Olive oil for skin

The secret of velvety skin of Greek womenlong ago discovered: beauty care for themselves with the help of olive oil! Why do not we take advantage of the invaluable experience of the wise predecessors to augment its appeal?

The composition of olive oil

The product is first cold pressed to maintainface and body in good shape most valuable. The oil obtained from selected fruit, is a natural anti-allergic agent, which has moisturizing and tonic properties. The recipes of traditional cosmetic olive oil fell due to its healing composition. Vitamins A and E, antioxidants and polyphenols in the oil creates a powerful barrier between the skin and her hostile environment.

For example, antioxidants, oleic acid and linolenicacid is regenerated "tired" of the cell, which reflected the impact of the aggressive UV light, "heavy" outdoor air, tobacco smoke and greasy food. These substances normalize intracellular processes of life, smooth the skin, giving it a "second wind". Moreover, the antioxidants protect the skin against various tumors, which arise under the influence of ultraviolet radiation.

Vulnerable epidermis is easily destroyed by the impact offree radicals that promote oxidation processes in the body that are not going to benefit our appearance. Polyphenols of olive oil on the degree of positive impact on the fabric can be compared with tocopherols, which have found wide application in pharmacy and cosmetology. Industrial's Skin remedies that contain tocopherols, used to fight wrinkles.

Skin Care with the help of olive oil

Naturproduct of olives can be successfully replacedas a night cream and day moisturizer. Apply it only to wet skin - oily film prevents moisture formation. However, olive oil still leaves on the surface of the skin layer invisible nutrients, which are long and smooth feed epidermis. The oil from the olives, in spite of the ease of use, has been and remains one of the most cost effective and the gifts of nature to preserve the beauty and youth.

To multiply the remarkable propertiesolive oil, add a few drops of lemon juice - this is an invigorating mixture of "cheer" skin cells and restore the skin a natural tone. In addition, nutrients lemon and olives have bleaching and antiseptic qualities - lighten the skin, heal acne and smooth wrinkles.

If you have finished cosmetic product formake-up remover, olive oil come to the rescue. Apply a couple of drops of oil first cold pressed on a cotton pad and gently wipe the eyelids to remove makeup. When the use of olive oil in skin care will enter you into the habit, you will notice how disappearing mesh of wrinkles around the eyes, soften and smooth the skin.

Olive oil and skin types

Dry skin.

Too dry and fragile skin, which now and thenpeeling, homemade scrub brush of olive oil (1 tbsp. l.), and a pinch of sea salt. Flowing movements massage the driest areas of the face: means necessarily remove all the dry "flakes" of the epidermis is cleaned inflamed pores and skin will fill the life-giving energy.

Here is another recipe to further"Water" dry skin. Prepare the following mixture: half a cup of sugar, connect with two tablespoons of olive oil. Sugar crystals gently remove dirt and lifeless skin cells and oil, meanwhile, will penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis.

A mixture of ground cinnamon, and brown sugarNutmeg is not only regenerative qualities, but also a pleasant relaxing aroma. To prepare scented scrub, half a cup of brown sugar, mix with two tablespoons of olive oil, then add to two teaspoons of powdered oatmeal and half a teaspoon of cinnamon and nutmeg. The tool neutralizes harmful bacteria on the skin that give rise to acne and inflamed comedones. If you indulge yourself in such a scrub regularly, scars from pimples on the skin will become less noticeable.

Oily skin.

If you - the owner of the face oily skin,prone to the formation of pustules and pimples, olive oil bring you more harm than good. Natural remedy will not be able to reduce the excessive secretion of sebaceous secretion far, but, on the contrary, only to spur the process. In addition, a thin layer of oil which remains on the skin after application, will block access to the pores of oxygen, whereby they certainly inflame. To care for oily skin need to choose cleansing and nourishing products with an aqueous or alcohol-based.

The exception to this rule is the fatskin is not prone to the formation of pimples. Behind it, you can take care of with the help of extra virgin olive oil, only a portion of natural resources should be a very, very modest: moisten fingertips in oil and tapping motions gently apply it on your face. However, monitoring healingandbodywork, under the influence of olive oil transforms oily skin is not as much as the dry.

Combination skin.

The appearance of such skin can be corrected,using olive oil selectively - only in dry areas with a noticeable flaking. Apply a couple of drops of on a cotton pad and a few minutes to attach dehydrated and deprived of natural food area of ​​the face. Be careful not to get oil to where often there are spots.

for lips and nails olive oil

Lips require no less care than a person. In winter, the delicate skin of the lips tends to crack and weather-beaten, and balm can always quickly and efficiently eliminate dryness.

Prepare a scrub to help their lipssurvive the bad weather. Mix brown or white sugar, honey and olive oil, taking one teaspoon of each component. Generously apply a remedy to the lips and wait for a while, so that the skin has absorbed the oil. Easy, but vigorously massage the skin and rinse with water scrub.

Olive oil would be an effective remedy forfragility of women's claws and callous cuticle. You just need to rub a few drops of pure oil in the problem areas, and very soon your nails will be strong and shiny.

Treat scars with olive oil

Acne and inflamed comedones deliver massproblems even after they manage to get rid of, because they leave behind terrible scars! If you're not a supporter of radical methods of treatment such as laser or plastic surgery, try to improve the condition of the skin a more democratic way.

It seems strange that conventional oil can helpinjured skin scars? However, it actually smoothes irregularities unaesthetic upper layer of the epidermis. We have already said that the antioxidants in the oil reduce inflammation. Unattractive traces of acne are bright and very noticeable on the background of an internal inflammatory response. Regularly lubricate the damaged areas of a small amount of oil, and soon the color of your face will become more uniform and healthy.