Vishnevsky ointment acne

Vishnevsky ointment was invented completelyaccidentally field doctor during the Second World War. Since then, after more than half a century, but it still does not know the medicine more effective and universal means for the treatment of various skin diseases. The ointment is able to get rid of local irritation, alleviate the condition for abrasions and help once and say goodbye to acne.


In Soviet times, Vishnevsky ointmentWe used almost universally in the treatment of a variety of diseases. However, particularly useful means of bringing it in contact with the skin, giving it a powerful healing and soothing effect. The ointment is not only eliminates all sorts of rashes, but also contributes to the speedy regeneration of the affected areas, making the skin smooth and supple.

the appearance of acne problem most of the carehumans, since puberty. And while one lucky and pimples go away, others are forced to regularly deal with this problem, even in adulthood.

Today on the shelves and the Internet canfind a lot of miracle cures for acne for every taste and wallet, but not everyone is able to make the skin perfectly clean. Maz Vishnevsky cope with this task in 100% of cases, and makes it practically free and very fast. The cost of foreign funds advertised sometimes comes to the absurd limit. The price of the old proven ointment Vishnevsky is from 30 to 80 rubles maximum.

What explains such a low price andthe effectiveness of the means? The fact that in the Vishnevsky ointment consists of the most basic natural ingredients: powdered xeroform, birch tar and castor oil. No flavors, synthetic dyes and other components that can cause allergic reactions - only natural elements.

During the war, Dr. Wisniewski has created a miracle ointmentalmost by accident, trying to make a disinfecting and healing wounds "of what happened." As a result, it has turned out unique in its characteristics therapeutic substance, once again confirming the rock-solid truth that all genius is simple.

The secret to the effectiveness of the ointment is that allthree components complement each other perfectly. Birch tar activates blood circulation, xeroform fights pathogenic environment, and castor oil softens the skin and allows the rest of the substances to penetrate faster.

properties ointment

Birch tar, which is part of ointmentsVishnevsky, is an effective natural stimulator of blood flow. By the way, it means obliged by the dark color. Powder xeroform quickly destroys all pathogens that do not allow to heal wounds and provoke acne. And when all the pathogenic microflora is inactivated, it takes castor oil - it makes the skin a pleasant feel and allows you to recover more quickly from irritation.

Vishnevsky ointment is ideal not only fortreatment of acne, but also to get rid of more serious problems - boils, burns, purulent wounds, pressure sores, etc. Deal with any wound, and soon from it will be over, even if it comes to burns.

Impact Vishnevsky ointment on the skin:

  • disinfects open wounds, penetrates and kills the pathogenic bacteria under the skin;
  • dries wet scars;
  • stimulates skin receptors;
  • rapidly reduces swelling at sites of inflammation;
  • disinfects the wound for a long time;
  • activates the regenerative capacity of the skin;
  • It has a powerful soothing and calming effect.

In the case of castor oil acne fastIt softens the skin in the inflamed area, allowing the active ingredients to quickly penetrate deep into the pimple and kill pathogens locally, not allowing them to spread further in the skin. As a result of a pimple "matures" several times faster, with purulent masses neutralized bacteria go outside, and the skin is quickly restored.

Initially used for ointment Vishnevskyeliminate more dangerous "relatives" of acne - boils. After all, if subcutaneous abscess breaks, it can cause blood poisoning and lead to death. Ointment quickly aggravate the inflammation process, and boil for a few days out on their own and absolutely harmless. Looking at the effect of ointment, in this case, does not even have to doubt its effectiveness in the fight against acne!

When to apply the ointment

Under the title "pimples" hiding not one and not two kinds of skin inflammations. Actually, quite a few types of acne, but the most common of all three of them.

MirSovetov recommends the use Vishnevsky ointment in the following cases:

  • to combat acne on the face;
  • when a large number of spots on the back;
  • to eliminate subcutaneous acne (the ointment is one of the few ways to get rid of this kind of inflammation, without resorting to surgery);
  • any variety of acne.

How to apply ointment

Before applying any cosmetic ora remedy, it is necessary to do an allergy test. Vishnevsky ointment is usually not irritating to the skin, but in the case of adverse reactions may occur with hypersensitive skin. Apply a little money on the inner bend of the elbow and wait 5-10 minutes.

If the allergy is not found, you can safely treat acne ointment Vishnevsky:

  1. Upon detection of the first signs of ripeninglarge pimple (these are often called "horn"), make a special bandage. To do this, fold the bandage in several layers, lubricate it with ointment, put on the problem area and fix the plaster. Leave overnight and in the morning after washing lubricate this place any alcohol lotion to properly dry the skin and does not leave any chance to the bacteria.
  2. In severe forms of acne make a maskof ointments Vishnevsky. Take a large piece of cheesecloth, fold several times to get a flap that can cover the entire face. Make holes for the eyes, mouth and nose, grease ointment gauze and put on face. Have bleeders for 2 hours, but the result will not take long - already after the first time there is a noticeable improvement in skin condition.
    Warning: 30-40 minutes you can feel a slight burning sensation, or fever. This is perfectly normal - ointment start pulling pus and fight pathogenic bacteria acne.
  3. In local inflammation, apply the ointment directly to the skin without the gauze.

An important point: after applying the ointment Vishnevsky acne, especially after the two-hour mask may have a painful reaction in particularly affected areas of acne. It can also aggravate redness. It should not be afraid - this is a temporary and very natural effect of testifying to the effectiveness of the means.

About Vishnevsky ointment, as a means to combatacne, left a lot of positive reviews. Even in the most "neglected" cases, there is already a visible improvement on day 3 of the active use of the formulation. For a complete cure is recommended to use the ointment regularly without interruption until the acne does not go away at all. The best part is that "too far" with her or impossible to overexpose the skin. Only in very rare cases, there are minor allergic reactions.

Useful tips:

  1. If you have oily or problem skin, on timeand after the treatment to the maximum give up junk food. This applies not only sweets, sodas and spirits, but also too salty and smoked foods. Remember that all the problems come from within, and blackheads do not arise because of the dirty city air, and as a consequence of poor lifestyle, including nutrition.
  2. At the time of treatment refuse makeup or non-natural means of body care (if it comes to acne on the back).
  3. As the ointment has a rather peculiar smell, to put it better in the evening or at night to the morning "flavor" managed to erode.

Vishnevsky ointment have virtually no sideeffects, but birch tar has a local irritant effect, so in the early stages of treatment of the skin condition may worsen. In any case, the number of fans in this wonderful tool is growing every day, and no wonder - it is rare where today can be found as an effective, natural and cheap medicine.