patchouli oil

Essential oils have long been known to mankind yetthrough a variety of useful properties. They are used as medicines and cosmetic means, aromatherapy and intimate sphere, weight loss, stress relief, and more. After many years, people have not forgotten about such compositions, and they again become very popular in today's world.

Today's article I would like to dedicate MirCovetovsuch as a wonderful means of patchouli oil. Let's see how we came to this plant, what is its use and how to use it correctly in different situations.

A bit of patchouli

This herbaceous shrub family yasnotkovyhIt refers to perennials. His homeland is considered the Philippines, but these days it has successfully grown in many tropical countries for the purpose of further development of the oil.

The extract of the culture since ancient timesIt was used as a medicine in many areas of Southeast Asia. In Europe, patchouli gained widespread popularity during the reign of Napoleon, but then it played the role of aromatic agents. Women of that time often went out, dressed in a cashmere shawl, and the subject of their clothing has always exuded the smell of patchouli leaves, which paves the material to repel moths. Thus, the flavor became associated with femininity, fashion and beauty, so well-known perfumers quickly took him on a note, began to produce perfume with notes like odor.

What is the oil of patchouli

This substance is produced by water-steamprocessing the leaves of the plant. The end result of the process of getting to obtain a dense, heavy and viscous mass mustard, amber or brown. Remove a vial of oil is problematic, if not previously hold the container under warm running water.

Offered for sale can be found most oftenproduct made in China, Malaysia, India or Indonesia. With the composition of the fluid includes 100% patchouli oil, and other auxiliary components. Moreover, a basic substance, imparting a characteristic odor mixture is pachulievy alcohol - pachulol.

Using the tools in cosmetology

This oil is widely used in the field of cosmetology. Let us consider what problems helps fight extract patchouli:

  1. This tool is perfectly removes various inflammation, irritation, peeling, micro-cracks and dryness of the skin, moisturizes and regenerates the epidermis, removes keratoses.
  2. Increases elasticity of the muscles and skin, pulling such problem areas as the abdomen, breasts, thighs, and helps fight cellulite.
  3. Speaking as an excellent antiseptic oil effectively removes blackheads and pimples. For facials, simply drop 1 drop money on a cotton pad and rub the affected area.
  4. Adding a small amount of extract for hair mask will help cure seborrhea, healthier hair and make them shine, strength and elasticity.
  5. If you have oily skin and enlarged pores, regular treatment of the face tonic with oil of patchouli will help resolve this problem.
  6. For mature and dry dermis, the tool will bea great way to smooth out superficial wrinkles, remove the peeling and redness. Prepare nutritious mask pretty easy: connect 1 tbsp honey, 2 tbsp olive oil and 3-4 drops patchouli oil. Thoroughly mix the ingredients and apply on your face, hold for 10-15 minutes and then rinse.

In order to remedy to be effective andlost its beneficial qualities, do not cook it with the spare. Remember that adding pachulievy extract different drugs should be immediately prior to use.

The use of oil in medicine

In this area, patchouli oil received at least widely used than in cosmetics:

  1. It is used to treat various skinProblems: purulent wounds, scratches, cuts, dermatitis, cracks, allergic reactions, and herpes. In addition, this tool helps to smooth out and make less visible scars, hide the traces of acne.
  2. Patchouli has a beneficial effect not the bowels. When the disease of the body to do an enema of the small base oil, adding to it a few drops of oil of patchouli.
  3. The diuretic effect of the tool helps in infectious diseases and inflammations of the urogenital system.
  4. Treatment for eating disorders and intestinal constipation in its competence.
  5. Aromatic lamp with oil of patchouli will be a good prevention of ARI and other cold-related diseases.

The impact on the emotional state funds

Nervousness, depression and stress can be overcomeusing the healing aroma of patchouli. If you are tense, inflated or upset about something, inhaling the smell of this plant will act favorably on your nerves, help to pull myself together, to relax and unwind.

In the case where the rhythm of life meansconstant exposure to stress and emotional stress, you can buy a special aromamedalon. Just carry it with you and add to it periodically on patchouli few drops of oil. Prolonged exposure to such an aroma even helps develop intellectual and creative abilities.

The use of patchouli oil in the intimate sphere

This plant has long been recognizedeffective aphrodisiac, so it is an excellent means to extract erotic stimulation. Patchouli oil helps to combat impotence, increases the sensitivity of erogenous zones, enhances sexual desire and passion.

During a romantic dinner on the table put aromatic lamp with a few drops of this tool, and the climax of the evening will be full of bright and unforgettable impressions.

Tips for the use of patchouli oil

Here I would like to give some advice on the use of this composition in a variety of situations:

  1. Baths with Patchouli oil is made as follows: 5-10 drops means bred in 200 ml of cream, milk or yogurt, and then the resulting mixture is added to a water bath. Instead of dairy products, you can use a tablespoon of honey or salt.
  2. Before massage can be added in a small amount of a base oil pachulievogo about 6-9 drops per 20 g agent.
  3. To relieve fatigue, stress and burnout can drip 1 drop of oil on the wrist or palm, and then a few minutes to breathe in its aroma.
  4. To improve the condition of the hair, adding shampoo to one portion of 5 drops of a plant extract.
  5. In the skin care cream should be added at the rate of 3 means a drop in the '20
  6. If you light aroma lamp, then remember that for every 5 m² of space must account for 1 drop of oil.
  7. To repel moths and make things pleasant smell lay in the closet small bottles with a means or special bags with aromatic stones.

Contraindications to the use of patchouli oil

  1. An extract from this plant is contraindicated for use in pregnant women, especially in the first weeks of life.
  2. Do not mix the extract with skipidarosoderzhaschimi patchouli oils: cinnamon, juniper and others.
  3. The aroma of this tool quite intense and specific, so not all of it is pleasant.