rosemary oil

Its intense aroma with grass-mintshade attracts and pulls. It relaxes and cures for many diseases. At rosemary oil - a wide range of activities. It can be inhaled, rubbed into the skin and added to cosmetic masks.

Rosemary plant is often called the "dew of the sea". In the bush a rich and at the same time sweet and spicy flavor that is vaguely reminiscent of the smell of pine.

The Roman writer, describing dignityplant, said his powerful force. In ancient times, people thought that flowers plants have such an intense blue color because of the location on the coast. They are constantly exposed to the color of sea water falling on the flowers and foam.

In the Mediterranean, many believe thatplant brings happiness, prolongs youth and protects from bad dreams. But it is not only the legend of rosemary, the Greeks still believe that the plant helps them in their studies.

In addition, the holidays they decorate their homes rosemary wreaths to the house was always abundance.

At the same time, in Greece have been widely used as a spice rosemary leaves, and if they are dried and milled, the mixture can be used as a dry salt substitute.

In our time, still preserved the tradition of handing the couple the day of their wedding bush escape that had understanding in the young family.

As an oil

To obtain the essential oil from the bush,necessary to remove the tops of flowers. With the water-steam method of color gain valuable product. The oil has a yellowish tint, light texture, viscous to the touch.

The aroma of fresh butter, with light wood notes.

The benefits

Rosemary oil has a pronounced aroma, which helps to improve brain activity and strengthens the nervous system.

Even in ancient times people believed that usingoil of rosemary can get rid of depression and become more resistant to stress. So now neurologists recommend their patients to use oil in stressful situations.

It is also widely believed that rosemary oilIt helps to make the right decision, especially when a person begins to "panic" and can not react quickly. Fragrance oils helps to improve memory. For example, if the high school and the student is difficult to remember a lot of information (especially before exams and the exams), inhaling rosemary essential oil can enhance brain activity.

The drug can be used for both young andthe elderly, children - from the age of six. Rosemary oil is appropriate and in the nursery, because it copes with pathogenic bacteria. Just do not forget to ventilate the room well at night.

MirSovetov recommends the use of rosemaryoil as a remedy for a bad mood. Put a few drops of oil in the aroma lamp and put it in the room, you will notice how your spouse will cease to grumble in the morning.

The use of oil

Rosemary essential oil has a wide range of applications.

It is noteworthy that due to the tonicproperties, beauticians widely used this drug for oily and combination skin. The oil is an excellent antiseptic, it helps for a few days to get rid of sores, relieve inflammation and pain.

With just a few drops of oil per day, you can forget about the cracks in the heels, soles and palms.

The use of rosemary oil helps relieve pain in muscles and helps to eliminate toxins.

For oily skin, prone to rashes, oilRosemary will be the real salvation. Just add a few drops in a tube of cream, and your skin every day will gradually be cleared. If you regularly use the oil for skin care, add the cream, make masks, then the activity of sebaceous glands gradually adjusts and rash disappear.

healingandbodywork recommends a facial mask: Take the blue clay and add a few drops of rosemary oil. The mixture was dilute with water and apply on face.

Oil is not only suitable for oily skin -it will help to find the tone flabby skin and improve its color. After only a few applications, the skin becomes smooth and pigmentation of age will become less noticeable.

For mature skin is better to make compresses of oil. Take any base oil: wheat germ, almond and peach. Add the two drops of rosemary oil and heat on a water bath. Apply to face and leave on for twenty minutes. Residues can be removed with a paper towel.

Rosemary oil in the complex helps to get rid of this problem, as cellulite. It is necessary to add a few drops of oil in the cream regularly and do anti-cellulite massage.

Besides baths with rosemary oil help the skin to find a tone, normalize blood pressure and relieve depression. To take such a bath is better in the morning.

In addition to oily skin, rosemary oil helpsstrengthen hair, get rid of dandruff and excessive greasiness of hair. To strengthen the roots of the hair and improve their growth, add a tube of shampoo five or six drops of oil.

Useful for weakened hair become oily and warm wraps. Take the base oil (best suited burdock) and add a few drops of oil.

The use of rosemary oil in medicine

To get rid of the itching and swelling after insect bites, you can lubricate the place rosemary oil.

In some cases, doctors can make an appointmentoil inside. It will help relieve colic and improve the condition of the patient at an ulcer. Oil should take five milliliters twice per day. If you do not like it spicy taste, then dilute with water means.

The use in aromatherapy

Taking a bath with rosemary oil only oncea week, you can improve the condition of the skin. Cosmetologists believe that such baths help rejuvenate the body and help get rid of anxiety and feel a surge of strength.

About forbidden

Do not use rosemary oil for people suffering from hypertension and epilepsy.

Oil, because of its pungent smell and exciting action is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

Also, the drug can not be applied to the skin and take baths for children up to six years.

Before you purchase the oil and begin treatment, you must go to the reception to the aromatherapist. It is designed to have an individual dosage of the drug scheme.

Doctors also recommend that when we first met withrosemary oil to make a sensitivity test, in the case of a negative reaction, renounce the use of rosemary oil. If immediately after application you will feel a slight tingling sensation - this is normal. Unpleasant sensations go through three to five minutes.

If the drug is used in a large amount, it can cause anxiety and even cause convulsions.

It is not recommended to carry out experiments on animals, because oil can cause aggression in pets.

Store the drug must be dark in a sealed vessel at a temperature of from twenty to twenty-four degrees.