by adding a variety of spices to the soup, dried aromatic herbs, garlic, hot pepper.

Recipe for onion soup

Some, on hearing this name, are,how they will enjoy without limits famous French onion soup with croutons. But fat burning onion soup, which is discussed in this article, is something else. It dostochno thick vegetable soup with a specific aroma. In its preparation, the following vegetables: cabbage, onions, tomatoes and bell peppers. In addition to the soup put celery stalks (I tried to replace the stems rubbed spine - rather sharp taste turns). As already mentioned, you can brighten up the taste of the soup with soy sauce, garlic, cumin, hot pepper, Italian herbs. All except the last, is added to the onion soup just before serving. That's good, because the same taste be weary of a week, and get a no variety.

So, 5 medium onions, half a head of cabbage,two large bell peppers, a few stalks of celery and diced 3 tomatoes, strips, or in any other way. Laid in a pan, fill with cold water, bring to a boil and simmer 15 minutes. Then subtract the heat and simmer until until vegetables are tender. Here's our soup and ready! I'm in the diet is added to the soup zucchini and dill and parsley. In the result of these additions are not affected, but the taste has changed for the better.

Nutritionists argue that such vegetable soupsThey have a so-called negative calorie. The body spends more calories assimilation products than it receives from them. The result is a reduction in calorie diet with a fairly nutritious diet feels. Plus, this "vegetable brush" perfectly cleanses the digestive tract.

Driving and diet reviews

  1. On the first day of the diet, besides the soup is allowed to eat the fruit (excluding bananas and grapes - they contain a lot of sugar). Perfect for snacking grapefruits, apples, kiwi.
  2. As it is desirable to alternate the second dayonion soup with steamed or boiled vegetables. As an option - stews, baked pumpkin, salads dressed with lemon juice. Even allowed to eat some baked potatoes with a drop of vegetable oil.
  3. The third day of the diet is also a vegetable, potatoes only from the list of allowed vegetables excluded.
  4. Fourth day diet provides all of the samevegetables, fruits and a little (cup) of skim milk or yogurt. From personal experience I would say that the fourth day, the most difficult - from one kind of soup and fruit-vegetable starts nauseated. But you need to survive.
  5. fifth day menu will delight the taste of meat. Stock up on lean meat (400 grams), poultry, fish or beef and advance ovtarite it. The meat is allowed to submit a fresh tomatoes.
  6. The sixth day is exactly the same fifth, replaced only tomatoes bell peppers, cabbage and cucumbers.
  7. During the seventh day in addition to onionsoup, you can eat a handful of boiled brown rice (I replaced the buckwheat) and unsweetened juices. The prohibition imposed on this day on fruits, but believe me this week you they no longer want to watch.

Feels like a diet at the soup - it's not even a diet. If you turn on the imagination and prepare a variety of additional vegetable dishes, soup on the week it does not seem something terrible. And the result is inspiring! Every day - minus kilogram. And it is not the loss of fluid or because of a bowel movement, because the onion diet drink recommend a half to two liters of clean water per day. Not prohibited and teas, coffee, but without adding milk and sugar. No laxative effect is not observed, the only thing often rumbling in the abdomen.

Measure the beginning, not only the weight but also the waistand thighs. Santimetry reduced almost daily. Very good in the diet at least an hour a day of fast walking in the fresh air and do gymnastics. I did the best exercise for the waist - around him scattered the box of matches, sitting down on his haunches and picking them without moving his hips. Tummy noticeably pulled.

If you need very urgent to get rid oftwo or three extra kilos, take the express diet. For three days only eat soup, drink a lot and do not forget about physical activity. Weight will go faster, and you can wear your favorite dress to any important event. By the way, the weight after the diet, fortunately, did not return. Just do not get carried away - a diet lasts only seven days. Next week break, and you can lose weight again.