What to look for when choosing a kit to build?


Today, artificial nails are veryrelevant. They are convenient in that they do not need for meticulous care, they practically do not undergo brittle, have an attractive appearance. But natural nails, unfortunately not all of them have a beautiful shape and elegant appearance.

For this reason, and in order to save itsthe cost of a manicure, many women acquire kits for nail and independently at home, do their nails. You can do yourself no worse than nails in a beauty salon, it is necessary to know the basics of capacity, to be patient and purposeful.


  • 1 Varieties of polish sets
  • 2 Sets with gel
  • 3 Select the nail coating for nail: the forms or tips?
  • 4 What material for nail better to choose: acrylic or gel?

Varieties of polish sets

There is a huge range of accessoriestools for nails. There are both in the set and without dialing. Optionally, you can purchase all the tools individually or buy a ready set for nail.

For those who are just beginning to develop this business,fit kit that already have everything you need. It is convenient and it is easier to master the nail home. You can choose from simple sets: gel or acrylic. The sets for beginners, there are accessories to build on tips and forms.

With them is carried out:

  • layer cut to enhance their own nails;
  • complicated picture;
  • "French" -manikyur;
  • modeling;
  • polymerization.

Usually in the finished sets are machine with UV monomer. But we should remember that all the necessary tools in the kit are designed for a certain number of procedures (usually 40).

If you do not know. which one is better to choose a set with gel or acrylic, you can buy a universal set for nail. This option is more expensive, but you can experiment. Generally, the more a set of high-quality materials, supplemented by brushes and other tools. the more it will cost.

Sets with gel

The kits include a gel gel itself (case 3variants - a transparent gel, natural and white gel, gel compactor) and everything else necessary for building materials and tools (saws, glue, oil for cuticles, nail tips, nail shape tool which removes layers, antiseptic, etc.).

Set for using the capacity of acrylic, it includes a main acrylic component (sometimes transparent, white and pink) and all other means, as a set with the gel.

Depending on who set was performed withgel can judge the quality of the gel. If the product was well-known manufacturer, the quality and durability of the gel manicure will be at altitude. Acrylic is usually in itself represents nothing as to perform the procedure, the tool must be mixed with a special liquid (liquidation), from which will depend on the speed and security of the application.

Only high-quality acrylic powder can create a perfectly flat and smooth surface. Thus, choosing a set for nail, beware of counterfeits and substandard goods.

The choice of nail coating for nail: the forms or tips?

What is the difference between the tips and forms? Tips - a special plastic that is glued on the tip of the nail, it serves as a substrate for acrylic. Forms - represent adhesive paper, which may be of various kinds and which are also used as the substrate under the fingernails.

For beginners, we recommend you first tryfamiliarize yourself with tips. They are more convenient to use than the forms that require skill. Tipsy easily uploaded to the free edge than form. broken nails adjusted With tipsbystro.

The disadvantage of this material - are obtained nailsa flat shape, such as the grace of the forms will be very difficult to achieve. And then the nail will not stay strong if not properly glued TIPS. Tips are not suitable for wide nails and nail to grow down.

In forms no such problems, with their help createvarious kinds of nails. You can even Sause their is not a lot, a very thin and delicate nails. The downside of the forms is that in case of breakage of the nail, it will be difficult to correct.

What material for nail better to choose: acrylic or gel?

To understand on what to choose, we mustto find out what all this is that the acrylic and gel. We mentioned above about these materials, which form the basis for any set of nails, now look at them in more detail.

Acrylic consists of a special blend of liquidation andpolymer powder. Previously acrylic capacity were involved harmful agents, such as methyl methacrylate, ethyl methacrylate, but is now used, which is considered safe for the nail.

Acrylic nails are recommended for women whothere is a "fat" in the nails. The reason for this - a good adhesion to the natural nail acrylic. Unlike helium nail acrylic easier to remove from the surface of the natural nail, using a mechanical method.

To remove the nails need helium thermalexposure using special tools. When you remove the varnish with acrylic nails, you need to use a liquid without acetone, and the substrate is necessary to use a base coat.

The gel is a special composition,which is applied to the nail plate using ultraviolet radiation. Helium capacity recommended to women who have weak nails. Remove nail polish from the surface of liquid helium can be any liquid. But there are also disadvantages of nails - not such a wide and varied choice of design.

To summarize the main differences between the nails using acrylic and gel, it is possible to note the following:

  • after increasing the gel does not remain an unpleasant odor;
  • for drying gel required ultraviolet light, and for drying it does not need anything acrylic;
  • after nail gel to remain a natural shine on the nails after acrylic capacity necessary to apply clearcoat;
  • gel nails are much thinner than the acrylic, so not as strong;
  • acrylic nails do not crack or break when the temperature drops;

Thus, it can be concluded thatquality nails are obtained through acrylic, although he has an unpleasant smell, which can adversely affect the health of the person, if not use special protective masks.

After the acrylic nail will have to be applied, but thisfactor can not embarrass the women, because they are so accustomed to constantly change the color scheme of their nails. Gel run much faster and easier, as in the build-up you do less manipulation.

The choice in any case, is up to you! The main thing - always check the quality of goods purchased, then the pleasure of self-nail you will be guaranteed.